New Teslas without parking sensors are TERRIBLE?

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Tesla is in a unique role when it comes to saving money but its latest antic involving the removal of parking sensors from their newer cars is just...well...terrible.

New Tesla models that just rolled off the factory like the Model 3 and Model Y (from December 2022 onwards) are said to no longer have front and rear parking sensors, according to CarExpert. Surely Tesla is doing this because they have the latest tech to replace this ancient parking tech that has been around for decades, right?

Those seemingly cheap ultrasonic parking sensors are out of the way for good and these new Tesla models are relying on the Tesla camera vision - a tech that constructs an image of the vehicle's surroundings. Is it any good? Not according to an EV dealer (and Tesla owner) based in the UK.

Basic parking situations were put to the test and the results are not a 'unique selling point' for these newer Teslas. We're pretty sure that the folks over at Tesla are working hard to settle this pretty serious issue, but until then, those parking sensors can be heard singing the words "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

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