VIDEO: Reckless Thai Van Forces Lorry Into A Ditch Just To Overtake


VIDEO: Reckless Thai Van Forces Lorry Into A Ditch Just To Overtake

In Thailand, the video shows a van that’s being driven rather impatiently. It’s driving behind a truck and simply can’t wait any longer to overtake. So the driver pulls out (too slowly – it’s a van, after all), cuts off lorry who, to avoid sandwiching the van, had to swerve hard off the road.

Ah. What a genius driver, a paragon of restraint and responsible driving.

Being stuck behind heavy vehicles is a test of our patience, and often despite ourselves, we feel aggravated. We’re inclined to perform a risky move to get ahead – by the way, it’s not worth it. As demonstrated below.

Lorries have to overtake each other at some point, and if they’re in the midst of overtaking, honestly, it’ll be over after a short little while and we can move on with our lives. The impatient driving displayed here happens in Malaysia too. I’m sure we’ve all seen it.

After the incident had transpired, think for a moment of how easily this situation could have gone much worse. The truck could have overturned, putting other lives at stake, including those in the dashcam-equipped car. Or both trucks could have squeezed the van in the disappearing wedge it was trying to use to overtake.

Luckily the lorry driver, despite the side visibility disadvantage, saw the van trying to foolishly worm its way through - though we suspect it wasn't until the last second which prompted the surprised swerve to the right. 

Keep safe on the road, people. You don’t have to be in such a rush all the time. Think of your loved ones, and of your blood pressure. 

This shouldn't have happened.

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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