Ford EcoSport Updated, Now Without The Rear-Mounted Spare Tyre


Ford EcoSport Updated, Now Without The Rear-Mounted Spare Tyre

Along with the introduction of the all-new Focus RS and GT at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the Blue Oval also announced enhancements to the Ford EcoSport. The most noticeable change on the SUV is its availability without a rear-mounted spare tyre that currently adorns the model being sold here.

With the absence of the spare tyre, a tyre mobility kit takes its place as the standard offering, no doubt allowing for simple patch up work on the existing tyres should the undesirable occur.

The EcoSport also receives a retuning to its suspension with revised rear twist beam, and revised spring and damper rates. Ride height has also been reduced by 10 mm. For the European market, the electronic stability control and power steering system has also been tuned for European roads. A Winter Pack tags on heated windscreen, heated mirrors and heated front seats.

Keeping NVH levels down is courtesy of thicker sound deadening materials in the doors and dashboard, as well as tighter seals around the pedals.

The cabin now features a four-inch infotainment unit with Ford SYNC implemented and to improve accessibility, the handbrake has been relocated.

The oily bits also get updated as well to meet EU6.1 emission standard with the diesel variant gaining 5 PS in power.

Later this year, satellite navigation and a rear view camera will be made available on the Ford EcoSport.

The updated Ford EcoSport will take on the Honda HR-V and Peugeot 2008.

EcoSport S

Also on display at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show is a sportier version of the SUV called the EcoSport S (which you are looking at here). Painted in blue, the roof gives a two-tone look by being black instead and omits the roof rails. The side mirrors also receive a black finish and the vehicle features 17-inch alloy wheels. Other exterior changes include a rear diffuser element and privacy glass.