Neta U EV SUV coming to Malaysia in 2024, Neta S in 2025

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The Neta EV brand has finally penetrated the Malaysian market following the official launch of its first-ever model in the country, the Neta V.

Representatives from Neta Auto as well as the country's official distributor, Intro Synergy Sdn Bhd, are already in the headlines by bringing in the first-ever EV into Malaysia that's priced under the RM100,000 mark. That, however, won't stop there as they have plans to launch two more Neta EVs by 2025.

Considering the high prospect of great sales figures paired with outstanding warranty periods, the Neta V will hopefully get the Neta ball rolling here in the country before the introduction of the brand's second EV offering, the Neta U.

Targeted to arrive here on our shores by the second quarter of 2024, you may think of the Neta U as the bigger and more premium version of the budget-friendly Neta V small electric SUV. The dimensions of the Neta U EV SUV should be an interesting prospect considering the fact that wider, taller, and carries a longer wheelbase compared to the Toyota Corolla Cross.

The base model of the Neta U is powered via a single-electric motor setup powering the front wheels with 161hp and 210Nm of torque. There's also a slightly more powerful version that outputs 201hp and 310Nm of torque which offers a 0-100km/h time of seven seconds as compared to 10 seconds for the former configuration.

As for battery capacity, we can most likely expect it to come with a 54.32kWh pack that offers 400km of range (NEDC) or a bigger 81.57kWh pack that extends the range up to 500km for every full charge. We can also assume that its DC fast charging capability should be around the same as the Neta V at 30 minutes from 30%-80%.

If SUVs aren't your thing and you want something that can most likely bring the fight closer to the likes of a Tesla Model S, the Neta S might brilliantly float your boat in terms of design, firepower, and driving distance.

As to which powertrain that'll come into the Malaysian market, it's still pretty much in the dark. The Neta S version kicks off strong with an NEDC-rated range of 710km, but there's also the range-extended model that pushes things off the charts up to 1,000km per full charge.

It's indeed an interesting and logical strategy for the Neta brand in penetrating the Malaysian market. Their first step of offering an EV under the RM100,000 mark is already a huge talking point for many, and with enough publicity (paired with an EV that can withstand the tests of Malaysian roads), expect the same level of success for the Neta U as well as the Neta S.


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