en Check and see the latest recall list from car, bike and truck manufacturers released by JPJ A new recall list involving cars, motorcycles, and trucks from Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Nissan, and MAN is released by Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) Malaysia recently as an effort to reach out to the vehicles’ owners or custodians so that necessary actions can be taken as quickly as possible.

According to JPJ, the Product Recall Siri 3/2023 list consists of the following makes and models:

Owners of the affected vehicles have been contacted by the respective manufacturer via phone calls, letters, and/or electronic communications such as emails to urge owners or custodians to send their vehicles in for change of affected components.

“Therefore, as the owner of a vehicle that may be involved in the Vehicle Recall exercise, you are requested to cooperate fully by sending your vehicle to the authorized service centers that have been designated to receive genuine replacement parts,” read the statement by JPJ on Facebook.

Also read: Stop driving Citroën, DS cars in Malaysia with faulty Takata airbags, Bermaz lists affected models in recall exercise

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Tyre blowout survival guide: Maintaining control in critical moments Driving down the highway, a sudden, jolting pop. The heart races, the mind sharpens. Adrenaline rushes. In the face of a tyre blowout, panic is a natural response. However, it's in these moments that a calm and collected approach can make all the difference. This may or may not have happened to you. There are people who have experienced it that are lucky to still be alive to talk about it, while some...not so lucky. 

Hence, this guide aims to equip you with the knowledge to handle a blowout without it leading to serious injuries or even fatalities. 


But first, we need to know the factors that causes tyre blowouts. Many reasons could be factors and understanding these causes are crucial for preventing such incidents. Here are some common reasons for tyre blowouts:

Underinflation: Means, operating a vehicle with tires that doesn't have enough pressure. This is a leading cause of blowouts. When a tyre doesn't have enough air pressure, it generates excessive heat, weakening the tyre structure and increasing the risk of failure.

Overloading: This simply means that you have exceeded your tires maximum load capacity. Basically, the car is too heavy la. You squeeze 10 adults and their baggages in the car then what you expect? Overloading can put excessive strain on the tires, leading to overheating and eventual failure.

Overinflation: Just as underinflation is problematic, so are overinflating tires. This causes the tyre to be rigid and less able to absorb road impacts, making it more prone to damages and blowouts.

Potholes and road hazards: Driving over potholes, through curb or other road hazard at high speed can cause immediate damage to tires, potentially leading to a blowout.

Age and wear: Tires naturally deteriorate over time, even if they haven't been used extensively. Rubber degrades, and the tires structural integrity weakens, increasing the risk of blowouts.

Overheating: Extended periods of high-speed driving or excessive braking can generate significant heat in the tyres. It can lead to a blowout.

Improper maintenance: Neglecting regular tyre maintenance, such as failing to rotate them based on wear, not doing alignment  for the wheels, or ignoring signs of damage, can increase the potential of a blowout.

Puncture or impact damage: Sharp objects on the road, like nails or glass, can puncture tires. Also, a hard impact, such as hitting a sharp object or curb, can cause hidden damage that leads to a blowout later.

Poor quality or old tires: When you buy poor quality tires, or 2nd hand tires - on the cheap, that have exceeded their service life, this may lead to blowouts, as their materials may have degraded.

Now that we have understood the reason for tyre blowouts, lets dive straight to the ways you stay alive in case of blowouts. 

Maintain composure under pressure

When a tyre blowout happens, the situation demands composure and good reflex reaction on your side. Gently ease off the accelerator and grip that steering wheel as hard as you can. Avoid distractions and focus solely on regaining control. Don't panic, you can do it! Keep your eyes on the path ahead and find a safe place to steer your car towards. 

Utilize the brakes smartly

In instances where controlling the car seems difficult, apply the brakes with measured precision. Don't step on it hard, you may accidentally make the car flip while it's losing control. Gradually applying the brakes can help stabilize the vehicle. 

From this moment on, there are two outcomes. In the scenario where you have managed to regain control, calm youself down and check for any visible injuries. Say your prayers and thank your god. 

On the other hand, in a scenario where you fail to regain control of the car, you most likely are already involved in an accident, unfortunately. You could be dead or still alive. Either way, the next part doesn't apply to you. In case, you escaped without a scratch, here's what you should do:

Prioritize visibility

Visibility is crucial in avoiding further accidents. Illuminate your vehicle with hazard lights, headlights, and taillights. This signals your presence and predicament to other drivers, reducing the risk of collision.


Exercising extreme caution in changing tires

Swapping a tyre on a busy roadway is really dangerous. The risk of collision with passing vehicles is sometimes too high as most vehicles may be coming at high speed or they may not be able to see you clearly. It is advised to await professional assistance. Dialing the emergency hotline or contacting your insurance provider is the best course of action.

Executing a quick and safe tyre change

If you insist of changing your own tyre, proceed with extreme caution. Activate hazard lights and position the safety triangle at a significant distance behind the vehicle. Quickly replace the blown tyre, ensuring the lug nuts are securely fastened.

Having an extra set of hands to guide the traffic is advisable - if you have passengers in the car with you at the time or you could always ask for help from passersby. In the event of an approaching vehicle, move to the side of the road for safety.

In conclusion, this guide is a reminder that in such moments, composure is your greatest ally. By adhering to safety protocols and prioritizing control, you can transform a potentially dangerous situation into a manageable one. May your journeys be safe and swift...and always stay on top of things. Meaning, always check your tires before starting your journey.


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Honda Motocompacto e-scooter: Owning one will surely solve our last-mile commuting problems as LRTs and MRTs can only take us so far A new era in urban mobility

In the hustle and bustle of city life, the last mile of a commute can be really tiring and troublesome. Enter the Honda Motocompacto e-Scooter - designed to transform the urban travel experience. With a foldable design that's can give gymnast a run for their money and a weight that is so light, you'd have a better chance of straining your arm carrying your pet dog than the e-scooter. The Motocompacto is here to make that final stretch, well, not much of a stretch.

Say goodbye to the days of cramming into crowded buses, being stuck in MRT or LRT or even bringing a bicycle on the train with all eyes on you. The Motocompacto folds down into its own compact carrying case, making it easier to take along in car, hop on public transportation, or store away in tight spaces. It's not just a scooter, it's a personal urban transportion.

From college campuses to busy city streets, the Motocompacto is the ticket to agile, fun and efficient travel. Its cushy seat and secure foot grip ensure a comfortable ride, while the onboard storage lets the owner store essential items - all within arm's reach.There's also digital speedometer and charge gauge to keep owners up to speed with the e-scooter's battery life.And lets not forget, a phone app enables riders to adjust their personal settings, including lighting and ride modes, via Bluetooth.In a world where time is of the essence and convenience is king, the Motocompacto stands tall as the ultimate solution for last-mile commuters. It's the best best friend we need, offering a blend of style and simplicity. Embrace the future of commuting with the Honda Motocompacto and better the way you navigate the city. We defintely need to have one and bring it with us when we're taking LRTs or MRTs as this would go a long way to solving our last-mile problems.

Key Specifications and Features

Drive                                    Front-wheel drive
Max Speed                         24 km/h
Battery Capacity                6.8Ah
Charge Time                      3.5 hours (110v)
Range                                  Up to 19 km

Length (ready-to-ride / folded)     38.1 inches / 29.2 inches
Height (ready-to-ride / folded)      35.0 inches / 21.1 inches
Width (ready-to-ride / folded)       17.2 inches / 3.7 inches
Seat Height                                              24.5 inches
Weight                                                       18.7 kg.

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Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival to bring thrilling Season 6 finale to Sepang International Circuit - 30th Sept - 1st Oct 2023! The Malaysian motorsport sphere is about to witness another electrifying event as the Toyota Gazoo Vios Challenge Race gears up for the upcoming third and final round of Season 6, and you’re invited to experience it in person!

Known for its heart-pounding action and intense competition, this race series has united fans from all walks across Malaysia and is a testament to Toyota's commitment to uplifting the local racing scene.

Happening at the Sepang International Circuit between September 30th and October 1st, 2023 as the centrepiece of the larger TGR Festival, Toyota once again invites all to witness the spectacle of this Season 6 finale where Malaysia’s top racers, rising stars, amateurs, and local celebrities compete in thrilling wheel-to-wheel action.

In this very tight season with many drivers coming in with a similar points tally, they will be vying for track position at the North Track of the SIC where 9 challenging turns and 5 nerve-testing straights await them, providing ample opportunities for overtaking.

This 3rd round of Season 6 follows the roaring success of the previous instalment where 3.7 million online viewers tuned in to catch the intense racing. That said, the true visceral experience can only be had at SIC itself, which is why Toyota Malaysia is unwavering in their encouragement to have as much of the public descend upon our very own theatre of motorsport: the Sepang International Circuit.

The Toyota Gazoo Vios Challenge Race is about more than just motor racing; it's a spectacle.

These elements enhance the overall entertainment value of the encompassing TGR Festival, making it a family-friendly affair that stands out for its accessibility and central aim to bring motorsport closer to the masses - from using a well-loved sedan, the Toyota Vios, as the basis for the 40 identical race-prepared machines, to establishing the Promotional Class where the country’s best known personalities compete behind the wheel.

Alongside the on-track action, the grand finale of the season promises a wide array of off-track events, including meet and greet sessions, a local cultural festival called Tempatan Fest, and enticing merchandise sales and promotions to be enjoyed. Over the course of the race weekend from September 30th to 1st October, visitors and livestream viewers alike will be able to enjoy performances by OAG, Iqbal M, 16 Baris, and Kmy Kmo & Luca Sickta.

This series has also blossomed into a talent development platform. Many aspiring racers have used it as a stepping stone to advance their motorsport careers. It provides a nurturing ground for budding racers to hone their skills and gain exposure in the racing world, and win the hearts of Malaysian spectators.

As we eagerly await the next edition alongside the announcement of Season 7, fans can rest assured that the Season 6 finale happening at the tail end of September 2023 will deliver the heart-stopping action and unforgettable moments that have become synonymous with the Toyota Gazoo Vios Challenge Race.

Of course, no race series is complete without unexpected twists and turns. Whether it's unpredictable weather, safety car deployments, or strategic gambles, these elements add that essential extra layer of excitement. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to experience the thrill of racing like never before.

Entry is FREE and tickets are available now, so secure your entry today and be part of the action!

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Proton and Smart inks an MoA to explore CKD EV project in Tanjung Malim, a part of RM 32 bil AHTV investment? Possibilities of setting up a local assembly (CKD) project for Smart models in Malaysia is now officially being studied upon the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between Smart Automobile and Proton at the annual 2023 China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) in Nanning.

“The new MoA between Proton and Smart Automobile brings our collaboration to a new level as now we are talking about assembling Smart models in Malaysia. As an automotive manufacturer, Proton always intended to raise our involvement with smart beyond distribution for the ASEAN region as there are many efficiencies to take advantage of because both companies are members of the Geely Group,” said Dr. Li Chunrong, Chief Executive Officer of Proton.

A similar agreement was signed between the two companies in 2022, which led to the appointment of Proton as the official distributor for Smart vehicles in Malaysia and Thailand through a General Distributorship Agreement (GDA) inked in August last year. Proton also sent groups of workers to China for on-job-training stints focusing on the EV industry to build a local talent pool specific to the EV market.

“Proton has committed to introducing more New Energy Vehicles (NEV) in the future. After the launch of the Proton X90, our first NEV, we are excited by the opportunity to learn more about EVs from our collaboration with smart. Going forward, all our production activities will be centred at the Automotive High Tech Valley (AHTV) in Tanjung Malim, which will also help in our goal to turn Malaysia into a regional EV hub,” added Dr. Li Chunrong.

This comes after the April 2023 signing of Heads of Agreement (HoA) between Proton’s parent company, DRB-Hicom, and Geely to develop the Automotive High-Tech Valley (AHTV) facility in Tanjung Malim. According to DRB-Hicom, AHTV will attract RM 32 billion worth of investments from ‘other brands’ besides Proton and Geely.

With the new MoA signing that will see both parties studying the feasibility of locally assembling Smart vehicles in Proton’s Tanjung Malim plant, it seems plausible that the ‘other brands’ mentioned could involve Smart Automobiles.

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Experiencing the new Potenza Sport, Bridgestone’s latest flagship UHP offering The Bridgestone Potenza Sport made its debut in November 2021, boasting cutting-edge tyre technology. As the flagship model in the Potenza lineup available locally in Malaysia, it was engineered to provide exceptional road grip while maintaining excellent drivability and year-round usability.

We were lucky enough to be invited to put the tyre through its paces the Sepang International Circuit, where we could more freely explore the Potenza Sport’s true capabilities in both dry and wet conditions (the result of a morning downpour) as well as over varied surfaces. Aptly, the event was dubbed the Bridgestone Potenza Sport Experience.

Bridgestone Potenza Sport Experience - Malaysia - Sepang International Circuit

Michael Chung, Managing Director, Bridgestone Tyre Sales (M) S.B. adds, “The Bridgestone Potenza Sport Driving Experience event underscores Bridgestone's unwavering commitment to delivering uncompromising performance and driving pleasure. Through this event, we aim to demonstrate how Potenza Sport embodies our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the road."

The tyre model is no stranger to those who are in the know about ultra high performance (UHP) tyres, being widely praised following its 2021 global debut for its exceptional grip levels and dry handling in particular.

During a slalom course activity, this certainly was proven true for us in the field with the tyres seemingly able to tangibly upgrade a Volkswagen Golf GTI’s handling and steering characteristics over what we had previously experienced on the car’s stock tyre.

Later in the day's programme, we were let loose on the South Track at the Sepang International Circuit where the Potenza Sport demonstrated the ease to which it can tolerate high speed and hard braking without breaking a sweat.

Bridgestone Potenza Sport Experience - Malaysia - Sepang International Circuit

It’s no wonder, then, that due to its outstanding attributes, the Potenza Sport was chosen as original factory fitment by the most coveted car brands for their most coveted models such as the MC20 from Maserati as well as the BMW 8 series, Lamborghini Huracan STO and Lamborghini Revuelto.

The Potenza Sport tyres incorporate innovative features such as 3D sipes on the tread pattern to enhance shear stiffness, improve braking, and increase resistance to wear and tear. Furthermore, its tyre compound utilises an optimised proprietary formula and advanced mixing technology to enhance wet and dry handling.

Bridgestone Potenza Sport Experience - Malaysia - Sepang International Circuit

Bridgestone also introduced a novel 'hybrid crown reinforcement' to maximise tyre stability at high speeds. Additionally, a sporty carcass package was applied to enhance structural integrity and steering responsiveness while reducing rolling resistance.

These Bridgestone Potenza Sport tyres are available in a wide range of sizes, spanning from 18 to 22 inches. For more information, you can visit the Bridgestone Malaysia website or consult any authorised Bridgestone dealer nationwide.

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EV development in the spotlight under NIMP 2030, TVET-EV course to begin early 2024 The electric vehicle (EV) sector will be put under focus within the New Industrial Master Plan 2030 (NIMP 2030), with plans to review EV-related policies every few months to bolster the growth of the high-impact subsector.

Deputy Investment, Trade, and Industry Minister Liew Chin Tong stated that the meeting for National EV Steering Committee (NEVSC) will convene soon to drive the new sector further, reported Bernama.

Other than that, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme for EV will begin early next year. National Skills Employment Standards based on electrified vehicles that has been co-developed by the Skills Development Department (Human Resource Ministry) and Industry Lead Body will be used for TVET training and education.

"Following that, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia has been appointed as a member of the National Electric Vehicle Task Force (NEVTF) to coordinate research expertise and talent development related to EV technology among local universities," he said during the debate on the motion for the Mid-Term Review of the 12th Malaysia Plan (KSP RMKe-12) in Dewan Rakyat yesterday.

NIMP 2030 is an industrial policy for the manufacturing and manufacturing-related services sector, designed to increase the manufacturing's value-added to RM 587.5 billion by 2030, growing by 6.5% from what it is today. This includes high-impact subsectors from electric and electronic, chemical, as well as EV.

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Brigestone's BATTLAX tires guided YART Yamaha team to victory in the 2023 FIM Endurance World Championship (EWC) YART Yamaha EWC team secured victory in the 2023 FIM Endurance World Championship (EWC) with the reliable support of Bridgestone tires. This marks the fourth time, and the third consecutive year, that a team equipped with Bridgestone's BATTLAX tires has clinched the EWC title.

Since 2017, Bridgestone has been backing teams in the complete EWC series with BATTLAX tires. Tires which are known for their outstanding grip, durability, and comfortable handling. In the 2023 season, YART Yamaha EWC team displayed good consistency, securing 2nd place in the opening race and 1st place in the second race, setting the stage for their triumph at the Bol d’Or 24-hour endurance race, the series' finale, held in France from September 16-17.

Team Manager of YART Yamaha EWC team, Mandy Kainz, expressed his elation, stating, “I am very pleased and honored to achieve the EWC championship which we have been aiming for with Bridgestone tires. I am so happy for our riders. They have been leading in every single round this year. At Le Mans, we had a problem where we crashed on some oil. Spa was the perfect race for us, even with some issues. We showed such a good pace in Suzuka, but a very minor technical issue meant we missed out on a dream podium. In the Bol d’Or, since it was a tough race for us and we had to be conservative to ensure our bike survived, but we did this to ensure we could finish the race. I was so proud of the riders in Japan, as we were close to retiring, but the boys did not give up and fought back from last position to 22nd. So, for me, our guys are the real heroes and true endurance riders. They always show such amazing fighting spirit, bravery, and determination, and they really deserve it. This championship means a lot to us all, and the whole team has worked so hard, so we will enjoy this feeling and then start thinking about next year and how we can defend our title.” 

Bridgestone's Director of Motorsport Division, Tatsuya Uchida, extended congratulations to the team by saying, “I would like to congratulate riders and all of the members of YART Yamaha official EWC team on their EWC title. YART Yamaha official EWC team won the second place in the opening race of Le Mans and the first place in Spa and continued to show high level of teamwork throughout the entire season and deserved to be the champion. Bridgestone is very proud to have contributed to their championship by supplying tires that maximizes the performance of both riders and their bikes, even under the extreme conditions of endurance races. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to the many motorsports fans who supported us and to all the teams who worked so hard and cooperated in tire development. Bridgestone looks forward to supporting the series champion as a member of their team from the ground up and to taking on the challenge to develop and supply tires with even higher levels of quality and performance next year as well, with our passion to support motorsport.”


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Toyota Yaris 2nd update in 2023: We get some nice interior upgrades but....two words: Price adjustment! The 2023 Toyota Yaris is back in the limelight with its second update this year and 2 variants will be available for this model - Yaris 1.5 E & Yaris 1.5 G.

So, first thing's first, the pricing has been adjusted. Yeah, we know, it sucks. But Toyota has actually made it worthwhile with all the upgrades and addition. Check out the prices below: 

Yaris 1.5 E – RM 88,000 (RM 5,000 increase)
Yaris 1.5 G – RM 91,600 (RM 3,600 increase)

Now, let's talk about the upgrades. The most noticeable one? A new 9-inch screen - an upgrade from the previous 7-inch screen, that supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It's a practical move for tech-savvy drivers.

Both variants gets a sporty new front and rear skirting, as well as an option for black roof. A total of 5 colour combinations are now available in single or two-tone options. The black roof option is only available with Red Mica Metallic and Platinum White Pearl colours while the Silver Metallic finish is only available in single-tone.

No, let's head into the cabin. As mentioned earlier, both variants will now feature a 9” display, with Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A wireless charger is also included for compatible mobile devices. 

The seats have also been redesigned, now in more striking fabric outlay. On top of that, the USB ports have also been updated to the current Type-C format.

Then, a standard front DVR is also installed - with smartphone connectivity. 

Finally, a new sporty Optitron instrument gauge cluster with red and white graphics finishes off the 2nd update tweaks.

For the 1.5 G variant, you'll get paddle shifters and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. This variant also now comes with a pre-installed RFID tag and front parking sensors.

Under the hood, the Toyota Yaris sticks to its reliable 1.5-litre 2NR-FE DVVT-i engine (107 PS/140 Nm), paired with a CVT-type automatic transmission.

Safety features includes with 7 airbags and the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) ADAS suite, including a pre-collision system (PCS), lane departure alert (LDA), and blind-spot monitors (BSM) with rear cross-traffic alert (RCTA).

It's worth mentioning that UMWT backs the Yaris with a 5-year, unlimited mileage warranty - emphasis on unlimited mileage, giving buyers a peace of mind on the road and a lower expenses, should things go wrong - which is very unlikely. Cmon guys, it's Toyota. They are as reliable as they come. 

So there you have it, the 2023 Toyota Yaris – a little touch-up, a touch more style.


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I am the top G: BMW Malaysia's electrifying EV line up takes them to the top of the premium EV market in terms of deliveries with less than 4 months to go in 2023! BMW Group Malaysia has rolled out over 1,600 units of BMW, MINI, and BMW Motorrad EVs in the first eight months of 2023, emerging as the leader in Malaysia's premium electric vehicle EV market. This surpasses last year's delivery of 1,557 units and practically guarantees BMW's position as the top premium automaker for the third year straight.

Hans de Visser, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia, shares, De Visser emphasized, we are thrilled to bring our mobile charging vehicle concept – one that we unveiled earlier this year, to life with Gentari. Our partnerships with key players like them underscore our belief that industry-wide collaboration is the engine driving the transformation towards an Electric Future. We hope to inspire more players in this field to elevate their commitment to electrification, collectively enriching the local EV ecosystem. This collaboration will be made available towards end of 2023.”

Understanding the concerns of current and future EV owners, BMW Group Malaysia and Gentari are introducing "Charge Go" – a mobile EV charging service with on-the-go DC fast-charging. This partnership aims to make EV charging easier and more accessible for Malaysians.
Shah Yang Razalli, Deputy CEO of Gentari and CEO of Gentari Green Mobility Sdn Bhd said, the launch of Charge Go with BMW is another innovative solution that exemplifies Gentari's customer-centricity. This mobile charging solution is a product of the collective effort amongst local industry players, including SMEs, to strengthen the local EV ecosystem in coming up with our very own and locally designed solution in this space. This solution, the first of many to come from Gentari, aims to bolster range confidence, making the transition to EVs an easy one.”

To celebrate their success, BMW Group Malaysia is teaming up with local charging providers – ChargEV, JomCharge, and Gentari to offer exclusive unlimited-charging packages for BMW and MINI EV owners. From October 1st to December 31st, 2023, the first 200 registrants can get this package for RM2,400 and RM1,800 respectively - providing unlimited charging at all specified facilities for a year.

With over 1,000 charging facilities accessible to EV owners in Malaysia through strategic partnerships and dealer networks, BMW Group Malaysia is dedicated to supporting sustainable mobility, subsequently addressing a major aspect of people's worries in transitioning to EV from Petrol.

Forwardism: A glimpse into the future

The "Forwardism, by BMW" event promises an immersive experience, presenting BMW Group's Forwardism philosophy that combines art with luxury. Located near the Mandarin Oriental KL, attendees can get up-close with the BMW i7 and explore the financing part of it and other EV models too. The event is open to the public, but registration is required.

The "Forwardism Pop-Up by BMW", running until November 12th, offers Malaysians a chance to interact with BMW's electric vehicle portfolio. Visitors can explore the BMW iX1, iX3, i4, iX, and the much-celebrated BMW i7, with test drives available for a firsthand experience of Sheer Electric Driving Pleasure.

In 2023, BMW Group Malaysia isn't just producing cars, they're driving the future of mobility in Malaysia! Don't miss out on this electrifying journey.


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Smart's official entry into Malaysian market: Introducing the Smart #1, a premium EV from China - starts at RM 200k! We finally know how much it's gonna cost to get our hands on the Smart #1 EV SUV - as confirmed by Pro-Net (Smart Malaysia). The all electric SUV's price range starts from RM 200,000 to RM 250,000 and it comes along with three variants - Pro, Premium, and Brabus.

The final price of each variant, however, will only be announced closer to its launch date in Q4 2023. Prices are on-the-road excluding insurance. This marks a significant milestone in our region's EV market, and Malaysians can now book their very own smart #1.

Booking and early bird perks

Interested buyers can secure their Smart #1 through the Hello Smart app by paying a refundable RM1,000 booking fee. But that's not all! The first 501 pre-orders will receive an exclusive #1 early bird package, which includes RM1,001 in charging credits via the Hello Smart app. 

This bonus empowers owners to enjoy convenient charging at over 70% of public charging stations. The Hello Smart app, considered the first fully integrated EV app, is designed to give convenience and elevate the overall ownership experience.

The Smart #1 comes in three distinct models to cater to various preferences:

Smart #1 Pro: This model features low drag 19" alloy wheels, a Panoramic Halo Roof for natural light, and a 49kWh LFP Battery offering a WLTP range of 315km.

Smart #1 Premium: Offering even more features, including CyberSparksLED + Matrix headlamps, an Illuminated front grille, and a 66kWh NMC Battery. It's equipped with a 200kW/343Nm single motor driving the rear wheels, delivering a WLTP range of 440km.

Smart #1 BRABUS: For high-performance enthusiasts, this model boasts a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 3.9 seconds. With a 315kW/543Nm dual-motor AWD powertrain, it offers exceptional handling and traction, along with a practical WLTP range of 400km.

Unleash your style

The Smart #1 is all about personalization. Exterior color options ranges from digital white to future green, and even include unique matte finishes. Interior trims are equally diverse, as the Smart #1 BRABUS variant comes with its own exclusive 'BRABUS' interior and offers a multitude of color combinations.

Pricing and availability

With prices ranging from RM200,000 to RM250,000, the Smart #1 offers some good options to fit various budgets. Don't miss out on being one of the first to experience the innovation and style of the Smart #1 lineup – secure your booking today via the Hello Smart App.

Download the Hello smart App from Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery to embark on your journey with the Smart #1.


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BMW is taking the future to you with, "Forwardism, by BMW" from 23-24 September BMW Group Malaysia, a pioneer in premium EV, is set to revolutionize the automotive industry with "Forwardism, by BMW." This initiative aims to reshape the future of EV mobility in Malaysia through two electrifying events: 'Forwardism, by BMW' and 'Forwardism, Pop-up by BMW'.

BMW Group Malaysia has been at the forefront of innovation in the automotive industry. Their latest endeavor, "Forwardism, by BMW," is set to showcase BMW's commitment to an electrifying future.

Unveiling of BMW i7 - A highlight of the event will be the reveal of the all-electric BMW i7. This luxury vehicle is a mixture of innovation, visionary design, and sustainability. 

To further their mission of an Electrified Future, BMW Group Malaysia will embark on a nationwide roadshow, 'Forwardism, Pop-Up by BMW'. Starting from September 14th until November 12th, this roadshow will visit five locations in four major cities across Malaysia. It offers exclusive financing and charging offers, along with test drives for selected fully-electric models.

Attendees can get behind the wheel of BMW's exceptional BMW i models, including the BMW iX1, iX3, i4, iX, and the star of the show, BMW i7. This experience allows the people to feel BMW's vision is their hands.

BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia will be on hand during the roadshow to provide attractive financing options, including cash rebates of up to RM15,000 through the Easy Drive program. Additionally, complimentary charging vouchers of up to RM800 will be offered with selected BMW i models in collaboration with charging partner JomCharge.

Celebrate BMW Group Malaysia's commitment to a more progressive and innovative tomorrow. Stay updated on the 'Forwardism, Pop-Up by BMW' roadshow by following BMW Malaysia’s official social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.


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Limited-time offer: 7-Year warranty, free service, and car insurance subsidy for Peugeot buyers In an exciting move, Bermaz Auto Alliance Sdn Bhd, the exclusive distributor of Peugeot vehicles in Malaysia, is introducing a special limited-time promotion. Those who are planning to buy models such as the Peugeot 2008, Peugeot 3008, and Peugeot 5008 are in for a treat. From September 1st to October 31st, 2023, customers placing a booking for their new Peugeot can enjoy a remarkable package.

This offer includes a 7-Year Warranty, ensuring peace of mind and long-term satisfaction. Additionally, buyers will benefit from 7-Years of free service maintenance, covering essential labour and parts. As a cherry on top, an exclusive car insurance subsidy*(part subsidy) is also part of the package.

To be eligible for this promotion, Peugeot enthusiasts must register their new vehicles at any authorized Peugeot dealership during the campaign period.

For those eager to seize this opportunity, authorized dealerships are ready to assist in making your Peugeot ownership dream a reality. If you prefer a hands-on experience, don't miss the BAuto Roadshow taking place at the Oval Concourse, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, from October 11th to 15th, 2023.

This limited-time offer stands as a testament to Bermaz Auto Alliance's commitment to providing great value and an amazing ownership experience for Peugeot buyers in Malaysia. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enjoy these out-of-this-world benefits with your next Peugeot purchase.


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New IONIQ 6 variants in Malaysia by Hyundai-Sime Darby Motors : Lite and Plus - RM 219,888 and RM 249,888 respectively In a move to expand its offering for the IONIQ 6, Hyundai-Sime Darby Motors (HSDM) has unveiled two new variants, Lite and Plus. These additions complement the previously launched Max RWD and Max AWD models, a release that gained significant attention in July.The IONIQ 6, a recipient of three prestigious World Car Awards for 2023, has left a strong impression with its blend of cutting-edge technology, aerodynamic design, and remarkable performance. Now, with the introduction of the Lite and Plus variants, Malaysian buyers have wider options for this electric sedan.

Both Lite and Plus variants feature a single-motor RWD configuration, powered by a 53 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery and a 111 kW motor. This delivers a torque of 350 Nm, taking the vehicles from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.8 seconds. The range of the vehicle is at an impressive 429 km on the WLTP cycle.

Thanks to the 800-volt architecture, Lite and Plus models can charge from 10% to 80% in a mere 18 minutes with a maximum of 350 kW DC. Even with less powerful chargers, these variants demonstrate efficiency, taking 58 minutes for the same range at 50 kW DC.

The Lite and Plus models come equipped with many features including safety systems, seamless connectivity through screens, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, ambient lighting, wireless phone charging, and more. The IONIQ 6 lite RWD starts at RM219,888 and RM249,888 for the Plus RWD.

Bookings for the IONIQ 6 can be made at authorized Hyundai sales outlets across Malaysia and on the online booking platform as well. Deliveries for the Lite and Plus are set to begin in the fourth quarter of this year. 

The best thing is, the IONIQ 6 comes with an eight-year/160,000 km battery warranty. For RM10,000 more, the standard vehicle warranty is upgradable to five years/100,000 km, and attached to this is three years/50,000 km of free service. They also have free one-year Shell Recharge Gold membership for the first 30 owners (T&C applies)

Hyundai IONIQ 6 variants & prices:

IONIQ 6 Lite RWD  - RM 219,888
IONIQ 6 Plus RWD - RM 249,888
IONIQ 6 Max RWD - RM 289,888
IONIQ 6 Max AWD - RM 319,888

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AP to be given to Sarawak to import 1,000 units of EVs, hydrogen vehicles with tax exemptions The green energy ecosystem in Sarawak will be given another boost as Putrajaya has agreed to grant Approved Permit (AP) that allows the state to import electric vehicles (EVs) and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) with tax exemption.

Sarawak Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari Openg said these are the first incentives given to Sarawak from the federal government after briefing the federal cabinet and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in Kuching last week, Daily Express reported.

A total of 1,000 EVs and FCEVs will be imported to Sarawak under these initiatives. The details of the said vehicles are yet to be revealed, though the state government has ordered 38 units of Autonomous Rail Transit (ART) FCEVs as reported by media earlier this month.

Recent developments on the hydrogen economy front in the state involve plans to set up two new hydrogen plants in Bintulu Petchem Industrial Park by 2027 under projects dubbed as H2biscus and H2ornbill.

As for EV facilities, the first EV charging station with 180 kW DC fast charging capability has recently opened in Kuching under a joint collaboration between Sarawak Energy and Petronas' Gentari.

A prototype ART - developed in China by CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. - underwent trial in August 2023 while two or three more units are expected to be received next year. The ART vehicle that utilises hydrogen fuel cell is part of the Sarawak Metro’s Kuching Urban Transportation System (KUTS) project.

Also, hydrogen fuel cell feeder buses undergoing trial in the capital city since January 2020 show good results and maintenance capabilities thus far. However, the arrival of new units has not been confirmed yet.

In January 2023, the state government received five units of Toyota Mirai FCEVs from UMWT.

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Stop driving Citroën, DS cars in Malaysia with faulty Takata airbags, Bermaz lists affected models in recall exercise Bermaz Auto Alliance Sdn Bhd (BAASB) is calling for owners or custodians to hand over their Citroën and DS cars in Malaysia for rework operations on faulty Takata airbags fitted in C3, C4, DS3, DS4, and DS5 models produced from 2009 to 2017.

Based on a recent Stop Drive statement released by BAASB, owners are reminded to stop driving their vehicles immediately if the rework operations for the Takata airbags issue have not been done yet. “Courtesy cars will be prepared for affected owners to ease their mobility until the completion of the airbag/s replacement,” read the statement.

C3, C4, DS3, DS4, and DS5 models produced from 2009 to 2017 are subject to a recall campaign starting in 2020, in multiple phases globally. Owners or custodians of these models should contact the appointed Authorized Repairer in Malaysia, BAASB, to obtain the required repair – free of charge.

Faulty Takata airbags with inflators issue have been a subject of urgent recalls for vehicles from many brands and manufacturers since the past several years. According to BAASB, the chemical properties of the airbag inflators may deteriorate over time, especially when exposed to hot, humid weather. This may cause the inflators to rupture on deployment, scattering debris capable of causing serious injury or death.

Peugeot 3S Centre In Glenmarie, where the after-sales support is extended to the Citroen and DS brands under the Stellantis Group.

Many attempts to reach owners with recalled Takata airbag inflators have been made via multiple channels including letters, courier deliveries, emails, text messages, and phone calls. Should owners/custodians of the affected vehicles need more information on the matter, please contact BAASB’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Helpline at 03-7627 8818 or send an email to

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Price increase for Lotus Eletre EV, Emira line-up in Malaysia – RM 40k to 83k difference sets you back? The fully electric Lotus Eletre and sports car Lotus Emira are now sold with new price tags that mark an increase between RM 40,000 to RM 83,200 based on model variants, due to weakening Ringgit in recent months.

The marque’s first-ever SUV, high-performance Eletre that was launched here in April now has a suggested retail price of:

  • Eletre S: RM 698,000 (from RM 648,000)
  • Eletre R: RM 838,000 (from RM 798,000)

Lotus Eletre

Prices listed for the Eletre are applicable in both Peninsular Malaysia and Langkawi. The new price for the base Eletre is yet to be announced pending its arrival at least by 2025, though the initial price indication was set at RM 578,000.

The Lotus Eletre comes with a five-year / 150,000 km manufacturer’s warranty, while the battery comes with an eight-year / 200,000 km warranty.

Lotus Eletre

As for the Lotus Emira line-up, the new retail prices - effective as of 1 September 2023 - are as follows:

  • Emira i4 First Edition: RM 1,095,000 (Peninsular Malaysia) and RM 509,000 (Langkawi)
  • Emira V6 First Edition Manual: RM 1,289,000 in Peninsular Malaysia (up from RM 1,205,800) and RM 529,000 in Langkawi (up from RM 478,800)
  • Emira V6 First Edition Auto: RM 1,309,000 in Peninsular Malaysia (up from RM 1,225,800) and RM 539,000 in Langkawi (up from RM 493,800)

Lotus Emira

On Sunday, Lotus Cars Malaysia mentioned that limited units of Emira i4 First Edition are still available at the introductory price of RM 998,800 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Prices listed for the Emira are on-the-road, without insurance, with tax for Peninsular Malaysia and without for duty-free Langkawi. All variants of the Lotus Emira come with a three-year unlimited mileage manufacturer’s warranty.

Lotus Emira

To recap, the Lotus Eletre range in Malaysia comes with two powertrain options, each with two electric motors driving both axles. Equipped with a single-speed transmission, the base and S variants produce 603 PS/710 Nm with a top speed of 258 km/h and a 0-100 km/h sprint time of 4.5 seconds. Both variants have a max driving range of 600 km (WLTP).

The range-topping Eletre R has a dual-speed transmission that produces 905 PS/985 Nm. Dubbed as the world’s fastest dual-motor pure electric SUV, its 0-100 km/h sprint is done in 2.95 seconds. However, it has a lower max driving range of 490 km (WLTP). All three variants are fitted with a 112-kWh battery, the largest in its segment.

Meanwhile, the Lotus Emira i4 sports car uses a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine from Mercedes-AMG (360 PS/430 Nm), managed by an 8-speed DCT transmission. It accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds before reaching a top speed of 290 km/h.

The V6 variant, on the other hand, is powered by a 3.5-liter supercharged engine that generates 400 PS/420 Nm for the manual version and 430 Nm for the automatic version.

Until 30 September 2023, those interested in seeing both models in the metal can visit the Lotus Store at Level 3, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (from 10 am - 10 pm daily) where the Eletre S in Solar Yellow and the Emira V6 in Magma Red are on display. Beginning 1 October, the display will be moved to the Lotus showroom in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam (from 9 am - 5pm, Mon - Fri; 9 am - 4 pm, weekends) as the store in Pavilion KL will cease operations.

Should you have an inquiry or wish to schedule an appointment with the Lotus Experts, contact 016-6112388. For more information, visit or follow the Lotus Cars Malaysia Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels.

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Goodyear marks 125th anniversary, unveils premium EV tyre and more In the spirit of celebrating 125 years of rich history on technology exploration and looking forward to building a sustainable Better Future, Goodyear unveiled four premium product lines for the Asia Pacific region in an event themed Goodyear: 125 Years in Motion in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Throughout Goodyear’s 125 years, the company has consistently innovated multi-brand product portfolios to deliver confident mobility for drivers around the world. Powered by Goodyear’s advanced technologies, the four new products are:

  • Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 for Luxury Sports (size 17-22 inches premium performance tyre)
  • Wrangler DuraTrac RT for Premium 4x4 Off-Road (size 15-18 inches passenger vehicle tyre)
  • ElectricDrive (size 17-21 inches premium EV tyre)
  • Assurance MaxGuard for Mid Passenger (size 15-20 inches pickup and SUV A/T tyre)

These new products showcased its ability in an immersive track event attended by nearly 300 customer representatives. Interactive displays offered during the event also enabled guests to be fully immersed in Goodyear’s superior solutions and services for future mobility. This goes to show Goodyear’s commitment in advanced energy efficiency, safety, tyre longevity, comfort, convenience, and digital-based solutions.

At the event, the tyre manufacturer also displayed its 90% sustainable-material demonstration tyre, highlighting its aspirational goal to develop a 100% sustainable-material and maintenance-free tyre by 2030.

“Asia Pacific has emerged as one of the world’s largest automotive markets and holds incredible potential. Goodyear’s innovative spirit and drive for excellence puts us at the epicentre of the mobility revolution and we are working closely with customers and innovators to transform the transportation industry,” Nathaniel Madarang, President, Goodyear Asia Pacific.

For now, only Goodyear Assurance Maxguard tyre is available for purchase through official retailers in Malaysia. The rest will be progressively introduced in various Asia Pacific markets. Price range for these tyres in Malaysia is estimated between RM 280 - RM 480 depending on the size variant.

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A guide to buying Tesla in Malaysia - Should you go for the Enhanced Autopilot or FSD? Tesla’s reputation of being a household name for modern, electric cars explains the massive buzz it received during the official launch of its first model introduced in Malaysia, Tesla Model Y. Now that the facelifted Tesla Model 3 (Highland) is just open for booking, buyers interested in Elon Musk’s EV may want to know if the standard Autopilot ADAS is enough, or should they spend extra to upgrade to the optional Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) functionality.

What are the differences between Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot, and FSD in Tesla cars anyway?

Autopilot – standard for Tesla Model Y and Model 3 (Highland)

Autopilot - present in both models without extra charges - enables your car to steer, accelerate, and brake automatically while keeping the car in the lane. Of course, active supervision from the driver is still required – hands on the steering wheel, ready to take control at any moment. These features are called Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Autosteer, akin to adaptive cruise control (ACC) and lane keep assist (LKA) in other ADAS suites from other familiar car brands.

In general, standard active safety features for all new Tesla cars include Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Warning, Side Collision Warning, Obstacle Aware Acceleration, Blind Spot Monitoring, Lane Departure Avoidance, and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance.

Enhanced Autopilot – optional, upgrade costs RM 16,000

Enhanced Autopilot - available at an additional cost - adds Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Autopark, Summon, and Smart Summon to the existing standard functions.

With Navigate on Autopilot, your Tesla can actively guide itself in and out of highway ramps, suggest lane changes, and navigate interchanges with automatic turn signals. When Autosteer is engaged, Auto Lane Change helps the driver to change lanes. Driver’s active supervision at all times is still required.

Autopark helps drivers to steer and move the car to parallel or perpendicular park autonomously. The Summon function lets you remotely move the car in and out of parking spaces using the Tesla app. Smart Summon is a plus as it can navigate the car around parking lots with COME TO ME command. To use this, you must be within approximately 60 meters of your car, and it is only intended for use in private parking lots or driveways.

Full Self-Driving (FSD) - as autonomous as it can get, for an additional cost of RM 32,000

According to Tesla Malaysia’s website, this system enables your car “to drive itself almost anywhere with minimal driver intervention and will continuously improve.” This upgrade adds Autosteer on City Streets and Traffic and Stop Sign Control (Beta) functions to the above capabilties.

This system is technically capable of reading and detecting road markings, road signs, traffic lights, as well as navigating through city streets. Without much input from drivers, the car can speed up, slow down, stop and go, as well as make turns.

However, Tesla warns drivers to always be in control of the vehicle, pay attention to its surroundings, and be ready to take immediate action whenever needed. This applies to all autopilot functions it offers. On the SAE’s scale of autonomous driving capabilities, all Tesla vehicles still fall under Level 2 autonomous driving.

So, is it worth buying Tesla with the upgrade options in Malaysia?

It’s important to note that at the time of writing, FSD is not yet available in Malaysia. If you have included FSD in your purchase, you will still get the car, but the FSD system will not yet activate until its arrival in the future.

As you may have known, additional functions or upgrades in Tesla vehicles are delivered via over-the-air (OTA) updates. You can purchase Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving Capability at any time through the Tesla app – and the Autopilot software required will be added to your car.

So, for now, that leaves us with two options that are readily available for use on the road – the standard Autopilot or Enhanced Autopilot. Our review reveals the standard Autopilot performs very well and seems enough to give you the advanced functions Tesla has to offer – save for those fabulous self and remote parking capabilities.

If budget is your concern, it may be best to stick to the standard Autopilot as your hire purchase loan (should you choose this to finance the purchase) will be structured based on the first option you choose. Should you wish to upgrade to Enhanced Autopilot or FSD later, you will need to pay the RM 16k or the RM 32k upgrade respectively and separately in lump sum.

If you want the car to be able to park itself and come find you, go ahead and spend that RM 16k. When FSD is made available for Malaysian Tesla cars in the future, perhaps RM 32k doesn’t seem too big of a splurge to own a self-driving car that has been in development and testing most extensively in the passenger car industry.

Or just use the money to purchase the long-range AWD version instead. The choice is yours to make. All Tesla vehicles can be purchased online via Tesla Malaysia’s official website.

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Introducing the Hello Smart App: Your new sidekick for all things Smart! With the impending launch of Smart #1 drawing closer - scheduled to be in Q4 2023, Smart Malaysia's has launched a savvy new app called Hello Smart app that's gonna take your driving experience to the next level. You can customize your car, find charging spots and you can chat with other Smart owners. Get ready for a ride that's about to get a lot smarter and convenient. 

The four tabs that help simplify the experience for Smart #1 owners

Discover tab - Your EV news hub:

Stay up    to date with EVs latest buzz, events, and even join the owners community. Access digital brochures, you'll get instant notifications to keep you in the loop and even be part of a community. 

Vehicle tab - Your car's personal assistant

Customize your ride, calculate monthly expenses, and even apply for loans – all at your fingertips, making ownership easier and hassle free! Get real-time updates on your vehicle's vital stats like battery status and charging progress. Ever wished you could start your AC from your home? Well, now you can! Take command of it all - from your doors to your windows - it's all at your fingertips! 

e-Mall tab - Shoppers heaven

Go on a shopping spree for official smart gear and accessories, all in one convenient place. The Hello smart App brings you a one-stop-shop experience, where you can explore and snag everything that complements your Smart vehicle. From stylish merchandise to handy accessories, it's all right at your fingertips. Elevate your smart experience and redefine your driving journey. 

Profile tab - Command center

A quick glance in the Profile tab in the Hello smart App serves as your command center, providing an overview of all its functions. It offers a range of options for you to personalize the app and tailor it to your preferences, making it uniquely yours. 

Zhang Qiang, the CEO of smart Malaysia, believes in strengthening the bond between smart vehicle owners and their smart rides. "The Hello smart App is not just an innovation, it's an experience that'll make you enjoy your EV to the max."

Exciting features in the app

Live charging map & navigation system

The Hello Smart App boasts an exceptional feature - its integrated Charging Map. Say goodbye to wrong turns and looking up "EV charging station near me". Locate station, initiate, and pay for charging, all in one app. Smart Malaysia offers a hassle-free solution for Smart #1 owners to effortlessly locate, initiate, and complete charging processes.

One-stop service home charging solution

Setting up your charging station for your ride has become super simple and convenient. This feature simplifies the entire process of purchasing, installing, and scheduling appointments for SmartCharge Home Chargers for your home and save valuable time. 

Community engagement

Connect with fellow smart enthusiasts, share stories, and rack up loyalty points. With the Hello Smart app's community engagement feature, you can connect with other EV owners, share your experiences, and exchange information. It's not just about owning a Smart vehicle, it's about being part of a passionate community. So, not only are you connecting with a community, but you're also earning rewards along the way. It's a win-win situation for every Smart app users out there!

The Hello smart app is not just an app, it's your passport to a smarter, more connected journey. Embrace the future of Smart driving and make your ride truly yours. Download it now from your favorite app store and get smart!


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Mercedes-Benz goes CKD: Unveils locally-assembled GLC - from RM 378,888 Mercedes-Benz Malaysia unveils the locally-assembled GLC, a new addition to their acclaimed SUV lineup. This model promises a dynamic driving experience, equipped with features like the off-road screen and "transparent bonnet." With over 12,000 units sold since 2016, the GLC has solidified its position as Mercedes-Benz's best-selling SUV in Malaysia. This locally-assembled version underlines the brand's commitment to delivering top-quality vehicles tailored to the Malaysian market.

Exterior and Interior Highlights

The GLC showcases the signature design of Mercedes-Benz's SUV family, exuding a perfect balance of elegance and off-road capability. The AMG Line design adds an exclusive touch, emphasizing its character with a spanned surface and precisely shaped edges. Inside, the GLC 300 4MATIC, featuring the AMG Line interior, exudes sportiness with its multifunction sports steering wheel in nappa leather.

Technological Advancements

Equipped with the latest MBUX infotainment system, the GLC elevates digital capabilities and intelligence. Full-screen navigation with MBUX Augmented Reality ensures precise route guidance, while the Burmester 3D surround sound system provides an exceptional audio experience.

Practicality and Convenience

The GLC's increased rear overhang results in a spacious luggage capacity of 620 liters, catering to daily use, family trips, and everyday driving needs. Its HANDS-FREE ACCESS feature makes loading and unloading hassle-free.

Step Up Agility+ Plan

For those seeking an ultimate driving experience, the Step Up Agility+ Plan offers lower monthly installments, flexible agreement options, and a MobilityPlus program. Starting from RM 2,988 per month, this plan is designed to provide value and peace of mind for Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4MATIC owners.

The locally-assembled GLC marks a significant milestone for Mercedes-Benz in Malaysia. It combines luxury, versatility, and driving pleasure in a dynamic SUV. With its exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and unbeatable performance, the GLC redefines the driving experience. The GLC 300 4MATIC is now available as a CKD unit, priced at RM 378,888.

Lastly, for added convenience, a guaranteed temporary Mercedes-Benz replacement car is available for service, maintenance, or warranty claims lasting 48 hours or more. Terms and conditions apply.

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Vehicle fires : 70% of cases are directly caused by Wiring system, Fire Department Says.                                                                   Image credit

In our nation, we've witnessed our fair share of vehicle combustion cases, with the most recent incident involving the Proton X90 - gaining national attention just a couple of weeks back - effectively throwing Proton in panic mode.

The most common causes of these vehicle fires include issues with the electrical wiring system, fuel system malfunctions, and mechanical failures. Other factors also may include overheating, friction, or other factors like full blown accidents - and not to forget arson.

The Selangor branch of the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) has documented a total of 632 cases of vehicle fires in the state from January till yesterday. Unfortunately, of these cases, 12 cases resulted in injuries, while four reported fatalities.

Its director, Wan Md Razali Wan Ismail, stated that based on the available statistics, investigations have revealed that 70 percent of these incidents originated from electric wiring system.

"As per JBPM Selangor's investigations, the majority of vehicle fires, approximately 70 percent, were due to electric wiring systems," he mentioned during a phone interview yesterday.

Consequently, Wan Md Razali advised vehicle owners to ensure that every wiring connection and additional vehicle accessory installations are carried out by certified and qualified personnel.

Furthermore, he reminded vehicle owners to adhere to the specified maintenance schedules.
He also added: "Avoid smoking inside the vehicle as it can lead to fires, especially since the materials inside the car contain highly flammable substances.

"Equip the vehicle with suitable fire extinguishing tools and refrain from excessive installation of additional accessories.

"Avoid placing easily flammable materials inside the vehicle, such as electrical devices (like power banks), aerosol cans, and lighters," he said.

As we navigate the roads, it's evident that vehicle fires are not just a rarity, and they can erupt from a variety of causes, sending even the most reputable automakers into a frenzy. The recent incident, involving the high profile Proton X90, is a stark reminder of this reality.

                                                                    Recent Proton X90 case

With the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department's revealing statistics pointing fingers at electrical wiring system as the primary culprit in a staggering 70% of cases, it's time vehicle owners pay more attention. "I know, I know, it's cool to add accessories and all". All we're saying is, get qualified people to do it for you. 

Director Wan Md Razali Wan Ismail's advice serves as a caution. Remember, preventing these fiery dramas starts with responsible vehicle care, ensuring you don't become the next headline in a blazing automotive incident report.

Source: Metro


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Isuzu D-Max owners roll out for Merdeka Convoy 66: Uniting with Durian and adventures! In a grand display of patriotism, some 600 Isuzu D-Max owners across the nation recently set out to celebrate Malaysia's Independence Day in style. It was a Merdeka Convoy 66 like never before, organized by none other than Isuzu Malaysia and their authorized dealerships. 

The parades were held in 29 locations, all kicking off at once at 9:15 AM on the splendid morning of August 31, 2023, ensuring that the 66th year of Malaysia's Independence was marked with a vehicular extravaganza.

With COO Kenkichi Sogo enthusiastically flagging off the convoy at the Isuzu Jinjang outlet in Kuala Lumpur, the event was more than just a celebration. It was a chance for dealers and owners to come together, celebrating their love for the mighty D-Max and also the special bond Malaysians share.

"While our goal was to create a memorable Merdeka celebration, we also wanted to highlight the unique unity that defines Malaysia, transcending borders," Sogo added.

As the convoy cruised through the day, Isuzu D-Max owners were treated to many delightful activities organised by their respective dealerships. Cars decked out in commemorative decals and flags, owners sporting exclusive event t-shirts, and a fun day filled with adventures.

From durian farm escapades to a mini off-roading course, from sandy beach to lush rainforest retreats, and even a pitstop at a shopping mall - it was a day of to remember for everyone. 

The response from the owners? Positively upbeat! Many were eager to meet up for more group activities, forging even closer bonds and networking with their fellow D-Max owners. After all, what better occasion to unite than independance day and share the mutual love for the country and for Isuzu D-Max?

So, here's to the Isuzu D-Max owners, turning the Merdeka Convoy 66 into an unforgettable adventure. It's safe to say the event was a huge success and the organiser and participants alike had one hell of a time.

Peace out!


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The meaning of warning lights in your car - When to freak out and when to chill out a bit If a car can speak and tell you what’s wrong and where it hurts, you probably won’t need this guide. But most cars still use symbols and multi-colored lights as signals to indicate failure or irregularities in the car’s system and its various functions.

Paying attention to the car's health is crucial and warning lights are not supposed to be taken lighty. If left unchecked for long enough, it can turn into a real pocket-ripping problem or leave you stranded by the roadside. Practicing good car maintenance habit such as routine check on engine oil, coolant, and tire pressure can help in keeping these warnings at bay.

Usually, warning lights will illuminate briefly upon ignition. But if it stays lit longer or consistently for several days, it’s best to send it in for a professional diagnosis the earliest chance you get.

Yellow/orange or red lights; and blue or green lights – what do they mean?

FYI, different colours of warning lights represent different levels of severity or urgency.

Yellow/orange light means, “Hey, this need servicing soon.” Meanwhile red light means, you guessed it, “Dude, you really need to get this checked out, pronto.” Green and blue lights simply mean a certain car function is turned on or is currently in use.

Too bad most cars can’t actually talk (yet?). Warnings conveyed through these multicolored lights are now conveniently written out for you in a growing number of modern cars equipped with digital instrument clusters.

Warning symbols

While reading a car’s warning symbols can be akin to reading hieroglyphs for some, the explanation below may shed some light on the common symbols found in most cars and some extra ones for 4x4s (symbols to be read from left to right with their corresponding explanations from top to bottom).

Battery Light: The car’s electrical system is either short of power or the battery is not charging properly. It normally indicates a problem with the battery itself or the alternator.

Oil Pressure: Loss of oil pressure, which means engine oil is low or completely lost.

Brake System: Brake issue. You may also see a light that says “Brake.” This can indicate that either the handbrake is still engaged, brake fluid is low, or the brake system is faulty.

Temperature: The engine is or is very close to overheating. You may also have a temperature gauge with a red section (H) at the highest end.

Parking: Your handbrake or electronic parking brake (EPB) is currently engaged.

Airbag Warning: Airbag is not functioning or there’s a problem with the system.

Safety Symbols

Check Engine: The most famous symbol among all. It indicates a general engine running problem. Sometimes the word “CHECK” or “CHECK ENGINE” appears near the engine symbol; or it may appear as a word without any symbols.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): Usually equipped on higher-end cars, the symbol appears when one or more of your tyres are low in pressure. The warning light is usually in red or yellow colour.

Traction Control: If the light illuminates or flashes, it means that the system has been activated for your safety.

Traction Control Off: The system has been manually deactivated and this usually appears in off-road or high-performance track driving scenarios. For normal driving, never turn off traction or stability control.

Anti-Lock Braking: There’s something wrong with the anti-lock brake system, which requires a professional diagnosis to fix.

4x4 Symbols

4x4 Engaged: Your truck is currently in 4x4 mode, whether in 4L (4 Low) or 4H (4 High). Never use 4L or 4H in normal driving conditions.

4x4 Diff Lock Engaged: When this button/knob is engaged, it locks both front or rear wheels for equal split of torque between the front and rear axles. Only do this in extreme off-roading.


If we were to discuss every single warning light in a car ever created, it would be a very long article. The above examples are some of the most common ones, handy enough for most of us to refer to when a warning light pops up on our dash.

Above all, you can always go through the owner’s manual to obtain specific information; especially if you’re driving higher-end, modern cars with more intricate systems and electronics which require extra care and attention.

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The celestial connection: Unraveling the extraordinary origin of the name Toyota Alphard Toyota Alphard - a car that's so recognizable even your grandma could spot it from a mile away. We're stepping into the realm of automotive luxury and style, where the Toyota Alphard reigns supreme. But Have you ever wondered where the name Alphard came from There's a unique and special story behind it. You will never guess it!

The Alphard name comes from the brightest star in the snake-shaped Hydra constellation, Alpha Hydrae. And in Arabic, 'Alphard' means 'the individual'. 


Brightest star in Hydra: The name "Alphard" comes from a star, specifically, the brightest star in a constellation called Hydra. In astronomy, constellations means a groups of stars in the night sky that form patterns or shapes. Hydra is one of these constellations, and it's often imagined as a snake-like shape.

Alpha Hydrae: This is the specific star in the Hydra constellation that the name "Alphard" comes from. In many constellations, the stars are given names based on the Greek alphabet. The brightest star in a constellation is often named "Alpha", followed by the name of the constellation - Hydrae. So, in this case, "Alpha Hydrae" means it's the brightest star in the Hydra constellation.

If you look at the logo, it's got Greek written all over it. It's an alpha (α), the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Some say it looks like an alpha-shaped hydra, but hey, to each their own. It's fascinating knowing how they came up with the name, isn't it? 

So, the next time you catch sight of a Toyota Alphard gracing the streets, remember, it's not just a car - it's a tribute to the stars in this cosmos. From the brilliance of Alpha Hydrae to the elegance of the Greek alphabet, every curve and line tells a tale of celestial connection. The Alphard isn't just a vehicle, it's a testament to the artistry, idea and imagination that goes into creating an automotive legends. 

Peace out!

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Malaysia's AH40 Alphard & Vellfire: Sold out with a 1-year wait, still beats Japan's 2-year hold! So, the AH40 generation Toyota Alphard and Vellfire have become the trending topic of the automotive world. Japan's dealerships have hit the brakes on new orders because getting your hands on one of these beauties means biting your nail in wait - for nearly 2 years.

But over in Malaysia, the situation is still under control. Toyota dealers have confirmed that this year's units allocation have been snapped up. So, if you're looking to place an order, prepare for a long wait. It's still better than the epic 2-year wait in Japan, though. Damn, talk about patience being a virtue.

Yes, you read that right. Toyota Motor is prioritising their international buyers, putting their fellow Japanese customers on a slightly longer hold.

Now, don't get too excited. The number of cars allocated to Malaysia isn't that high as we know. Given the pricing, these Alphard-Vellfire twins aren't exactly driving off the showroom on a daily basis. That's why Toyota can spare a few units for Malaysia.

So, if you're thinking " I'll just go check it out, at least". Not so fast my friend. Good luck finding a display model. UMW Toyota Motor managed to snatch up every available unit in the region, and they're all gone - sold!

In Malaysia, you're looking at an estimated RM 538,000 for the 2.4-litre turbocharged Alphard and RM 438,000 for the 2.5-litre naturally aspirated Vellfire. Worth the wait? 

Peace out!

]]> 2023-09-13T11:37:29+08:00 2023-09-13T13:05:50+08:00
The 2023 Toyota AH40 Alphard & Vellfire frenzy: The automotive powerhouse is in a delightful dilemma in wake of overwhelming demands! People in Japan are going bananas over the all-new 2023 Toyota Alphard and Vellfire (AH40). These cars are so hot right now that if you order one, you might as well plan your grand parade next September because apparently, there's a massive one year wait for these models - due to the avalanche of orders.

It has been reported that some Toyota dealerships have even slammed the brakes on taking more orders. Why? It seems like they've got a backlog that stretches all the way to next August. Can you imagine the anticipation? These customers are so hyped, Toyota should consider setting up a hotline for daily pep talks on how patience is a virtue and send out stress balls too while they are at it.

Speaking to Web CarTop, one bold dealership laid it out plain and simple: "Once the delivery date is extended to August 2024, we decided to stop accepting orders from customers.” “If we continue to accept orders, the delivery date will be further extended."

We can't say for sure when they'll start taking orders, but some predict it might be around April 2024. Until then, they've put up a "fully booked" sign on their door. Toyota just can't keep up with the demand. That's a good problem, I guess.

Toyota, in diplomatic fashion, explained via a statement on their website, that customers should hit up their dealers for more information on the delivery dates of their vehicles. 

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, the excitement is not far off. UMW Toyota Motor has had the order books opened wide, anticipating the same kind of crazy reaction like in Japan. And guess what? This year's quota has already been fully booked. Tough luck to those who did not manage to get their orders in. Why don't you guys consider getting a previous generation models. It can't hurt, can it?

The 2.4-litre turbocharged Alphard and the 2.5-litre naturally aspirated Vellfire are coming in hot at RM 538,000 and RM 438,000 respectively. So, if you've got the dough and the patience to wait for your brand new wheels, by all means, put your orders in - once Toyota re-opens the order books. 

It's safe to say that the AH40 has taken Japan by storm and guess which country's next? Malaysia lah!

Peace out!

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EV charging in Malaysia ranked 2nd cheapest in the world, research suggests Electric vehicle (EV) adoption in Malaysia is ramping up rather significantly in recent years as more marques launching battery EVs in the market. While a lot of Malaysians still can't afford an EV, those who can and wish to own one may still want to consider EV's charging cost before making the move to transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) cars.

An Australian research body, Compare the Market, recently published their finding and it says Malaysia ranks second among 50 countries around the world as the cheapest places to charge an EV.

According to the research data, charging an EV in Malaysia cost a mere AUD 0.97 (RM 2.90) for 100 km of driving. Our country is second to Argentina with AUD 0.70 (RM 2.10) per 100 km, while India comes in third place with AUD 1.43 (RM 4.28) per 100 km.

Other Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand join in the Top 15 list of the cheapest countries to charge an EV. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, Denmark and Italy tied for the most expensive countries to charge an EV – a whopping AUD 11.26 (RM 33.72) for a 100-km drive.

The model used for this study is the outgoing Hyundai Kona petrol and Kona Electric Standard Range. The research’s methodology involved ranking the 50 countries based on their electricity and petrol prices. The cost for refueling/recharging the cars is calculated based on this dataset.

Compare the Market also found that our petrol is rated the cheapest among the other countries selected for this study.

It’s important to remember that both our petrol and electricity is subsidised by the government and these calculations are made based on the most recent publicly available statistics for both petrol and electricity price (September 2022).

According to the research, a full charge for the Kona Electric will costs AUD 2.95 (RM 8.83), while a full tank of petrol for the regular Kona will set you back AUD 33.81 (RM 101.24).

To recap, Hyundai Kona Electric is powered by a 39.2 kWh battery and provides a driving range of 305 km (WLTP). Kona Petrol on the other hand is fitted with a naturally-aspirated 2.0-litre engine with an estimated range of 806 km (based on the researcher’s calculation from the listed fuel consumption data).

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The engine bay dilemma: To clean or not to clean                                                                       Image

Picture this: You've just given your car a thorough cleaning. The exterior is spotless, the interior smells like a bottle of fragrance spilled in the car and the seats feels so soft, you could literally sleep in the car tonight. Ah, the satisfaction! It's the same feeling after you get back from a full spa day and a haircut, but this time it's not for you, it's for your car. But then you remember, there's one more place that needs washing, the engine bay - or does it? 

Now, raise your hand if you've popped the hood of your car and felt the itch to just spray soap and water and clean it thoroughly. But somehow, you're worried, will anything happen? There's so many wires. Good! You did the right thing. However, if left just like that, it's not gonna get any cleaner. Ding ding ding! You're right again. 

So, let's address the age-old question:

Should You Clean Your Engine Bay?

Yes. It is important to clean your engine bay periodically. A clean engine bay improves the overall look of your vehicle and also the functionality of various components in there. A buildup of dirt and oil in the engine bay can lead to corrosion and rust over time. Other than that, dirt and debris can affect the functioning of many components, such as sensors and belts, to name a few. 

Cleaning the engine bay also makes it easier to identify any leaks or potential issues - making it an important part of routine maintenance. Another thing guys, a clean engine bay can also increase the resale value of your vehicle, as it shows that the owner has taken good care of the car.

But, the thing is -  yes, there is a but. It's crucial to clean the engine bay properly and safely. It's always best to go to professionals, but, if you insist on doing it on your own, then we recommend just one tool - a damp cloth. That's it! 

Using the wrong cleaning products or using water-pressure washer can lead to damage. It's very important to cover sensitive components like the alternator, air intake, and electrical connections to prevent water damage. Avoid using high-pressure washers or any kind of washer even low-pressure washers. Nothing. Because they can force water into sensitive areas and cause electrical issues. You don't want that. 

It will lead to massive headaches for you, down the road - financially. Just use the damp cloth and wipe off any oil, dirt, grease leaks and debris you can see. But even then, don't overdo it alright? Overall, regular and careful cleaning of your engine bay is a beneficial practice for your vehicle.

Can the engine bay handle water?

No. Today's cars come with pretty decent wire insulation and high tech electronical system. Naturally, some parts are highly sensitive to water exposure. Be cautious not to introduce water to areas like the alternator, distributor, air filter/air intake, fuse box, and any other exposed electronics.

In conclusion, while maintaining a showroom-worthy engine bay is not necessary, it's certainly is a good practice. If you do decide to clean your engine bay, do so with a gentle touch and use only a damp cloth - I repeat, a damp cloth and nothing more.

If you happen to screw it up and land yourself in a mess, good luck with the expenses. For others who did not screw up the cleaning of your engine bay, happy driving!

Peace out!

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Gearbox blunders: 4 slow death sentences for your transmission Alright, road warriors and casual cruisers, let's have a chat about those little habits we've picked up on the road, shall we? Don't worry, we're not talking "the end of your car" level stuff here, just some important reminder to nudge you guys towards smoother driving...and to make sure your gearbox doesn't break down in the middle of traffic. Sound good? Great, let's start. 

Shifting gear while the car is still moving - don't be that guy or gal.

So, you're in a rush and you're reversing out of your parking spot. While still reversing, and the car has not come to a full stop, you suddenly shift it back to "D". Seem harmless right? And you think that's fine right? Not a big deal right? Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

The gearbox is built to provide smooth gear shifts, facilitate smooth gear changes in different speeds and even save you some fuel by operating at an optimal RPM in various speeds. But, do you know something? It is not dumbass proof. It can't protect itself from people who insist on manhandling it. You gotta show it some love as you would your women - or men, by being gentle with it. Capiche? 

Give your brakes a little work. Bring your car to a full stop and then - and only then shift your gear to "D" or "R".

Neutral dropping - You know you've done it! 

Well, me too. I ain't no saint. I'm guilty of this too. But, we learn, correct our mistakes and improve. Hear me out. Picture this: You are at the traffic light waiting for the light to turn green and you can't wait coz you're in such a hurry. - as if everyone else don't have stuff to do.

Then, you keep revving the engine while in neutral and once the light turns green, BOOM - you slam it into drive. That's a giant no-no my friends. Let me tell you why. This can cause great stress on the transmission system. When you shift into drive, the transmission bands are forced to clamp down suddenly, leading to a high level of slip.

This puts extra strain on the transmission components and can lead to damage over time. In short, neutral dropping is an unhealthy practice that will lead to costly repairs and should be avoided. Remember, Its not worth forking out thousands of bucks for repair just to continue your retarded driving. 

Unless, your daddy or mommy's rich af, then, by all means, go ahead and bust up that gearbox. Who knows, you might get a new car for that stunt you pulled.

"P" is for problematic parking

Inside your car's automatic transmission, there's a mechanism called the parking pawl. Think of it as a small metal latch. When you shift into "Park," this pawl engages with a gear connected to the output shaft - means, it is locking it in place. The parking pawl needs a moment to align itself correctly with the gear and lock it. And this is what prevents your car from rolling away when you're parked on an hill road.

Now, here's the thing, when you shift into "Park" while the car is still moving - even moving just a little bit and you don't give it that moment to allign itself and lock, it can jam or even break.

That's why it's crucial to come to a complete stop - emphasis on complete, before you shift into "Park." This small action can save you from expensive gearbox repairs in the future. Why we say expensive? Gearbox repairs are always expensive. It's never just a few hundred bucks. I got you thinking huh. Think, think.

Neutral Coasting? Nah man, cut it out! 

I saved the best for last. Ok, we all have at some point in our years of driving, done this. Have you ever driven downhill? You have right? So, while you're coasting downhill, you might have taken your foot off the gas and shift your gear to "N"(neutral). 

Now, what's wrong with this? Well, more like everything.

When you're driving and you take your foot off the gas pedal, the car starts to slow down or maintains its speed right? If you leave the gear in drive, the engine helps with the slowing down process. It's like a built-in brake system.

However, if you shift to neutral, you're basically telling the engine to sit this one out and just stand by. Now, the car has to rely solely on its brakes to slow down, and that uses up more fuel. Meaning, your engine has to work harder, and that uses more fuel.

So, coasting in gear means the engine is still doing a bit of work to help slow down, which doesn't use extra fuel. Plus, when you're in gear, if you need to speed up suddenly, you can just do it. But, in neutral, you'd have to shift back into drive first. But what happens when you shift into drive while the car is cruising in neutral???

Read this slowly alright?

When you shift from neutral to drive while the car is cruising, it can lead to a sudden jolt or lurch, especially if you're going at a higher speed. This happens because the gearbox has to quickly engage the selected gear.


This will strain the transmission components, including the clutch (in a manual transmission) or the torque converter (in an automatic transmission). Over time, this kind of sudden shift can contribute to wear and tear on the transmission - again leading to? You guessed it. Costly repairs down the line.

So, it's best to avoid shifting from neutral to drive while the car is in motion. Coasting in neutral might sound like a genius move to save fuel - I hate to break it to you, it isn't. 

So there you have it, guys! Just a few insider tips to keep your transmission in tip-top shape. Remember, your transmission is a crucial part of your car's resale value too. So, treat it nicely.

Happy cruising - using "D' and not "N".

Peace out!

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2024 Volvo PHEVs in Malaysia to receive charger upgrades and more - here’s all you need to know Buyers in Malaysia who are planning on securing a Volvo XC90, XC60, S90, S60, or V60 will be in for a treat; as the new fleet of 2024 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) models from Volvo Car Malaysia will be upgraded with a set of enhancements.

New colour, the Vapour Grey

The 2024 PHEV fleet will be graced with the following upgrades:

  • A new 6.4 kW 3-phase on-board charger (OBC), replacing the current 3.6 kW single-phase charger
  • Panoramic sunroof as a standard fitment for all models
  • New exterior colour, Vapour Grey
  • New wheel design – a new eight-spoke design for S90 Recharge, and a new six-spoke one for V60 Recharge and S60 Recharge
  • 5-year complimentary Digital Services package – grants access to Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Play Store, and Volvo Cars app remote functions.
  • New YouTube app inclusion in the Google built-in infotainment system (the app can only be used when the car is stationary).

As for the addition of YouTube, previous Volvo models will receive the app via an over-the-air (OTA) software update for their respective infotainment systems. The update will also enable scheduled charging via the Volvo Cars app.

The updated Volvo models will be available from September 2023. Interested customers can proceed to book a test drive for the 2024 Volvo XC90, XC60, S90, S60 and V60 via Volvo Car Malaysia’s website.

Volvo S90 shown

As a recap, all Volvo PHEV models – with the exception of XC40 – are powered by a 2.0-liter 4 cylinder engine (317 PS/400 Nm) paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, moving the front wheels. An electric motor (145 PS/309 Nm) mounted at the rear axle supplements the engine with a combined power output of 462 PS/709 Nm.

The electric motor is driven by an 18.8 kWh battery and provides an all-electric driving range of up to 90 km, depending on model.

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A summary of what went down last week in the Malaysian automotive scene. Here's what you may have missed Here's a recap of everything that went down last week in the Malaysia's automotive scene
Last week turned out to be a really busy week in the automotive industry in Malaysia. We've had seen announcements, launchings, unwanted price revisions, vehicle reviews and many more. Lets recap what went down!

News 1: 

Mazda's price revision for the 2023 CX-30 CKD

Last week, Bermaz Motors dropped a news no one asked for. They decided to give the 2023 Mazda CX-30 CKD a little makeover in the pricing department - A price hike of approximately RM 3.3k, making the new starting price - RM 131k. Despite the hiked-up price, this CKD version still offers a 13% discount compared to its CBU cousins.

Here's the revised prices:
2.0G 2WD Standard                   - Old price: 128,109                  New price: 131,409
2.0G 2WD High                          - Old price: 136,109                  New Price: 139,409
2.0G 2WD High+                        - Old price: 146,109                  New price: 149,409
2.0G 2WD High+ Premium         - Old price: 156,109                  New price: 159,409

Prices are OTR excluding insurance and accessories (Peninsula Malaysia).

News 2: 

The Rolls-Royce Spectre in Malaysia from RM 2 million - tax-free till December 2025
Rolls-Royce has introduced its first all-electric model, the Spectre, in Malaysia with a starting price of RM 2 million. The Spectre boasts impressive specs, including 585 PS, 900 Nm of torque, and a range of about 520 km. Notably, being a battery electric vehicle, it's exempted from taxes in Malaysia until the end of 2025. 

Orders for the Spectre are already in high demand, with deliveries stretching into 2024, reflecting the growing interest in luxury electric cars in the region. Additionally, 24/7 regional flying doctors are available for any unexpected issues with the Spectre. Oh baby, the Spectre sure  promises an electrifying ride..

News 3:

First in ASEAN, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia launched a new agency model - one best price for any model

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has unveiled its pioneering "Retail of the Future" agency model, proudly making Malaysia the first in Southeast Asia and the 10th country to adopt this approach. This innovative model offers customers a consistent and competitive purchasing experience, introducing a 'one best price' policy across all Mercedes-Benz models, regardless of the chosen retail partner or online showroom. This shift eliminates pricing disparities between different outlets, enhancing convenience and transparency for buyers. Under the agency model, sealers, which will now be referred to as retail partners, will maintain their role as experts and brand representatives, ensuring a premium experience for customers throughout the entire ownership journey.

Mercedes-Benz's new agency model eliminates the need to haggle for the lowest prices, and going to different outlets to get a particular colour, as customers can now access the nationwide stock. 

News 4: 

Nissan unveils updated 3S flagship centre in PJ with new corporate image

Nissan has unveiled its revamped flagship centre at Jalan Kemajuan in Petaling Jaya, now adhering to the latest Nissan Retail Concept (NRC-NEXT. Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) invested RM 4 million to bring the centre up to modern Nissan standards, complete with striking features including the sleek new Nissan logo, reflecting the brand's updated corporate identity. The 43,000-square-foot centre, inaugurated on August 10, 2023, by Makoto Uchida, President and CEO of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., introduces an enhanced customer experience from browsing the showroom to vehicle ownership, aligning with Nissan's long-term vision of empowering mobility and sustainability.

The redesigned flagship store offers a dynamic retail experience, featuring an impressive exterior and the capacity to display up to 8 models, with sales advisors on hand to assist customers with inquiries and test drives. The centre also houses a service area to offer immediate assistance to owners, a reception area for waiting customers, and dedicated service bays equipped with advanced facilities for general maintenance, air-conditioning, wheel alignment, and specialized EV repairs. With Nissan-certified technicians and a well-stocked spare parts warehouse, up to 100 vehicles can be serviced daily. The upgrades also include new vehicle delivery bays, EV chargers, a customer reception area, Wi-Fi connectivity, private discussion spaces, and a kids room for a comprehensive and comfortable customer experience. Talk about next level!

News 5:

2023 Nissan Navara Black Edition (D23) launched in Malaysia - 2 variants, from RM 135k
Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) has rolled out the "black" carpet for the 2023 Nissan Navara Black Edition in Malaysia, featuring a Navara Pro4X-inspired design with enhancements and accessories for the V and VL variants. This special edition introduces sleek gloss black elements, including a new front grille cladding, door mirror covers, and overfenders - extending also to the alloy wheels, giving the Navara a striking appearance. Prices start at RM 134,800 for the V variant and RM 146,900 for the VL variant. While ETCM offers the Black Edition package for free - which is valued at up to RM 14,700.

Under the hood, both the Navara V and VL variants are powered by the YD25 2.5-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine, delivering 190PS and 450Nm of torque. This is paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission, offering a manual mode gear selection option. Safety features include six airbags, Vehicle Dynamic Control, Hill Start Assist, Hill Descent Control, ABS with EBD and Brake Assist. Both variants also include Forward Collision Warning, Autonomous Emergency Braking, and Nissan’s Intelligent Driver Alertness. The VL variant adds advanced features like a 360-degree camera, Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and High Beam Assist, providing a great safety package for drivers.

News 6:

2024 Porsche Cayenne facelift CKD open for booking in Malaysia, from RM 599k - with super crazy features and enhanced specs 

The 2024 Porsche Cayenne, now locally assembled in Kulim, Malaysia, is open for bookings starting at RM 599,999. This facelifted version comes with enhanced standard features for the Malaysian market, including Adaptive Cruise Control, soft-close doors, and the Sport Chrono Package. Inside, it boasts 14-way electric comfort seats with a memory package, embossed Porsche crest on front headrests, and electric roll-up sun blinds for rear windows. The car also receives upgrades like Matrix LED headlights, Porsche Active Suspension Management, Power Steering Plus, 20-inch Cayenne Design wheels, Front and Rear Park Assist with Surround View, Bose Surround Sound System, and a smartphone tray with 15 watts wireless charging. The Cayenne is equipped with a revised 3.0-litre V6 turbo engine producing 353 PS and 500 Nm, paired with an 8-speed Tiptronic S gearbox. Phew, that's sick guys!

Buyers have many personalization options, including wheel designs and rear seat entertainment systems. Bookings and configurations can be made at, and the first 250 orders will receive matching painted vehicle keys based on the exterior color. Deliveries for the locally assembled 2024 Porsche Cayenne are set to begin by the end of 2023.

News 7: 

Proton has sold more than 100k cars as of August 2023, a month earlier than in 2022
In local news, Proton has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing the 100,000 unit sales mark in August 2023, a month earlier than in 2022. The total sales for the first eight months of 2023 reached 104,602 units, representing a 19.6 percent increase compared to the same period in 2022. Proton's market share for August is estimated to be 18.8 percent, with a year-to-date market share of 20.8 percent.

The Proton Saga, Proton X50, and Proton X70 continue to perform well, contributing to the brand's strong sales figures. Proton anticipates a 12.2 percent growth in overall volume for 2023, which could lead to approximately 158,000 unit sales by the end of the year. Time will tell if Proton succeeds in crossing the 158k units mark.

News 8:

Shorter waiting period for Toyota and Perodua as backlogged orders ease in Aug 2023
Another news about our second national brand, Perodua - The backlog for orders of Perodua and Toyota vehicles in Malaysia has reduced, signaling a shorter waiting period for buyers. In August 2023, Perodua's backlog stands at 155,000 units, down from 220,000 in February, while Toyota's backlog is at 40,000 units, compared to 50,000 in February. This reduction is attributed to earlier new car launches.

Despite facing challenges like higher labor costs and parts prices, both Perodua and Toyota experienced sales growth in the first half of 2023. Perodua's sales increased by 13.6% compared to the same period last year, while Toyota saw a 6% growth. UMW Holdings, which oversees both brands, must defenitely be optimistic about achieving their sales targets for 2023.

News 9: 

Review: 2023 Mercedes-Benz A200 sedan (V177) facelift; Less is more proves to be the right recipe
We have reviewed the facelifted 2023 Mercedes-Benz A200 sedan. It is a refined blend of sophistication and performance. With a price tag of RM 238,888, it faces stiff competition, especially from the BMW 2 Series. The tweaks in this update leans more towards enhancing comfort without compromising its dynamic capabilities.

One of the most noticeable changes is the downsized wheels - now sporting 17-inches. This shift results in a more comfortable ride, greatly improving its ability to absorb bumps and ensuring a stable drive, even at high speed. Under the hood, the A200 maintains its trusty 1.3-liter turbocharged engine, delivering a hearty 163 PS and 250 Nm of torque. It's a powertrain that suits a wide range of driving situations, although the shifts from the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission could be sharper.

The introduction of the NTG 7 Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) OS is a notable upgrade, providing a snappy infotainment system. While the touchpad has been replaced with a flat tray, and the steering wheel controls might take a bit of getting used to, the A200 still offers a seamless in-car experience. In summary, the 2023 Mercedes-Benz A200 sedan strikes an impressive balance between family-friendly practicality and spirited driving, making it a standout choice in the luxury entry-level sedan category.

News 10: 

Review: 2023 VW Arteon IQ.Drive - Now on par with rivals?

The 2023 Volkswagen Arteon, with its elegant design and powerful performance, makes a strong case in the premium sedan segment. While the addition of VW’s IQ.Drive ADAS suite brings it in line with its competitors, it also come at a notable premium, pushing the Arteon's price over the RM 300k mark. The car maintains its 2.0-litre TSI engine delivering 280 PS and 350 Nm of torque, offering a swift and surefooted drive. With its combination of power, acceleration, and spacious interior, the Arteon competes with the BMW 330i and Mercedes-Benz C300. 

Despite the inclusion of VW’s IQ.Drive ADAS suite, the 2023 Arteon impresses primarily due to its exceptional driving experience and unique charm. The car’s performance, combined with its comfortable ride, sets it apart in the segment. However, the decision to add the IQ.Drive features, while aligning it with rivals, didn't impress because the execution of its user interface leaves much to be desired.

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Ways to tell original vs. fake car parts – from prices, labels, to physical appearance There are two types of people in this world – those who made it their life mission to not spend money on fake stuff, EVER; and those who say, “It is what it is”, believing that the divide between fake and genuine goods is no more than just good ol’ capitalism at work.

While it can be true for most superficial items like harmless decals or accessories, one should not apply the same approach when purchasing functional/electronic/mechanical car parts. Not only they can affect your car’s performance and cause components to fail, fake car parts can also put your life at risk when they don’t work properly.

One of these is real, the other is fake. Can you tell?

It happens to the best of us. Whether you’re a car person or otherwise, we all are exposed to the risk of accidentally purchasing counterfeit car parts. Some of the most common ones that we should look out for are spark plugs, brake pads, oil filters, and relays.

So, how can you spot fake car parts and tell them apart from the original or genuine ones? Fakes can look so convincing these days, but for the sake of having good mental notes to hold on to, here are some useful tips to remember the next time you’re inspecting a box of car-related thingamajig.

When the price is too sus to be true.

Don't go in here asking why online seller can sell cheaper. Don't be sohai

One major red flag when you’re out there shopping for car parts, especially online, is when the price is suspiciously too low to be true. Yeah, online platforms do offer a slightly cheaper price compared to physical stores due to lower overhead cost, but the price gap shouldn’t be too big.

Apply best practices when buying stuff online – run a check on seller’s authenticity, reputation, and reviews. Some platforms should be able to give you trusted reviews from real buyers that post real photos of the product listed. Advertisement photos can be misleading, so use fellow buyers’ photos as reference.

Nicer packaging doesn’t mean more authentic

One of the most common practices to verify the authenticity of a product is using holographic stickers. Real holo stickers should have a shiny, good 3D effect as opposed to a flat finish with sad attempts to be so-called holographic 3D, as shown in the picture above. But in some cases, counterfeit parts may have good holo stickers too. Since these stickers can be present on both counterfeit and genuine products, it's still not a 100% sure way to tell them apart. Perhaps you'd be 'lucky' that you're able to spot a fake should the holo effect is horrible.

Other than using similar-looking holo stickers, fake items can also come with a better packaging compared to their genuine counterparts. Take this genuine belt from Toyota/Lexus as an example. It comes with a simple zip-tie meanwhile its counterfeit comes with more attractive packaging. It’s the effort that counts? I don’t think so.

Or take this fake Toyota cabin air filter as another example; that comes complete with a plastic bag whereas the original one is packed directly into the box without any other protection. Confusing, huh? In this case, you’ll have to inspect the filter itself.

Save the turtles?

If the con man was careless, you may notice “Made in China” stickers contradicting with the “Made in Japan” or “Made in Thailand” writings on the box.

While there may be some other ways to ensure you receive genuine car parts other than the obvious ones, like sending your car to authorised service centres, it’s worth discussing common car parts that are usually sold in the counterfeit market.

1. Spark plugs

The easiest way to spot a fake spark plug is to inspect the centre electrodes or tips. Genuine spark plugs have a thin centre electrode. In the case of this particular model by Denso, the genuine spark plug’s centre electrode has a diameter of 0.4 mm whereas the counterfeit one has a centre electrode diameter of 0.9 mm.

According to some spark plug manufacturers, there are other tell-tale signs of counterfeit items such as the finish quality, printing quality, and thread quality.

2. Oil filters

Be careful about the genuinity of the oil filter fitted in your car as it could cause some serious damage that will cost you more in the future. Other than inspecting the holographic sticker on the box (if any), you can also look for any irregularities such as spelling mistakes.

Coz let’s be honest, fake goods manufacturers are either doing it on purpose or simply won’t learn how to use Google translate (or its equivalent in a certain country) properly for years on end.

Take this fake Perodua oil filter for example – “Minyak” (BM for oil) is mispelled as “Minyaki”.

Google translate truly can be a double-edged sword.

You can also look at the shape of the oil filter, but you’ll need a genuine one to spot the difference. Small things like the quality of the grooves and dimples are sometimes overlooked by counterfeit part manufacturers.

3. Engine oil

Ain't nobody got time to run a test lab just to get a refund on Shopee

Engine oil manufacturers have made it easy for consumers to authenticate their products by providing a QR code on the bottle. The next thing to do is just whip out your smartphone, scan the QR code, and you’ll be led to the manufacturer’s official website.

For online purchases of engine oil, people would usually go to the official online platform/shop where you can hardly go wrong in terms of originality.

4. Brake pads

There’s no questioning the importance of this car part – you do need to be able to stop your car properly. In some cases, fake ones can even start fires. yikes~ 

You won’t be able to inspect the brake pad at a microscopic level to tell if it’s genuine. However, you can look at the quality of stamping. This is a tell-tale sign even for precision items like pistons.

If you’re more hands-on, look at how well the brake pad fits into the calliper. A genuine one will sit perfectly, whereas a counterfeit part will have some trouble fitting properly. Some brake pad manufacturers have authentication cards too, but that’s usually for the more high-end stuff.


We understand buying car parts can be quite intimidating at times and the great deals you find online can be very alluring. There’s no shame in trying to turn to online sellers for a better deal, BUT you must always be wary. While some con men would sell fake items that are way cheaper than the usual suggested price, some would cunningly sell them for a similar price. It seems like a scary place to be, and there will be multiple unassuming holes that you can fall into.

But it’s always good to apply best practices when online shopping or even in physical shops, if you choose to expand your option beyond official shops or platforms. Always buy from reputable sellers with good reviews and not-too-shady prices or offers. As long as you begin with this, the chances of you getting fake, counterfeit, imitation car parts would already be reduced significantly. Once you have the item in hand, inspect them for the above tell-tale signs before completing the purchase.

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Steering system: Understanding common problems and maintenance tips Steering system is the anchor of a vehicle's movements and turnings. Another way to put it is, the steering system helps you control the direction your car moves in - crucial for safe and smooth driving.

Understanding how it works, potential problems, and how to prevent them can help your confidence and keep you on your toes. In this article, we'll break down the basics of steering systems, common issues, and tips for maintenance as well as prevention.

There are two main types of steering systems:

Manual Steering: In older cars, as you turn the steering wheel (which is directly connected to the front wheels), it makes the car turn.

Power Steering: In most modern cars, there's a power steering system. It uses high pressure fluid or electric motor to reduce the efforts needed to turn the wheel. It certaintly makes steering smoother.

Common steering system problems

Steering wheel vibrations: If your steering wheel shakes while driving, it could be because of unbalanced wheels or problems with your tires.

Strange noises: If you hear clunking or squealing noises when you turn the wheel, it could be worn out joints or loose belts.

Heavy steering: If it becomes really tough to turn the wheel, your power steering system might be failing. Why? Read the next point.

Leaking fluid: If you notice a puddle of red or brownish fluid under your car, it could be power steering fluid, which means there might be a leak - which directly affects your turnings. (It feels heavy when making turns) 

Worn tie rod ends: The tie rod ends are like the strings that connect the steering system to the wheels. They help in moving the wheels when you turn the steering wheel. Over time, as the tie rod end wears down, it can make your car's steering feel a bit wobbly or shaky. 

Faulty power steering fluid pump: Power steering systems rely on a pump for assistance. When this component fails, you will experience a loss of power assistance, making turnings challenging.

Root Causes of Steering System Malfunctions 

Road Conditions: Rough or poorly maintained roads such as potholes and uneven surfaces, can accelerate wear and tear on steering.

Overloading: Carrying heavy loads consistently or on a frequent basis can strain the steering system - which can also lead to earlier than expected wear and tear.

Accidents or collisions: Even minor accidents or impact can damage some steering components. It might not be obvious right away, but it's best to take your car for a thorough inspection.

Preventing steering system headaches in the future

Avoid abrupt movements: Please avoid sharp turns and sudden movements of the steering wheel.

Also, don't turn the steering wheel when the vehicle is stationary - it can place unnecessary pressure on the steering system.Maintain enough tire pressure: Regularly checking your tire pressures can ensure smooth operation of the steering system.

Note: Incorrect tire pressure can affect the steering system.

Timely repairs: If you notice any steering issues, address them ASAP. Ignoring them can lead to the problem getting worse and expensive repair costs down the line. 

Steering System Maintenance

Power steering fluid change: Change your power steering fluid on time and this will extend the life of the steering system.

Wheel alignment and balancing: As mentioned before, even tires can affect your steering system. So, be sure to do alignment and balancing to ensure your tires wear evenly and you will get proper steering response.

Inspect belts and hoses: Not you la. Take your car to a workshop and get a professional to help you check these component's wear and tightness.

Prioritizing Safety in Steering

Remember, keeping your steering system in good condition not only ensures safe driving but also helps maintain the overall health of your vehicle. Regular maintenance and quick response to any issues are key to preventing major steering problems down the line.

Regular vehicle inspections, particularly before embarking on long journeys, serve as a a good early measure against potential steering system complications.

So, understanding your vehicle's steering system helps you to take measures in maintenance and prevention. By adhering to these guidelines, you not only ensure safe and reliable driving but also contribute to the overall longevity of your vehicle.

Many new cars today use electric power steering. No fluid or pump or hoses necessary, no maintenance needed but regular inspection is still necessary. 

Peace out.

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CVT gearbox's reliability: The real story! CVT gearbox, or Continuously Variable Transmissions, has become increasingly popular due to its efficiency, smooth gear shifts, and adaptable gear ratios. Yet, concerns about overheating and belt failures still linger. Let's delve into the truth behind these worries.

CVT Overheating?

CVT overheating is a genuine concern. Because it could potentially cause significant damage to vital components like the CVT fluid and could even lead to a snapped CVT belt.

Causes of overheating can be traced to cars designed for colder climates (commonly found in parallel imported cars that lacked sufficient localization for our hotter weather) and at times, neglect or a lack of awareness on the owner's part.

Note: Parallel imported cars are used cars imported into Malaysia, usually from Japan and the UK. They may look the same but some models may lack tropical climate specifications parts and cooling system to handle our hot weather. Also known in Malaysia as recon or recond - however you wanna spell it, this process involves repairing or replacing worn-out or damaged components to bring the car back to a good working condition. 

Neglecting regular transmission oil change also worsen the issue as over time, the fluid loses its heat-dispersing effectiveness. 

Snapped CVT belts?

CVT belts can unexpectedly snap, disconnecting the driver and driven pulleys within the gearbox, rendering the engine unable to drive the wheels. A CVT belt's strength comes from numerous elements and ring packs, with higher quantity of ring packs contributing to its durability.

A snapped belt creates a messy situation within the gearbox, often slapping owners with an expensive gearbox replacement.

Aggressive driving or excessive power output are also main contributors to belt failures. CVTs are not made for heavy-duty use unlike high-performance vehicles. Prolonged hard acceleration and hard braking is a big no-no.

CVT's Reliability?

It's important to recognize that not all CVTs are created equal, with some model's CVT more reliably than others.

Why are CVTs becoming more common?

CVTs gain popularity due to their simplified design, reduced size, lower production costs, and enhanced fuel efficiency. Plus, the majority of drivers are not overly concerned with the finer details and are more focused on the practical aspects of getting from point A to point B efficiently and comfortably. In other words, as long as it functions smoothly, saves fuel and works reliably (within the context of regular drivers doing their daily commutes). Hey, we're all for it! 

With that being said, let me take you through some facts about CVT gearbox you may not be aware of:

1. Smoother driving experience: CVTs make driving feel really smooth because they can smoothly accelerate or slow down without any noticeable gear shifts.

2. Uses less fuel: CVTs are good at using just the right amount of fuel because the transmission keeps the engine running at its most optimum speed, especially in city driving.

3. Handles different roads well: CVTs can quickly adjust to different types of roads, like going up steep hills or cruising on highways - the car always runs as efficiently as possible.

CVTs can be a reliable transmissions when operated correctly - with decent driving and regular maintenance. Overheating and belt failures can be avoided by taking care of it. 

So, are cars with CVTs not reliable? The answer is, it depends on how they are maintained and operated. So, stop worrying and just take care of your car's CVT gearbox alright?

Peace out.

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Minty pre-owned Peugeot, Mazda cars with RM 5k vouchers and more at Bermaz Anshin this weekend! This is your chance to see for yourself an array of minty, pre-owned Peugeot and Mazda vehicles at the Bermaz Anshin Glenmarie, happening now on the 8th till Sunday, 10th September 2023.

A wide range of Peugeot and Mazda models are available, including the Peugeot 2008, 3008, 5008, Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda MX-30, Mazda CX-30, Mazda CX-8 and Mazda BT-50. This limited time offers attractive deals for all Peugeot and Mazda customers looking to purchase a car.

All Bermaz Anshin certified pre-owned vehicles pass through stringent and rigorous inspection procedure that takes into account to ensure the vehicle's exterior and interior checks, mileage and service record verification as proof that the vehicle is fully serviced and maintained by our authorized dealers.

Each Bermaz Anshin certified pre-owned vehicle is covered by the remaining portion of its original 5-Year / 100,000KM Free Service Maintenance and Warranty, based on the time of the vehicle's original registration date.

In addition, all Bermaz Anshin offers a peace-of-mind ownership experience as each of Bermaz Anshin vehicle is covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, under the Peugeot and Mazda 24-Hour Emergency Roadside assistance.

The Bermaz Anshin Glenmarie is open from 9:00 AM onwards on weekdays and 10:00 AM onwards on weekends. The showroom is located at 38 & 40, Jalan Presiden F aU1/F, Accentra Glenmarie, 50140 Shah Alam, Selangor and can be contacted at 03-5569 8080.

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Open for booking, 2024 Porsche Cayenne facelift in Malaysia sets itself apart from the world - priced from RM 599,999 Porsche Malaysia, represented by Sime Darby Auto Performance, announced today that the new, locally assembled (CKD Kulim) 2023 Porsche Cayenne is now available in Malaysia with a price tag starting from RM 599,999 and can be ordered online via a new digital platform.

Now, the popular luxury SUV features comprehensive upgrades to chassis systems, innovative high-tech features, as well as a highly digitalised display and control concept. Buyers will also get enhanced standard equipment package for Malaysia – optional elsewhere in the world – that includes Adaptive Cruise Control and soft-close doors. The Sport Chrono Package is also included as standard on the locally assembled Cayenne.

Enhanced suite of standard features as an upgrade from its predecessor includes Porsche Active Suspension Management, Power Steering Plus, as well as Front and Rear Park Assist with Surround View.

More standard goodies that buyers can get inside the cabin are 14-way electric comfort seats with memory package, front-seat headrests embossed with the Porsche crest, electric roll-up sun blinds for the rear windows, Bose Surround Sound System, and a 15-watt smartphone wireless charging pad.

The new Cayenne further adds ease of use with a completely revised display and control concept. The new Porsche Driver Experience, first introduced in the Porsche Taycan, focuses instrumentation on the driver's axis and optimises operation.

The redesigned cockpit of the Cayenne includes a fully digital 12.6-inch instrument cluster with a curved and free-standing design, with variable display options. The standard 12.3-inch central Porsche Communication Management (PCM) display integrates harmoniously into the new dashboard.

Out on the exterior, the new Cayenne now sports a new front end combined with more strongly arched wings, a new bonnet, and its standard Matrix LED headlights. The standard 20-inch Cayenne Design wheels round up its unmistakably sporty, luxurious look.

The driving experience is additionally enhanced with the new adaptive air suspension with 2-chamber, 2-valve technology. The suspension also offers an even sharper differentiation between Normal, Sport and Sport Plus driving modes.

The new Porsche Cayenne is powered by a revised 3.0-litre V6 turbo engine, generating 353 PS and 500 Nm - 13 PS and 50 Nm more than before. The 8-speed Tiptronic S transmission remains.

Further personalisation options are available for the new locally assembled Cayenne, including the 21-inch Cayenne Exclusive Design wheels and 22-inch Sport Design wheels. With rear seat entertainment systems as an additional option, customers can elevate their ownership experience through Tequipment accessories.

Configure and book your new 2023 Porsche Cayenne online

Those who are interested in buying the new 2023 Porsche Cayenne in Malaysia can place their bookings via a seamless digital platform at

Buyers can configure their new Cayenne on this platform such as selecting among three exterior colours that are available for this new model - including Chromite Black Metallic, Carrara White Metallic and Quarzite Grey Metallic; with black or black and red leather interiors to choose from.

For added exclusivity, the brand is offering matching painted vehicle keys based on exterior colour for the first 250 orders placed.

Deliveries for the new 2023 Porsche Cayenne – assembled at the first local assembly facility for Porsche outside Europe in Malaysia – are scheduled to commence by the end of 2023. Customers can contact their nearest Porsche Centres for more information or visit Porsche Malaysia's website.

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The all-electric Spectre rolls into Malaysia for a cool RM2 million, order books already full The first production EV to come out of Goodwood, the Rolls-Royce Spectre, has touched down in Malaysia close to a year following its global introduction in October 2022.

In Malaysia, the Rolls-Royce Spectre starts at a price of RM2.0 million before optional extras. According to Rolls-Royce, the demand for the Spectre is so high that orders are already stretching into 2024.

2023 Rolls-Royce Spectre - Malaysia Launch

While the Spectre shares its platform with existing combustion-engined models such as the latest Phantom and Cullinan, it's important to note that the Architecture of Luxury was designed from the outset to accommodate both combustion and fully electric powertrains.

Rolls-Royce has taken special measures to enhance the Spectre's chassis, making it 30% stiffer than any previous Rolls-Royce model. This was achieved through the structural integration of its battery housing and the use of extruded aluminium sections.

2023 Rolls-Royce Spectre - Malaysia Launch

Notably, the battery is positioned between the vehicle floor and a channel that houses wiring and climate control components, also serving as a 700 kg sound-damping feature, according to Rolls-Royce.

In terms of its exterior dimensions, the Spectre measures 5,475 mm in length, 2,017 mm in width (excluding mirrors), and stands at 1,573 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 3,210 mm. This situates the marque's first production electric vehicle between the Cullinan and the Phantom in terms of size. Additionally, the Spectre boasts 23-inch alloy wheels, making it the first Rolls-Royce in a century to feature wheels of this size.

2023 Rolls-Royce Spectre - Malaysia Launch

The Spectre is powered by a 102kWh battery that offers a range of up to 520 km on the WLTP testing standard. It utilises a pair of electric drive motors, one on each axle, providing all-wheel-drive with a combined output of 585 PS and 900 Nm of torque. This robust powertrain allows the 2,890 kg electric coupe to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in a brisk 4.5 seconds.

Charging the Spectre is a convenient process, with the capability to charge at up to 195 kW DC. This enables a 10-80% state of charge in just 34 minutes. Charging at 50 kW DC over the same 10-80% state of charge takes 95 minutes, while a full 0-100% charge from a 22 kW AC home charger requires five hours and 30 minutes.

2023 Rolls-Royce Spectre - Malaysia Launch

Rolls-Royce's commitment to ride quality remains evident in the Spectre's design, employing an evolved version of the planar suspension found in the current-generation Ghost. The vehicle utilises a camera system to read the road surface ahead, adjusting the air springs and dampers accordingly.

Additionally, the Spectre can decouple its anti-roll bars when driven in a straight line to further enhance ride comfort, with re-engagement occurring when entering a corner.
The Spectre's fastback coupe body style features the widest Pantheon grille ever fitted to a production Rolls-Royce.

2023 Rolls-Royce Spectre - Malaysia Launch

Notably, the Spectre's grille incorporates individual active shutter panes to reduce drag. Similar to the Ghost, the grille on the Spectre boasts 22 individual LEDs. Flanking the grille is a dual-tier lighting setup, with daytime running lights positioned above the main headlamps.

The iconic Spirit of Ecstasy figurine underwent 830 hours of aerodynamic refinement, resulting in a remarkable drag coefficient of 0.25, the lowest of any Rolls-Royce to date.

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2023 Nissan Navara Black Edition (D23) is now available in Malaysia, priced from RM 134,800 Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) has introduced the 2023 Nissan Navara Black Edition, bringing a range of style enhancements and premium accessories to the popular V and VL variants - inspired by the Navara Pro4X.

The key design features of the Navara Black Edition include a new front grille cladding, previously exclusive only to the PRO-4X. Others include door mirror covers and dual-toned overfenders finished in glossy black. The dark gloss extends to the 17-inch black alloy wheels on the V variant while the VL variant retains its black and polished 18-inch alloy wheels.

All of the new features introduced in Navara V Black Edition includes:

  • Gloss Black Front Grille Cladding
  • Gloss Black Door Mirror Covers
  • Gloss Black 17-inch Alloy Wheels
  • Two-Tone Over Fenders
  • Leather Combination Interior
  • V-Kool Security Film Tinting

Meanwhile, the Navara VL Black Edition adds:

  • Driving Video Recorder
  • Kicking Plate
  • Door Visor
  • Fuel Tank Guard

Both the Navara V and VL variants are still being powered by the same YD25 2.5-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine (190 PS/450 Nm), paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission with a manual mode gear selection option.

Both the VL and V variants come equipped with several standard safety features, including six airbags, Vehicle Dynamic Control, Hill Start Assist, Hill Descent Control, Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brake Distribution, and Brake Assist.

Furthermore, both variants include features like FCW (Forward Collision Warning), AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking), and Nissan’s Intelligent Driver Alertness. The VL variant goes further by offering a 360-degree camera, Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and High Beam Assist.

This newly-introduced Nissan Navara Black Edition has a starting price of RM 134,800 for the V variant and RM146,900 for the VL variant. A quick check on the website shows the Black Edition package can set you back up to RM14,700, however ETCM is offering it for free.

As for the price difference from previous launch in 2021, the V and VL variants were priced at RM125,500 and RM137,900 respectively.

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So you heard mixing 2 different engine oils will ‘unalive’ your car's engine? Here’s your answer Imagine this: You need to top up your car’s engine oil (Malaysians call it “minyak hitam”) and instead of buying a full new bottle, you found some lying around the house or inside the car boot. But, it’s not the same type/grade/viscosity nor does it come from the same brand. Your cheapskate frugal self thought it's a good idea to just make use of the lubricant in hand. 

Or is it?

“I mix only la, what’s the worst that could happen??”"Coz I want it that way.."

So, what will happen if you do mix engine oils from different brands; or mix engine oils with different viscosities/grades? Is it a good idea after all? Why are we saying it will “unalive the engine”? Is it because we can’t say “kill the engine” out loud since your car can actually hear you and then misbehave fr, or are we just trying to be TikTok cool with all this Gen Z slangs?

First of all, before you ask another cheapskate question: half-opened bottles of fresh engine oil – usually the leftovers from previous car services – are best used within one year after opening. If you intend to use this half-empty (or half-full?) bottle of engine oil to topup, you can - considering the bottle cap and lid are sealed nice and tight, kept away somewhere dry and dark... like your bedside drawer or that shelf where you keep those long, unused spoilers.

Secondly, look for the grade or viscosity label. Whether it’s a fresh bottle of engine oil or a leftover one, the viscosity plays an important role. Viscosity simply means how well the engine oil will flow in specific temperatures. If you're unsure of which oil grade viscosity to use, flick through the owner's manual to find the answer for the car you’re driving.

Assuming both are from the same brand; but one is a full-synthetic 5W-30, and the other a semi-synthetic 10W-40. Will mixing these two oils fry your engine? The short answer is no.

Let's just hope your engine doesn't reach this RIP stage when the 'rojak oil' is left running for too long

During emergencies, it’s OK to mix engine oils with different viscosities if your engine is running low on oil. Any oil in the engine is better than no oil at all. But please remember to change out this ‘rojak concoction’ the first chance you get.

Yes, your engine won’t go totally kaput when it is lubricated with engine oils of different grades. However, don’t expect the performance and efficiency to reach its intended level. Using the recommended oil grade as per the car’s owner manual will ensure the engine runs optimally.

How about mixing engine oils of the same grade/viscosity but from different brands? Yeah, sure, why not. During emergencies, this should make you less anxious compared to the previous scenario.

The thing with different brands of engine oils is their own proprietary blend of additives. Mixing different brands of engine oils won't necessarily cause any harm to your engine. At most, you're just not getting the best engine performance from mixing them because the additives in each brand of engine oil are optimised to be used on their own.


This is how we do it. Pic: GrouponThis is how we do it. Add one more of these, you can open a carboot sale ady..

This burning question should only apply to cases of emergency when the car’s engine is running low on oil and in need of a topup. Should that ever happen to you, and someone comes along offering help by handing you a bottle of engine oil, just take it. Drive the car normally and schedule for an oil change as soon as you can.

An almost-OCD car owner, on the other hand, would always come prepared with a fresh bottle of 1L engine oil in the car boot; ready to be used either during emergencies or for the next scheduled service appointment. Conversely, for those who prefer to live life on the edge, feel free to save this article in your collection of “Driving for Dummies” notes.


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The 1,015PS Lamborghini Revuelto - a HPEV but also a PHEV that retains a howling V12 - is now in Malaysia The Lamborghini Revuelto has finally touched down in Malaysia, just a few months following its global debut. Although the official pricing for the Revuelto in Malaysia was not disclosed at the event, it was hinted at an estimated RM2.9 million starting price (before taxes).

Francesco Scardaoni, Automobili Lamborghini Asia Pacific regional director, expressed confidence in the Revuelto's appeal to the Malaysian market, citing its groundbreaking performance, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional driving experience. Lamborghini continues to captivate discerning customers with its remarkable supercars.

Lamborghini Revuelto - Malaysia Launch

At the heart of it all is Sant'Agata's first series-production V12 model to incorporate electrification through a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) system. This development follows the limited run of the Sián, which featured a supercapacitor rather than a traditional battery.

The Revuelto, which Lamborghini terms as a HPEV (High Performance Electrified Vehicle) is equipped with a petrol-electric PHEV powerplant centreed around an all-new V12 engine, internally referred to as the L545. This V12 engine, the third in Lamborghini's history, delivers a mammoth 825 PS at 9,250 rpm and 725 Nm of torque at 6,750 rpm, with an impressive 9,500 rpm rev limit, all while weighing 17kg lighter than the unit used in its predecessor, the Aventador.

Lamborghini Revuelto - Malaysia Launch

The transmission is a novel 8-speed dual-clutch (DCT) unit positioned behind the V12 combustion engine, requiring a 180-degree rotation to align with the transversely-mounted gearbox. This was done to accommodate the 3.8kWh battery housed in the centre of the vehicle, requiring its front wheels to be driven independently by a pair of 150PS/350Nm electric motors, allowing for instantaneous and very precise torque vectoring.

At the rear axle, however, there is another 150PS/350Nm electric motor which, in combination with that ferocious V12, delivers a combined output of 1,015 horsepower. Armed with a special set of Potenza Sport tyres developed specifically for the Revuelto, it can surge to 100km/h in a claimed 2.5 seconds.

Lamborghini Revuelto - Malaysia Launch

The backbone of this new V12 flagship model features a 'monofuselage' structure composed of a fully carbon-fibre monocoque and a resin-soaked short carbon fiber front structure. Compared to its predecessor, the Aventador, this construction offers a 10% reduction in weight. Additionally, the composite front structure is 20% lighter than the Aventador's aluminium counterpart, while torsional stiffness has increased by 25%, reaching 40,000 Nm per degree.

The Revuelto introduces three distinct drive modes due to its electrified nature: Recharge, Hybrid, and Performance - allowing the driver to manage the performance delivery of its 3 electric motors, complementing the existing Citta (City), Strada, Sport, and Corsa driving modes, providing a total of 12 driver-selectable combinations.

Lamborghini Revuelto - Malaysia Launch

Obviously, Strada (Street) mode offers a maximum output of 886 PS, with the V12 engine continuously engaged. Sport mode elevates peak output to 907 PS while Corsa (Race) mode unlocks the full 1,015 PS and optimises the hybrid system for performance, including torque vectoring and all-wheel drive.

The Revuelto's infotainment system comprises a 12.3-inch instrument cluster, an 8.4-inch central display, and a 9.1-inch screen, all capable of receiving over-the-air updates. The Lamborghini Unica mobile app enables drivers to monitor essential vehicle information, including fuel level, battery charge, electric range, and precise parking location.

Lamborghini Revuelto - Malaysia Launch

Notably, the Revuelto marks the introduction of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to the Lamborghini lineup, offering features such as active lane departure warning, lane change warning, adaptive cruise control, and rear cross-traffic alert, in addition to adaptive headlights.

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Is fully-synthetic engine oil a no-go for older cars? Let's put this matter to bed, shall we? Alright, let's talk about something as thrilling as engine oil. We have choices - mineral, semi-synthetic, and the fully-synthetic oil. Most people agree that fully-synthetic is the way to go. But, when it comes to older cars, there's a debate on whether fully-synthetic is the best option. Now, why's that? Let's dive in.

Synthetic oil 101

So, fully-synthetic oil is a bit fancy. It's got a more consistent molecule size and can go the distance. But, here's the thing - older cars sometimes don't seem to get along with it. They start leaking. Why? Because the chemical makeup of a fully-synthetic oil might not be compatible as it might not work well with the seals in your old engine.


Compatibility check

Engines seals have a tough job. They need to handle high temperatures and pressures without breaking down. But, when they don't get along with the additives in fully-synthetic oil, things get messy. The seals might become too soft or swell up. It's not their fault, really. It's just a matter of not being on the same page as the newer oil. 

Note: Additives refers to a specialized chemicals that are mixed into the fully-synthetic oil to enhance its performance. These additives improves lubrication, reduces friction, prevents corrosion and maintains engine's cleanliness.

When we say the seals in an older engine "don't get along" with these additives, it means that the chemicals in the fully-synthetic oil may react in a way that affects the integrity of the seals. This reaction can lead to the seals becoming too soft or expands too much. This can result in leaks or other issues, causing a mess in the engine. Got it?

Detergent in additives

Fully-synthetic oils come with detergent additives. These means like you have your own cleaning crew for your engine. They go in and sweep out the dirt and excesses. Great for cleanliness, not so great for old engines with leaks. They might end up exposing existing problems. 

So, is fully-synthetic oil a bad guy?

Nah, not really. It's got its perks (except if you're a rotary engine). It's consistent and lasts longer. But, for older cars, it might be a bit too much. If your car is so old, that its first GPS was a fold-out map, maybe stick with mineral or semi-synthetic oil. They'll get along just fine.

Note: Rotary engines are a type of internal combustion engine that work on a different principle than the traditional piston engines. They have a unique design and operates using a spinning rotor rather than pistons. Because of this design, rotary engines have different lubrication requirements compared to piston engines.

Notable rotary engined car: The Mazda RX-7 

                                                                      Photo: Mazda RX7

The old hag..sorry. The old car experience

If you've got a classic car in the in the workshop now, you're probably burning a hole in your pocket to overhaul its engine. While you're at it, why don't you go ahead and invest on new seals and pair them up with compatible engine oil - the fully-synthetic oil. Because new seals can work well with fully-synthetic oil. It's worth it!


The golden rule: Compatibility is key

Whether it's mineral or synthetic, make sure it is compatible with your seals. Some oils and additives just don't get along with certain seal materials. 

So, there you have it - a crash course on engine oil compatibility. It's not about being fancy, it's about finding the right fit. It doesn't matter if your car was made in the time when the dead sea was just sick, there's an oil out there that'll keep it going. Happy driving!

Peace out.

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From approval to open road: 5 factors that affect car loan approvals In Malaysia today, cars are becoming more expensive and are nearly impossible to purchase without using a loan. But is taking a car loan a bad financial decision? Well, it depends on your financial circumstances (specifically your income), how much you benefit from the car, how much the car sets you back financially (maintenance, and repairs), and how much you enjoy the car.

Whether or not you can get your loan approved for the car of your dreams depends on several factors.

Debt Service Ratio (DSR)

The primary concern with car loans is the monthly installment. The basic guideline is to ensure that the monthly installment of the car you desire does not exceed 20% of your salary. Whether or not a bank will approve your car loan depends on their Debt Service Ratio (DSR). Different banks have different DSR limits, so if one bank rejects your application, you can always try a different one. 

Keep in mind that total monthly commitments include: housing loans, personal loans, student loans (if any), any bike or car loans - if you already own one. Be realistic with the monthly installment that you can afford. If you have some extra cash in hand and wish to lower the monthly installment amount, you can put in a larger down payment, and your loan amount will be smaller, increasing the chances of approval.


However, all that we have talked about so far will be in vain if your CCRIS (Central Credit Reference Information System) and CTOS (Credit Tip-Off Service) records are poor. 

What are CCRIS and CTOS? They essentially report your loan repayment behavior. These records contain information about your repayment behavior. Are you a good paymaster? Do you always pay on time? Have you ever made a late payment? Have you ever let your loans be in arrears for more than three months, or even more? 

All of this will be in the record. When applying for a new car loan, lenders will examine your debt repayment record. If you have a poor repayment record, your loan will not be approved. To maintain good CCRIS or CTOS records, simply pay your debts on time.

Job & income security/stability

The highest chances of loan approvals are for those employed in government sectors - a harsh pill to swallow but it's the truth. Banks simply want to ensure they get their money back, with profit (interest). So, the more stable your job is, the easier it is to get your loan approved. 

That being said, you can imagine how challenging it is for freelancers and commission-based employees when applying for loans. Banks or credit companies will want to see proof of a stable income, so you can either present your average income over 6 months (bank statement) or your income tax declaration (if applicable).

Value of the car

Aside from your financial credibility, the value of the car also plays a significant role in loan approval. This isn't a problem for brand-new cars - unless you're aiming too high, like applying for a Mazda CX-30 with a monthly salary of RM 1,600. No, it becomes an issue when you attempt to finance a used car. But, why?

The reason behind it is, if you default on your loan, the car will serve as collateral to the bank. The bank will take action against you and attempt to sell the car to pay off the loan balance. That's why the value of the car must be sufficient to settle the loan in these situations. 

On the other hand, if the bank values the car lower than you expect, you can try making a larger down payment (to reduce the loan amount), and ask the banks to hopefully approve it. Still not getting approval? Consider other banks.

Economic situation

The economic situation of a country is closely linked to the income vs. debt ratio of the country, political stability, and whether or not a country is affected by external factors - like viruses carried by damn bats surprising the world, all the way from China.

In tough economic times, lenders will be more cautious about who they lend money to. Loan approvals may take longer and requirements may be stricter since banks will conduct a more thorough background check on the borrower. 

Unlike a few years back when our country's stability was as certain as a flagpole, it was relatively easier to get loans approved. News flash: Not anymore! 

Of course, this is something beyond our control, but if you have a good track record of paying your loans and have a stable income, it should be no problem getting your loan approved in good or bad economies.

Understanding these key factors can significantly improve your chances of securing a car loan. Remember, a well-informed approach to financing is essential for a successful car purchase. May your next car bring you years of enjoyment. Drive safely and enjoy the journey. 
Peace out.

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Revised pricing for the 2023 Mazda CX-30 CKD revealed - starting from RM 131k The 2023 Mazda CX-30 CKD has brilliant written all over it with its impressive features and competitive pricing following its unveiling in March earlier this year. Mazda, a household name in the automotive world, is constantly evolving and consistently captures the hearts of drivers. Known for its stylish design, advanced technology, and remarkable driving experience, Mazda has been one of the go to brand among Malaysian car enthusiasts.

However, the winds of change have blown through, bringing a revision in prices.

A hike of RM 3,300: The 2023 Mazda CX-30 CKD price, adjusted

Following its highly-anticipated launch earlier this year, the 2023 Mazda CX-30 CKD is now facing a price adjustment that has turned heads. Despite a modest bump of approximately RM 3,300, the 2023 Mazda CX-30 CKD will still remains an exceptional choice and continues to offer outstanding value for money.

Here's a look of the revised prices:

(Prices are OTR excluding insurance and accessories in Peninsula Malaysia.)

Additionally, if you desire one of the premium paint options - Soul Red, Machine Gray, or Snowflake Pearl White - please allocate an extra RM 2,000 in your budget.

From CBU to CKD

The introduction of the CX-30 CKD was met with applause, as it marked a significant shift from the CBU variants previously offered. This change led to a whopping price drop of approximately 13 percent across the range, making Mazda even more affordable to to the market. However, with the revised prices, there's been a modest increase of 2.3 percent from the initial CKD offerings.

2023 CX-30 CKD: What You Need to Know

The 2023 CX-30 CKD continues Mazda's commitment to delivering outstanding performance to its buyers. It's powered exclusively by the 2.0-litre SkyActiv-G four-cylinder engine, producing 165 PS at 6,000 rpm and 213 Nm at 4,000 rpm. This is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission that drives the front wheels, ensuring a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Safety and Features

In terms of safety, all 2023 CX-30 CKD variants comes with the essential features, including 7 airbags, ABS, EBD, traction control, hill start assist, auto hold, and Mazda's proprietary G-Vectoring Control (GVC) Plus chassis management system.

For those aiming higher, the 2.0G High+ variant introduces Mazda's i-Activsense ADAS features, such as AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking), BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring), lane departure warning, rear cross-traffic alert, and adaptive cruise control (MRCC, in Mazda terminology).

Going up higher to the 2.0G High+ Premium variant, Mazda adds even more advanced safety features, including Front Cross-Traffic Alert (FCTA), Driver Attention Alert with driver monitoring, and Mazda Cruising and Traffic Support (CTS).

Warranty and Maintenance

The 2023 CX-30 CKD comes with Bermaz's customary 5-year / 100,000 km warranty and a 5-year free maintenance package, offering peace of mind to Mazda owners.

In conclusion, while the 2023 Mazda CX-30 CKD may have experienced a slight price adjustment, but, its commitment to delivering a remarkable driving experience, safety, and advanced features remains unchanged. 

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Rust on brake discs - should you worry? Here's what you should know! Rust on brake discs is such a painful sight don't you think? You can't help but notice those rust spots on the brake discs. Some people shrugs it off while others will freak out at the mere sight of it. Let's break it down shall we?

Is rust on brake discs a big deal?

In a word, yes, but only if you let it go wild and really mess up your discs. Rust can eat away at your brake discs and mess with their ability to do their job - which is to stop your car. But here's the thing, that rust you see, the kind that just hangs out on the surface? It's harmless. Yup, it is. No need to panic and start scrubbing.

How does rust even happen?

Brake discs are made of iron, and iron loves to rust when it meets water, right? So, if you live in a humid place, rust will form on your brake discs faster than you can say; "I should have paid more attention to my science teacher in school".

Also, it's not just the brake discs, other car parts like the exhaust and some suspension parts with exposed iron can join the rust club too.

When should you start to worry about rust?

Now, how fast does rust form? Well, that depends on the weather and how you treat your ride. No fixed time frame here. What you need to watch out for is "pitting" - That's when rust goes so deep and you cannot get rid of it anymore. Then, it's probably time for new discs.

Rust is not cool. It keeps on eating away at the discs and messes with its strength. That is dangerous on a drive.

Can you fix the rust? 

If your discs are thick enough for a skim job (skimming means the process of removing surface irregularities, such as grooves, scoring, or warping and in our topic today, rust - to ensure proper brake function), then, it's doable. But the thing is, brake discs have a minimum thickness (usually around 4mm), and if they're too thin, time to change your brake discs.

How to keep rust at bay?

Rust likes to party when the car's parked, not when it's moving. So, here's a tip: park your ride in a dry, shady spot, and don't let it sit idle for ages. You need to move the car, drive it around - even within your neighbourhood at least. 

Painting your discs - yay or nay?

You can paint on the disc hub if you want, but don't even think about painting the braking part. And don't oil it up either. Messing with the brake disc surface is a big no no.

So, are all discs rust magnet?

Yup, most car uses iron discs, because it's affordable and conducts heat - this means that the discs have the ability to transfer or conduct heat effectively. In other words, it allows heat to pass through it easily or efficiently for a more strong braking. There are fancy options like ceramic or tungsten-coated discs that don't rust, but they'll burn a hole in your pocket.

In a nutshell, that rusty stuff you see after your car's been parked? Usually just surface rust, no biggie. But when your discs start pitting, it's time to think about replacements. Let those brakes do their job properly. 

Happy driving!

Peace out guys.

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Ready to sell your car? A guide to maximize your ride's market value. Want to sell your car? So, you have decided it's time to say goodbye to your car that has been with you through the years. Now, whether you're looking to upgrade to a new car, downsize your life, or just cash in on your ride, you need to get the most value for your car. Milk that cow baby! 

In this article, we'll go through some tips and tricks to ensure that you cash in big time when selling your car. Let's start.

One last service 

As they say, first impression is everything, right? Well, it's the same for your car. Before you even think about listing it in the market, you should send your car out for a service - oil change and full servicing, like you usually do. This ensures all the necessary oils and fluids are fresh and it certaintly helps push the car's value up a bit. Remember, a well-maintained car is an attractive car.

Tires and treads

Don't forget those tires. If they've seen some miles while serving you, it might be time for a change. Replacing worn-out tires or even upgrading to a better set can significantly boost your car's appeal and resale value. 2nd hand tires also shouldn't be a problem as long as the tires have some reasonable treads and can still serve the new owner.

Full service history

Just imagine this, you are looking to buy a car. You made a choice to buy a 2nd hand Toyota Vios. And you have narrowed it down to the last two cars - you compare both the Vios side by side. Both are also selling for the same price. One has a complete service record, and the other doesn't. Which one would you choose? Do you see it now? Maintaining a full service history not only shows that you cared for your car but also give potential buyers a peace of mind - knowing the car was under a responsible owner, who took care of it.This leads to a higher selling price. You get what I'm saying right? 

Cleanliness is a must

No one wants to buy a car that looks like five homeless people just had an orgy in it. Give your car a thorough cleaning, both inside and out. Vacuum away the crumbs, wipe the surfaces, and make those dashboard and interior sparkle. A dirty car is such a buzzkill. Make sure to use any cleaning products you could get your hands on and give your soon to be sold car, a little bit of love.

Fix the "scars"

Leave no evidence of your crappy driving. Remember all those little dents and scratches your car collected over the years with you at the wheel? They might seem tiny, but if they catch the eye of a potential buyer, then they might haggle down the price - and you wouldn't want that. So, invest in paint touch-up and dent removal to make your car look as close to new as possible.

So, whether you're upgrading, downsizing, or just ready for a change, don't leave money on the table when selling your car. Follow these tips, and you'll be cruising away with a pocketful of cash and a smile on your face. Happy selling!

Peace out.

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Proton offers cultural handicrafts in support of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou Proton today presented national athletes with Malaysian cultural handicraft as a gesture of support for unity, sportsmanship, and Malaysian culture during the 19th Asian Games. The ceremony was witnessed by YB Hannah Yeoh, Minister of Youth and Sports.

With 40 years of history, the company is intrinsically woven into the tapestry of the country and through the decades Proton has played an important role developing the national car industry while also making contributions to various fields contributing to the development of the nation. This year, the company is building international connections via Malaysian athletes competing in the 19th Asian Games by organising the Proton Asian Games Nation Drive.

The initiative showcases Malaysia’s cultural heritage as well as the company’s range of products while embarking on a journey to collect handicraft unique to the states visited. Starting with Sabah, the group then visited Sarawak before returning to Peninsular Malaysia to make stopovers in Melaka, Pahang, and Perak.

At each stop, members of the convoy were presented with handicraft from athletes comprising high jumper Farrell Glenn Felix Jurus, sprinter Patronella Lisong, boxer Daeloniel McDelon, former national hockey star, Dato’ Mirnawan bin Datuk Hj Nawawi, as well as track legends Josephine Mary and Samson Vallabouy, who will see their daughter Shereen Samson Vallabouy following in their footsteps and competing at the games. The items consist of a beaded pinokol necklace from Sabah, a sape from Sarawak, an encased fabric sample of tenun Pahang, a kebaya nyonya from Melaka as well as a labu sayong from Perak.

“As Geely is one of the presenting sponsors of the 19th Asian Games, Proton’s involvement is not only part of our effort to support our national athletes competing at the games, but also for the work undertaken by our joint venture partner. The Malaysian contingent will be competing hard to win but they are also ambassadors for the country, so it is apt for them to present handicraft from Malaysia to the Asian Games Museum in Hangzhou.

“Proton’s involvement with sporting events is symbolic of our drive for quality and excellence in our products. The efforts of the athletes to train and achieve peak performance mirrors our processes to ensure vehicles delivered to our valued customers meet the highest standards and as such, the company is thankful for the opportunity to be associated with such an important sporting event,” said Roslan Abdullah, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Proton.

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Five indicators that it's time for a fresh set of tires for your car! Lemme talk to ya.

Hey guys! You know your car's tires are more than just those round rubber things on your wheels right?. They're the the heroes that keep your daily travel safe and smooth and take you places. But, here's the deal, you gotta take care of them man - tires aren't immortal. They age, they wear out, and eventually you gotta swap a fresh set of rubber if you don't want end up in a ditch somewhere - or worse. So, how do you know when it's time for a tire change? 

1. Keep tabs on tire age

Alright, I want you to do this: Get up and go out to where you car's parked. Check out your tires. Did you spot a code-like number on your tire's sidewall. That's the tire's birthdate. See those last two numbers? They tell you the year it was born. 

Now, let's say you spot "3112." That means your tire was made in the 31st week of 2012. As I mentioned earlier, it ages. Tyre experts, Continental, has said that their tires can give optimal performance within 5 years on the road - and even if there's still some threads left, it might be time to retire those tyres. They also recommend a maximum of 10 years on the shelves. More than that, you should discard it. It will be unsafe for you to drive in those tires.

2. Tread wear = No traction

Think of your tire's tread like the sole of a shoe. When the sole wears down, you lose grip and start slipping on wet surfaces correct? Well, tires work in a similar way. When they lose the threads or the tread wears thinner, they start losing grip on the road - especially on wet roads. The threads have special patterns on the surface which helps your car grip the road, especially when it's rainy.
Now, how to do a quick check on these treads?

Now, each tire has a built-in secret code called the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI). These TWI markers are placed inside the tire grooves for a reason - if you notice that the surface of your tire is getting close to the same level as these TWI markers, that means your tire treads are getting too thin. And it's time to consider getting new tires.

3. The uneven tire wear

Ever seen a tire that seem relatively new on one side but totally bald on the other? Uneven tire wear can happen if you're skipping those tire maintenance routines, like alignment, balancing and rotation. Then things are gonna be so messed up for you. You have to go for tire maintenance every 3-6 months guys - based on usage of course. Never skip! If you notice your tires are wearing out unevenly, then it's smart to get your tires changed.

4. When tires get loud

You know when you're driving, and suddenly you hear sounds coming from your tires? That's what we're talking about here - tire noise.

Tire noise usually happens when the rubber on your tires wears down, kind of like how a pencil gets when you keep sharpening it. Eventully it get really short right? Yeah, like that. When your tires lose some of their tread, they start rubbing against the road surface and make those sounds.

5. Vibrations from the core

Ever felt like your car vibrates when you drive? If you're not having a party in your car, then those vibrations could spell trouble. If your tires have this issue, then they've developed bubbles or blisters - a bad sign! Bubbles or blisters can happen when your tires hit a curb or if you ran over some sharp road object like hard rocks among other stuffs. These tires would need immediate replacement because they can blow up without warning.

Listen, my friend. Never skimp on tires - that's a dangerous gamble. Always invest in quality rubber. They're the ones that keeps you safe on the road as the right tires can be the difference between avoiding a collision and becoming part of one, especially when you hit the brakes in an emergency. So, remember, when it's time for new tires, don't hesitate to give your ride the upgrade it deserves!

Peace out!

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So, you drove through flood? Here's what you need to know.. Lemme talk to ya.

You know how life sometimes throws us a curveball - like having to drive through floods in our beloved and expensive cars - that's still on loan? I'm sorry to any of you who's car couldn't be saved after being stuck in floods. That's a depressing situation to be in. Thousands of folks have had to deal with that recently, and it's no joke. 

Even if your car seems fine after making it through the ordeal, there are a few things you should check and maybe replace. Let's break it down, shall we?

How deep did your car went

First off, how do you know if you've gone into some pretty deep waters in the flood? Well, every car has its own limit when it comes to water, depending on its type. For example, pickup trucks are the tough guys with the highest water wading depths, usually between 0.6 to 1.0 meters from the road level. SUVs and sedans, on the other hand, aren't as tough- their wading depths are way lower.

So, if you've driven through water that was, say, half the height of your tires, you might have already pushed your car's limits. To be on the safe side, it's best not to drive in water that’s any higher than the lower edge of your car's bumper.

So, if you've just splashed through a big puddle or a flood, here's what you should do next:

Check underneath the car

After you've unwillingly conquered nature's water world, it's a smart move to get your car up on a lift and take a look underneath. Look for any signs of dirt,debris or damages. Sometimes, things like mud or debris can get stuck up the car's insides, like chassis and suspension parts. And sometimes, those protective panels under your car might have gone for a swim too.

While you're inspecting various parts of your car after it's been through a flood or a wet environment, you should also pay attention to three specific components:

Fuel lines: These are the pipes that carry fuel from your car's fuel tank to the engine. Checking them to ensure they haven't been damaged or clogged by debris or water, which could affect your car's fuel delivery.

Differential: Differential is a crucial part in your car's drivetrain. It's responsible for distributing power from the engine to the wheels, allowing them to turn at different speeds. After driving through water, you have to inspect it to make sure it's still functioning correctly and hasn't suffered any damages.

Exhaust system: This includes various parts like the muffler and pipes that direct the exhaust gases out of the vehicle. Inspect the exhaust system for any water or debris that might have entered through the pipes.

Tires and brakes 

While driving through the floods, those tires might have some unwanted things like nails or any sharp and penetrable things sticking to them. These stuff can damage your tires, so take a good look at them.

Don't forget your brakes and brake lining. They can also collect debris and take a hit during the flood. You might want to refresh your brake system by replacing the brake fluid to keep it clean ready for action.

The oil and transmission

Now, when it comes to your engine, it's a probably a good idea to replace the engine oil. Floodwater is not just water. Theres sand and mud, and these can sneak into your engine through the oil sump gasket or other seals. Major problem!

And don't leave your transmission out of the equation. It's sits at the lowest point of your vehicle, so it's highly vulnerable to moisture and debris during a flood. Older cars, especially, might have some spots where water can sneak in. A transmission oil change can save you from some massive headaches in the future.

The air intake system 

Even if it has been few days after going through water, you might want to keep your engine dry. So, it's smart to check and clean your air intake system. This means, remove and dry out the air cleaner box. Also, replace the air filter, which might have gotten wet from the flood.

The tech check-up

Last but not least, it's a wise move to get an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) scan. This scan checks your car's computers and electronic systems. Sometimes, after going through a wet episode like flood, sensors and electronic parts can get messed up. An OBD scan makes sure everything works as it should and can identify issues for you to reslove immediately rather than delaying it.

So, there you have it - a guide to what to do if you've been through a flood with your car. It's gonna cost a lot of money for sure but remember, it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Here's hoping for dry roads ahead!

Peace out. 

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Audi owners, myAudiWorld is the essential app to have for a breezier ownership experience If there’s one more app that proud Audi car owners should have in their smartphones, it would be the newly introduced myAudiWorld app by PHS Automotive Malaysia (PHSAM). The app brings together an array of features to make the ownership experience even more convenient, enjoyable, and tailored to Audi owners’ needs – whether the car is new, 5 years and older, or even if it’s a parallel import vehicle.

One of the most useful features you can use in the app is probably the Service Appointment Request. No more calling or waiting at the Audi service centre to secure a slot as customers can easily schedule service appointments at their preferred Audi service centre via the app - complete with a Service Reminder feature. Just use the Dealer Locator in the app to find the nearest Audi Centre for sales or aftersales needs.

This multipurpose app also helps Audi EV owners to find EV Charging Locations, making it easier to plan journeys and charging stops. An Emergency Assistance feature is also available for quick and easy access to 24-hour emergency assistance with a dedicated helpline.

The rest includes Exclusive Offers where owners can redeem vouchers directly through the app to enjoy exclusive promotions on various Audi services and accessories. The News and Updates feature on the other hand provide owners push notifications on the latest news, launches, exciting developments, and updates from Audi Malaysia.

Denyu Bostandzhiev, Managing Director of PHSAM commented this introduction means that owners are empowered with greater control over their Audi ownership and driving experience. "The myAudiWorld app represents Audi Malaysia’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and reaffirms the brand’s dedication to innovation and customer-centric solutions.  With this, our customers have easy access to a wide range of services and features, essential for maintaining their Audi in pristine condition while offering unparalleled convenience, right from their mobile devices," he added.

“In addition to what’s available for newer vehicles, the myAudiWorld app is dedicated to providing exceptional care for Audi vehicles that are 5 years and older, including parallel import vehicles. With exclusive care packages such as Audi Plus (which comes with roadside assistance) and Repair packages, we aim to promote peace of mind for our valued customers, ensuring that their vehicles receive the utmost attention and support they deserve” concluded Denyu.

The myAudiWorld app is now available for download on Android, Huawei, and iOS devices. Visit the Audi Malaysia website at to learn more.

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