Angry German Cop To Gawkers: “Do You Want To See Dead People? Take Pictures? Come"


Angry German Cop To Gawkers: “Do You Want To See Dead People? Take Pictures? Come

At the site of a fatal accident of the German Autobahn, German police officers who had decided they had had enough of gawkers slowing down to take pictures of the crash site and deceased victim decided to belittle them by pulling them over and inviting them to take pictures up close.

Police officer Stefan Pfeiffer literally hauled drivers out of their cars saying “Do you want to see the dead people? Pictures? Come!” One driver was curious enough to walk towards the where the body lied, after which Stefan went on to “There he is lying, do you want to see him?” This curious onlooker was even fined EUR128.50 for taking pictures.

Another driver, believed to be from the same country (Poland) as the deceased victim got similar treatment; their short conversation ending with a sharp “Shame on you” from Stefan.

Netizens on Twitter were quick to commend the efforts of the German police. Some even apologizing on behalf, for the shameful acts of their countrymen.

Gawkers slow down traffic flow (all for a photo that they think can be sensationalised on social media) which in turn greatly impedes the efforts and response time of emergency services. The responsible thing to do is to obey the traffic signs and authorities and keep moving in a safe manner.

In Malaysia where we are plagued with gawkers at every crash site, one cannot help but think we need more cops like these German officers.