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People's Choice Awards

We strive to provide an unbiased platform for consumers & editors to vote for their favourite cars, recognising the best rides on the road.

As the leading automotive portal, Carlist.my is taking the lead to create a fair and transparent platform to recognise the best automotive brands in Malaysia. With a population of more than 30 million, we hope to channel the consumers' voice to identify the exceptional products every car makers has offered. The nominations are derived from each of the respective brands' popularity based on brand mentions and car buying data throughout the year. Each category will be presented with the top three car models for consumers to vote on.

On the other hand, Carlist.my also presents the Editors' Choice Awards to recognise the best cars in the eyes of motoring experts and journalists. The writers and editors will rate the cars accordingly on multiple aspects before tabulating the scores and determining the winners. This voting process is well documented and scrutinised by our internal team of auditors to ensure data accuracy and fair evaluation process.

As this People's Choice Awards and Editors' Choice Awards are non-profit initiatives, the publishing rights is given to all participating brands and media publications free of charge.