GWM will debut an EV with 1,000km of driving range this year

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Great Wall Motor (GWM) is set to debut an EV this year with 1000km of driving range.

As time moves on and electric vehicles become more popular, it's inevitable that battery technology will get better and better to help improve what is considered an EV's greatest weakness, its driving range.

Right now as it, Mercedes-Benz has the top trump card when it comes to an EV with the world's longest driving range, as their EQS 450+ can do up to 780km on a single charge.

Last month however, Zeekr, the electric brand from Geely claimed they have created a car with 1032km of driving range, trumping Mercedes' EQS .The limited edition Zeekr 001s has a driving range of up to 1032 kilometres, making it one of the world's first EVs to have that kind of range.

It looks like another Chinese brand is about to join the 1000km range club, as GWM have announced that they will reveal an electric car capable of covering 1000km on a single charge.

"The batteries aren't just a concept; GWM says the new packs will start showing up in production cars very soon."

This extraordinary amount of EV driving range is all due to their new 'Dragon Armour' batteries, which can help their EVs reach up to 1000 km of range. 

According to CarExpert, batteries will be available in two chemistries: "lithium iron phosphate capable of up to 800km on a charge depending on vehicle, and nickel manganese cobalt capable of 1000km."

The batteries are built on GWM's current "short-blade" construction which features cells stacked in a way that allows for greater energy density. Not only can they provide more density, but GWM also claims that the design will allow the batteries more efficient thermal management, which can potentially also help them charge faster.

GWM says they won't just be packing these batteries on its higher-end EVs, but it will also equip them on their lower-end models.

Although GWM won't be the first to hit the 1000km marker, they are known to be a more affordable EV brand, which means we could have longer-range EVs that won't cost an arm and a leg. 

GWM’s first electric vehicle in Malaysia, the Ora Good Cat has already received plaudits for its value-for-money proposition, and we can expect more EVs from them to be the same. 


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