Malaysia Could Be Planning To Implement South Korea’s ‘Smart’ Traffic System


Malaysia Could Be Planning To Implement South Korea’s ‘Smart’ Traffic System

To curb the steady increase in the issue of traffic congestion within some of our nation’s most densely populated areas, Malaysia is turning further east for inspiration. 

You see, South Korea has recently put in place new system to intelligently keep the flow of traffic smooth without much need for human intervention, a collection of technology they have dubbed the metropolitan intelligent transport system (ITS).

Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Aziz Kaprawi said high-ranking officials for South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (ILT) have suggested that Malaysia use their solution to create an efficient and safe transport system for expressways and urban roads, writes The Sun.

The matter was discussed during a bilateral meeting between senior executives of South Korea’s MLIT and Malaysian officials during the 9th Apec Transportation Ministerial Meeting in Cebu, Philippines.

Aziz elaborated on how the intelligent transports systems use a combination real-time traffic information and electronic control and communications to manage vehicle flow in high-traffic urban areas.

"The South Koreans have developed one of the most impressive ITS in the world. We are interested to learn from them about this smart transport system which coincides with the government's future blueprint for a speedy, convenient and safe transport service," he said.

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