Blueshark EV scooters launched in Malaysia - up to 110km, from RM7,190

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Blueshark, a subsidiary of Shargulf Technologies Group, has officially launched the new Blueshark EV scooters here in Malaysia.

Those who are interested in roaming around town on two wheels without using a drop of fuel can opt between the two Blueshark electric scooters in its R series - the R1 and R1 Lite.

According to Jin Chan, Group COO (ASEAN) of Blueshark Ecosystem Sdn Bhd, "The Blueshark R series is the culmination of our efforts to bring sustainable and innovative solutions to the urban mobility market. With swappable battery technology and best-in-class technology, we are introducing a superior yet affordable product that will make smart electric scooters more accessible to a wider audience."

"Our vision is to transform lives as we transform human mobility while caring for the planet. We believe the Blueshark R1 is a crucial player in driving green urban mobility through mass two-wheel electric vehicle (2WEV) adoption," added Jin.

Spec-wise, the new Blueshark R series EV scooters can travel up to 110km (NEDC) thanks to removable battery packs situated under the seat. And yes, they can be swapped at the Blueshark BlueStation battery swap station - a network that's going to be developed at selected Petronas petrol stations soon.

Performance-wise, the Blueshark R1 is fitted with a 5kW electric motor mounted on the rear hub that produces a mind-boggling 201Nm of torque. 0-50km/h is achieved in 4.9 seconds followed by a top speed of 80km/h if both batteries are connected. If there's only one, then it's limited to 40km/h.

Charging via the charger supplied by Blueshark (using the domestic three-pin plug) will take around 3 hours and 35 minutes for each battery pack. Alternatively, there are also the BlueSwap and BlueSwap Flex battery swapping services which offer pay-per-swap at RM1.95 per battery pack or up to RM139 for the BlueSwap subscription that offers up to 120 swaps every month. Swap only, no charging needed.

Last but not least, the pricing. The Blueshark R1 Lite can be yours from RM7,190 followed by RM9,390 for the range-topping R1. Company rentals are also offered priced from RM487-RM547 depending on the variant of choice.


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