Kia EV9 flagship electric SUV revealed - sexiest three-row EV yet?

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Kia has released the first images of its latest and upcoming three-row EV flagship SUV, the Kia EV9.

Screaming elegance and sophistication at every nook and cranny both inside and out, the Kia EV9 is said to represent a 'pivotal step forward in the company's journey towards becoming a sustainable mobility solutions provider'.

Just like the Kia EV6 that we reviewed not too long ago, the 'Opposites United' design philosophy continues its legacy with the EV9 by blending two opposite elements of nature and modernity. The end result is nothing short of impressive - an EV SUV that is sleek yet boxy, sexy yet muscular, and contemporary yet graceful.

According to Karim Habib, Executive Vice President and Head of Kia Global Design Center, "The Kia EV9 breaks new ground, aiming to redefine standards for design, connectivity, usability and environmental responsibility. The Kia EV9 offers customers an exceptionally high-quality proposition and a fresh EV perspective in the family SUV sector."

The 'Opposites United' design philosophy gave way to the 'Bold for Nature' ideology pillar which played a key role in the exterior design of the Kia EV9. You can see this via its Digital Pattern Lighting Grille, vertical headlamps, Digital Tiger Face, and Star Map LED daytime running lights (DRL). 

That polygonal design language flows to the sides and rear via its geometric wheel arches, triangular fender structures, and tapered back roofline that not only looks intimidatingly beautiful but functions as a sleek SUV that offers great aerodynamic efficiency.

Step inside the Kia EV9 and you'll see the next design pillar, 'Tecnology for Life'. Pushing the idea of positive yet intuitive interactions between the vehicle and its occupants was taken to a whole different level with the Kia EV9 which will come in either the six-seater or seven-seater offering.

Those sitting in the first row get to enjoy the same style of seats found in the Kia EV6 for total support and comfort. The second row, however, comes with the ability to swivel 180 degrees - a feature that will allow the occupants in the second and third-row seats to face each other.

Going back to the driver, a pair of 12.3-inch touchscreens integrated with a 5-inch segment display takes the driving experience to greater heights. If it's tech and space you're looking for, it'll be hard to find one that can box in the same ring as the Kia EV9.

Kia has yet to reveal the full specs of the Kia EV9, so we don't really have a clue what it'll be. The only thing that we can base on, for now, is that the Kia EV6 GT-Line here in Malaysia comes packing with dual-electric motors that churn out 320hp and 605Nm of torque mated to a 77.4kWh battery pack that goes up to 506km (WLTP).

Who knows, perhaps the EV9 with its slightly bigger payload will come with the EV6 GT's powertrain - 577hp and 740Nm of torque should get the job done with ease (plus a huge dose of driving bliss). Stay tuned for more info.


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