2023 Toyota Innova Zenix to be launched in Malaysia soon?

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The 2023 Toyota Innova Zenix has been spotted on a transporter here in Malaysia - launch date just around the corner?

Making its debut in Indonesia back in November of last year, the latest-generation Innova might look similar in nature to the previous model, but it does carry a big enhancement in the form of its monocoque construction courtesy of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA).

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In terms of dimensions, the 2023 Toyota Innova Zenix is not that far from the current Innova but the TNGA does offer an extended wheelbase of 2,850mm. To put things into perspective, that's 35mm longer than the wheelbase of the Proton X90.

To match things up with its slightly sportier facade, the 2023 Toyota Innova in Indonesia comes with two different powertrains - the 2.0-litre pure ICE engine that produces 174PS and 205Nm of torque as well as the 2.0-litre Dynamic Force hybrid version that churns out a total power output of 186PS (152Ps from the ICE & 113PS from the electric motor), if our pals at Wapcar are correct.

It's a possibility that the hybrid version of the 2023 Toyota Innova will be made available here in Malaysia considering the fact that UMW Toyota is gunning towards the 'Multi-Pathway' mobility solution, hybrids included.

It wasn't on show at the UMW Toyota HQ in Shah Alam, but we did get to see the new Toyota Camry Hybrid version being teased alongside the Toyota bZ4X all-electric SUV (also going to be launched 'soon').

There are currently two variants of the current-gen Toyota Innova here in Malaysia, but if they do decide to bring in the new Innova Zenix, expect those numbers to go up if the hybrid version is included in the list. Also, expect the prices to be slightly higher than the current range sold from RM133,880 to RM141,880.

With that being said, will folks go for the 2023 Toyota Innova or opt for the recently launched 2023 Proton X90?


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