Comparison: Audi A4 (B8) vs Audi A4 (B9)


Comparison: Audi A4 (B8) vs Audi A4 (B9)

There's so many things to talk about the all new A4, especially coming from a current owner of the outgoing B8 generation. So I've put together this post especially for those wanting to know what's the core differences between the current and the new generation. One thing's for sure, many motoring journalists have said that the B7 A4 matches up to the 3-Series in every way, and the B8 holds a candle to the formidable F30. This new B9-generation A4 however is, in my opinion, in a completely different league even though its evolutionary looks may not suggest so. 

Let's put aside the unquantifiable aspects on how the car drives and feel. For that, you will have to read our review of the all new A4 B9. As for the pictures below, they're definitely not as beautiful as those from Venice Italy, where Audi gave members of the media their first experience of the A4 B9.   

As a current owner of a B8-generation S4, here are the main differences:

Basics Aspects & Key Features
- Its body has grown in all dimensions, it is now longer, wider, roomier, but retains the same height
- Car's overall width is 18mm narrower due to smaller side mirrors
- The sedan is 110kg lighter, the Avant is 125kg lighter. 
- New 7-Speed S-Tronic dual-clutch (Wet Clutch) replaces the CVT and 6-Speed dual-clutch
- New engines across the board
- LED Matrix Headlamps available as an option
- Heads-up display
- The car has a feature that makes it able to steer itself in certain situations
- The car can take over other cars during traffic jam, and stop and go in traffic all by itself
- The car will alarm you on cars that are coming from behind after you have parked it and are coming out of the car
- The car will alarm you when there is oncoming cross traffic while you're reversing out from the parking lot

- No more halogen headlamps (first in segment)
- Optional LED Matrix headlamps 
- Bonnet opening line combined with the car's body character line
- In Ultra variants, the grilles will shut itself to improve air flow
- There are air vents diverting air to the tyres in front
- Side mirrors are smaller for better aerodynamics
- Wiper fluid reservoir moved to the base of A-pillar
- Bonnet now comes with a new double strut opening mechanism
- Side mirrors are mounted on the doors

- Same high quality dashboard, cleaner and multi-tier design
- Large 12.3" Virtual Cockpit and 8.8" floating center MMI display
- MMI control knob is now located in front of the gear lever
- Electronic gear lever (a la BMW style)
- Frameless rear view mirror
- New steering wheel design
- Cup holders are now relocated to the front 
- B9 no longer features the long cubby-hole that was next to the cupholder
- No more ashtray/coin tray
- Glovebox opening latch is now made of plastic on the B9 instead of metal
- There is a new gigantic storage compartment located next to the driver (Watch video)

Below is a visual comparison of both the B8 (left) and B9