Maxim calls JPJ's charges of their drivers not having EVP permits 'inaccurate'


Maxim calls JPJ's charges of their drivers not having EVP permits 'inaccurate'

It hasn’t been a nice week for e-hailing service operator Maxim Malaysia after the Land Transport Department (JPJ) slapped them with the violation of having the large majority of their drivers not having the required E-hailing Vehicle Permit (EVP).

Following raid on their offices, the Kuantan-based company was caught in violation of Section 12A (5) of the Land Public Transport Act of 2010, specifically within Putrajaya and Pahang, with the JPJ finding only 402 of the approximately 5,000 vehicles partnered with Maxim having valid e-hailing permits.

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Individual violators can be dealt a fine between RM1,000 and RM5,000 or face imprisonment of not more than 2 years, though Maxim’s fate for its negligence remains unclear.

The company addressed the matter in a statement that confirmed they were in full cooperation with the relevant authorities to provide all documents and materials necessary to facilitate their investigation.

Maxim also added that they have always advised their Partner-Drivers to maintain their e-hailing insurance and to ensure their vehicle registration period is not over 10 years. Additionally, it also took issue with the JPJ’s assertion than only 402 of them have a valid EVP.

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They claim that the actual number is far higher as they have more licensed partner-drivers in West Malaysia, though it declined to share what those numbers or percentages are.

Maxim Malaysia is the local subsidiary of Maxim. The e-hailing and delivery operator now has a presence in dozens of countries, focusing on Eastern Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and has been active in Malaysia since 2018.

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