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About Us, Malaysia’s No.1 car site is the leading online automotive hub that takes pride in being the country's premier destination for car classifieds and content. As the nation's top automotive platform, is dedicated to connecting car buyers and sellers in a dynamic marketplace.

With over 190,000 new, used & recon car listings, our platform caters to the diverse needs of consumers searching for cars for sale in Malaysia.

Offering a user-friendly platform where you can effortlessly sell your car, also provides a seamless experience for those looking to buy cars - used or new & engage in hassle-free automotive services such as car financing, insurance and warranty. Dive into a vast array of used car listings meticulously curated for your convenience. Discover the extensive range of Carlist used cars for sale, providing options that cater to every preference and budget. also offers pre-inspected second-hand cars with third party warranty coverage known as Qualified, where we ensure these cars are tip top quality and well protected.

Explore the world of used cars in Malaysia with, where quality, variety, and trust converge. continues to dominate the car trading market, maintaining a robust lead of more than 4.1 million website monthly visits and more than 1.9 million website monthly unique visitors. With more than 2 million Facebook & Instagram monthly page reach and more than 1 million TikTok monthly video views, our rapid listing growth in the past 11+ years reflects our unwavering focus on delivering high-quality information for optimal user experience in car buying and selling. As our traffic and listings surge in alignment with our strategy, is geared for continuous growth this year with a robust marketing plan in place.

Explore our informative website, featuring an Auto News & Blog portal, where you can delve into the latest trends, industry updates, and expert analyses tailored for both car enthusiasts and everyday drivers. From groundbreaking technologies to exciting vehicle launches, stay ahead with our in-depth coverage. Join us on this exciting journey through the automotive realm. With a commitment to excellence, stands as Malaysia's go-to platform for buy-sell car transactions - including second hand cars, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. also organizes on-ground events from mall roadshows, exhibitions, awards and motorsports events to bring the online-to-offline experience to car enthusiasts. Through our trade shows, we strive to bring the best deals and promotions to consumers while improving the car buying experience. We also promote motorsports activities like gymkhana, track day and drift shows to the public for an immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression to all.

Account Creation

Getting started with easy steps:

  1. Click on Register
  2. Fill up compulsory information to sign up for an account.
  3. Activate and Verify Account
  4. Proceed to click Submit

You have to submit a copy of the documents below based on profile type:

Dealer : Identity Card, SSM (Borang D - Kaedah 13 & Section 14 - Corporate information) & Business Card (indicating Business Registration Number)

Sales Agent : Identity Card & Business card (indicating Business Registration Number of relevant dealership attached with)

Broker : Identity Card & Any Business card (indicating Business Registration Number of currently attached business or industry)

Getting started with easy steps:

  1. Go to our website (
  2. Click on register and select “Register” (You may use Email address / Google ID to register).
  3. After Registration, click on “Create Ad” & start to create your car advertisement.
  4. Upload your car photos & input description.
  5. Upload the supporting documents: Your Identity card/driving license/passport, Car Owner Identity card/driving license/passport & Car Registration Card (Name have to display on all the documents) for verification purposes.

There are 3 packages available for private sellers which is Basic (free 60 days), Advance (RM 49) or Premium (RM 99).

Below are the criteria that you should input in your advertisement.

  1. Front , Back & Sides view of your car
  2. Interior of your car (E.g.: Mileage Meter; Car Seats; Transmission)
  3. Minimum 5 photos need to upload (Up to 21 photos)

** Please take note there are limitation special characters allowed to add in title and description.

These are the characters allowed to be added + - . , ()[]_*&$#

Representing as a private seller, you have to submit a copy of your Identity card, driving license or passport with the car registration card.

Upon received of your documents, we will start the verification process within 24 hours (Working Day), accompanied by a notification to your registered email.

Account Settings

Username unable to be updated once it has been registered.

Through Carlist Website

  • Sign in into Carlist website
  • Click my inventory
  • Under your Dashboard, you can view your published listing
  • Click upgrade package to purchase Advance (RM49) or Premium (RM99)
  • Proceed with the payment
  • The package will be activated within 24 hours (Business hours)

Through Carlist App

  • Sign in into Carlist mobile app
  • Click on My Ad
  • Under upgrade your package, do select Advance (RM49) or Premium (RM99)
  • Proceed with the payment
  • The package will be activated within 24 hours (Business hours)

  • Profile type – Private Seller
  • Listing Expiry date – Basic & Advance (60 Days) , Premium (90 Days)
  • Listing ID – Each listing created will have different ID’s
  • Car Plate number – Must match with the car registration card
  • Current package – Basic / Advance / Premium
  • Page Number: Current page that the listing is on.
  • CTR – The number of interested people who clicked to reveal contact.
  • Views – Overall views for the listing from date of publishing.

To deactivate your account, drop us an email to Your request will be processed within 24 hours.

Buying A Car

Here are some of our suggestions to ensure you drive home a satisfactory car:

  • Test drive the car along with your trustworthy mechanic;
  • Request for the car's service booklet or records and have the car checked by a trusted mechanic;
  • A reputable dealer should allow you to bring along your preferred mechanic to examine the car at its premises; and
  • Send the car to PUSPAKOM for a thorough inspection

Car Purchases

For new car purchases, the car dealer usually manages and prepares the documentation, processing all the paperwork on your behalf.

For used cars, car owners are by regulation required to send their car to PUSPAKOM for a full inspection prior to selling it.

Once the car has been approved by PUSPAKOM, the buyer will have to be present at the bank with the car registration document to apply for the loan.

Prepare the necessary forms for the transfer of vehicle ownership. You can download the forms from the JPJ website. The forms you will need are the following: JPJK3, TM-1, TM-AB (and a photocopy of the buyer and seller's ICs).

Go to JPJ and submit all the forms together with the original car registration card and a copy of the new buyer’s insurance cover note.

There is a processing time period for the completion of the transfer of name ownership before you will be able to collect the name-transferred car registration card.

Some car dealers may accept trade-ins with a new purchase from their dealerships. You should explore this option with your dealer to offset against the price of your desired car.

Car Loan (Hire Purchase)

Everyone is eligible to apply for a car loan as long as all the conditions below are fulfilled:

  • You are above 21 years of age at the point of application;
  • You possess a valid identification document (NRIC or Passport); and
  • You are able to prove a minimum 3 months of income

Note: Applicants do not need to have a driving license to apply for a hire purchase loan.

A 10% deposit is commonly required unless you are employed with the government sector or are an undergraduate.

The approved loan amount may be as high as up to 90%, subjected to the bank's approval.

Interest rates may vary depending on loan conditions such as the loan tenure, the loan amount, and other conditions that may fall under the bank's consideration and regulations.

Documents required for the application of a hire purchase loan are the following:


  • A copy of valid identification (NRIC: front & back or Passport);
  • A copy of driver's license front & back (should you be the owner of the vehicle); and
  • A copy of proof of a minimum of three months of income


  • A copy of valid identification (NRIC: front & back or Passport);
  • A copy of driver's license front & back;
  • A copy of proof of income; and
  • A copy of business registration (BR)

Guarantor (if applicable)

  • A copy of valid identification (NRIC: front & back or passport); and
  • A copy of proof of a minimum of three months of income

Note: Additional documents for identification or proof of income may be required by the bank should the documents submitted be deemed insufficient by the bank.

If the applicant is blacklisted by any financial institution, it is advisable to check with the financial institution on the procedures for applying for a loan.

Disclaimer: All information provided on is accurate at the time of publishing and may differ depending on the financial institution.

Selling A Car

Create An Ads:

  1. Click on Listing, choose Create Ads.
  2. Uploading photos by drag and drop your images or by clicking the Upload Image button.
  3. Select your vehicle by clicking on the Select Vehicle button.
  4. Fill up all compulsory vehicle details and ads description of the vehicle.
  5. Upload the photos and registration card of your vehicle.
  6. Click on Preview Ad to verify details.
  7. Click on Publish Ad.
  8. Click on Preview Ad to check out how your listing would look live.
  1. Sell Your Car
  2. Sign In
  3. Sign In
  4. Register
  5. Add Photos
  6. Rearrange Photos
  7. Select your vehicle
  1. Sell Your Car
  2. Sign In
  3. Sign In
  4. Register
  5. Add Photos
  6. Rearrange Photos

Being positive promotes engagement and encourages sharing. Equally as important, being negative may cost you fans. People are quick to unlike a business, we here to provide a pleasant online environment for everyone using iCarSuite. Reading and adhering to our posting guidelines ensures that you get a positive selling experience on the website, and that buyers find only quality car listings.

Turn your car into cash by listing down all of the information about your car into the ad. Be as comprehensive as possible, know your market. All you need to do is enter the details and we’ll guarantee a trade-in offer and good participation of buyers.

The ad title should describe the vehicle on sale. Please do not include company names, contact numbers or URLs within the title.

Describe your vehicle as best you can in a given field. Please do not include plagiarised content or hyperlinks to external websites. Below is a content guideline on how to write your Description:

  1. Key Selling Pitch:
    • Minimum 100 characters
  2. Standard Description:
    • Car Specification
    • Car Condition (no scratches & etc.)
    • Warranty
  3. Payment Plan:
    • Loan Availability
    • Loan Rate
    • Documents Required
  4. Promotion:
    • Discounts
    • Free Gifts
  5. Call to Action:
    • Company / Sales Agent’s Name
    • Mobile / Fixed Number
    • Company Address
    • WhatsApp Number
    • Email ID
    • GPS coordinate

Choose a suitable category for your vehicle. Note that on iCarSuite, there are three categories: Used, New, and Recon (for reconditioned vehicles).

Selecting the right categorisation ensures that your ad will appear accurately in the search results.

Place only one vehicle per ad. If you have multiple vehicles which are similar, please place them in separate ads with their own images. By doing so, you can fully optimize the exposure of your ads and attract more potential buyers.

Please do not create multiple ads for the same vehicle. Instead, you can edit your ad if you would like to make changes to it or delete the old ad before you create the new ad.

Please also do not advertise the same vehicle in different categories or locations.

Always use images that are relevant to the advertised vehicle. This will improve the quality of your ad, attract more viewers and increase your chance of selling your vehicle.

Please do not use images from other advertisers without consent, as they are protected by copyright laws. Below are the guidelines for quality images on iCarSuite:

  1. Quantity: Min 5 (Compulsory); Maximum 21 images
  2. Images to capture (Recommended):
    • Exterior: Front, Side & Back
    • Interior: Dashboard, Odometer, and Car Seat
  3. Picture Format (Recommended):
    • Landscape
  4. Resolution (Compulsory):
    • Minimum 864 X 640
    • 4 : 3 ratio
  5. Supported Formats:
    • .jpeg, .png, .gif, and .bmp
  6. Other Requirements:
    • No watermark
    • Watermark from other websites are strictly not allowed
    • No company logos

List the year of the manufacture/production of the vehicle, and not the year of registration.

Always clearly list a price with specific integers. Unfortunately, we have to reject ads without clear pricing. Please follow the below requirements:

  1. On The Road (OTR) Price:
    • Listing price to EXCLUDE insurance because preference of insurance coverage varies for different individuals
  2. GST:
    • To indicate clearly if the price is inclusive of GST or not
  3. Price Variance:
    • Less than 20% variance from the recommended average price from iCarSuite price guide

By clicking on the Price Guide, you can view the price estimation made for your vehicle.

(Price Guide Screens)

Examples of unclear pricing include but are not limited to:

  • A price range;
  • Price on availability (POA); and
  • Prices that are incomplete, such as RM8XXXX and RM5k

Always use videos that are relevant to the advertised vehicle. This helps improve the quality of your ad, attract more viewers and increase your chance of selling your vehicle.

Please do not use videos from other advertisers without consent, as they are protected by copyright laws. Below are the Video Guidelines for quality videos on our site:

  1. Video Quality:
    • Definition: 720p minimum
    • Orientation: Landscape
    • Duration: Maximum 1 minute per video
    • File size: 500MB maximum
  2. Video Content:
    1. Vehicle Features:
      • Exterior: Front, Sides and Rear
      • Interior: Dashboard, Odometer (Engine needs to be switched on), Seats and Boot
    2. Vehicle Documents:
      • Registration card (to record Registration Card using Carlist registration folder to cover private information)
      • K8 customs form for reconditioned car
  3. Language:
    • English
    • Bahasa Malaysia
  4. Colour:
    • No black and white or Mono filter
  5. Video Validity:
    • Single Video Listing: 30 days
    • Video packages: will follow the video package expiry date (e.g. 6 months / 12 months contract)
  6. Supported Formats:
    • .mp4,.mov & .webm
  7. Other requirements:
    • Video background must not include business details eg. shop name, banner, campaigns and freebies, please include this in the description
    • 1 listing per video that matches the pictures and video background must not include other cars in store
    • This is only car advertisement, other company ads will be rejected by our Quality Assurance team
    • Offensive language are strictly not allowed

Naturally, ads featuring items are prohibited from sale by Malaysia laws, Those kinds of ads are not allowed on iCarSuite. They include but are not limited to stolen items, pirated items, and counterfeit items.

To protect our buyers, we reserve the right to decide which ads are unrealistic and to reject them. This includes advertisements with extremely high or low price.

We also reserve the right to reject ads that seem misleading.

Misleading ads often misrepresent the following details

  • Loan amounts or percentages;
  • Down payment amounts or percentages; and
  • Interest rate amounts or percentages

We highly recommend that you include a statement such as "upon the bank's approval" or "subjected to the bank's approval" in your ad if you wish to include those details.

One ad will not grow your buyer and increase your sales. Frequency is the key to successful advertising. Next, you need to stay consistent with your ads. For instance, you should not list RM70,000 in the title and yet mention RM80,000 in the description. Such inconsistency will make your ad a prime candidate for rejection.

Relevance itself refers to how much useful your information is to buyer’s search. Your ads details need to be relevant to the advertised car. For example, pairing a Honda Accord image with Proton Perdana title and description will result in your ad being rejected.

Keyword stuffing does not help in promoting the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking of your car dealer website. It works better if you consistently target a concise list of keywords, instead. Regular keyword research for search volume, coupled with the right mix of long-tail keywords can deliver amazing digital marketing returns, translating not only into higher search ranking, but also more leads, prospects, and ultimately, sales.

In the event that your ad is rejected due to non-compliance with our rules, you will be given up to 48 hours to make the necessary alterations. Regrettably, if no changes are recorded after 48 hours, your ad will be deleted from our database.

Using Credits

  1. Sign In into iCarsuite, user will be directed to Account (landing page).
  2. Credit owned a tab, along with 2 buttons; Credits History and Top Up Credit.

In iCarSuite, we offer credit purchases.

  1. Editing or bumping your advertisement
  2. Converting single free listing into single featured listing

Edit – Updating an ad requires you to use credits.

Bump – It allows you to push your advertisement right to the top ahead of other listings, giving your car more exposure and increasing the chance of your car being sold.

Showcase– With Showcase product, your listing will be guaranteed to become a top spot for 7 days on, as per the Year, Make and Model. This product is only available for Dealer/Sales Agent/Broker currently.

Hot Deal – Hot Deal can be purchased from iCarSuite, the hot deal listings can be searched via searchable facet: Filter Hot Deals Only. As soon as you purchase the product, your listing is bumped on top.You can edit the price of your Hot Deal listing to lesser than the average price or hide it altogether. Hot Deals can be purchased for 7 days and you may schedule a bump for the next 6 days.

The rates differ according to the feature you want

Account Type Listing Type Feature/Product
Edit listing BUMP listing Upgrade to Single Featured listing Unique call Unique SMS Unique Live chat
Single Featured Listing Featured 16 Credits 16 Credits 18 Credits - - -
Subscription (Silver, Gold) Automatically Featured 12 Credits 12 Credits - - - -

  1. Click on Credit tab and select Buy Credits.
  2. Select Credit Options for how many credits you want to purchase.
  3. Select Payment Method; (Credit card, Direct Debit & Offline Payment).
  4. By clicking, you will be directed to Payment Gateway.

We offer many different credit options along with an affordable price.

Safety & Security

All transactions between buyers and sellers are mutual agreements.

Car Buyers

Please do not make any kind of payment before meeting with the seller to view the car. To further protect yourself, please obtain and verify the details of the seller before proceeding with any meeting or transaction

Have your guard up if a deal sounds too good to be true. Always check on to verify the market rate of the car in question before making a purchase.

Car Sellers

False enquiry scams are also known as buyer scams as they often involve fraudsters posing as buyers feigning interest in the car for sale.

Details vary from scam to scam, but typically fraudsters will pose as interstate or overseas buyers keen to buy the advertised car without showing up in person. They are unlikely to negotiate on price and may even offer to pay more than the asking price.

In order to provide a secure platform for the Sellers and Buyers to chat with each other, we not only verify their accounts and information attached with it but also constantly update it for the better experience of both the parties.

This badge is awarded to car dealers who have registered with us by supplying their business registration documents, and to those who ensure that all their ads are uploaded and maintained according to's standards. Click here to read more about Trusted Dealers.


We strive to keep as a pleasant and friendly online environment for all parties, so here are some points to note for sellers when putting up ads:

  • Improper language: Foul, obscene, offensive and other inappropriate language or images on member profiles or listings are not allowed;
  • Sexual material: Nudity, sexually offensive or pornographic material, may they be images, photos, graphics, videos or audio clips, are not allowed;
  • Flaming content: Content that is defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, racist, discriminating or otherwise objectionable is not allowed;
  • Illegal material: Listings containing illegal material or promoting products and/or services deemed to be illegal or unethical are not allowed;
  • Copyright & intellectual property: Listings containing materials protected by copyright and intellectual property laws, and yet used without prior permission from the owner(s), are not allowed;
  • Misleading information: Listings containing false, deceptive, misleading or deceitful materials are not allowed;
  • Irrelevant categories: Listings placed in inappropriate categories will be removed;
  • Irrelevant Photos / Advertisement: Listings not related to vehicles will be removed;

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate an account for violation of our Ad Posting Rules and/or the Terms of Service at any given time, at our sole discretion without prior notice. Unfortunately, if an account is suspended or terminated due to rules and/or policy violation, there will be no refund.

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