Is that the Ora Good Cat? Nope, it's the new Wuling Bingo EV!

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The new Wuling Bingo EV has finally been launched in China, and it looks quite close to the Ora Good Cat kan?

We can honestly call it the poor man's version (and smaller) of the Ora Good Cat as it shares a similar exterior design but with a much cheaper price tag starting from $8,700 (around RM38k) in China. Ask anyone anywhere and they'll agree that the Wuling Bingo is indeed a bargain.

Jumping straight to firepower, the Wuling Bingo is fitted with a single 30kW electric motor that produces 41hp. This is mated to a 17.3kWh LFP battery that offers 203km of EV range (CLTC). The more expensive variants come with a more powerful 50kW motor that churns out 68hp and to that, a bigger 31.9kWh battery is paired to offer up to 333km of pure electric range.

AC charging will require 9.5 hours to get the Wuling Bingo fully charged but if you have access to a DC charger, 30%-80% will only take 35 minutes to complete. 

The interior is pretty basic for the base model which only comes with a small instrument panel, a couple of speakers, and fabric seats. Jump straight to the range-topping model and you'll get a fully-digital instrument panel paired with a 10.25-inch main screen plus twice the number of speakers and even voice recognition.

Other specs include a 310-litre boot space which can be expanded to 790 litres when the rear seats are folded down, several exterior colour options that are matched with either a black or white roof, and a price range that starts from $8,700-$12,170, which is around RM38k to RM53k.

Anyway, do check out our take on the Ora Good Cat EV in the video, below.


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