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Morris Garages (MG) cars is a long-standing automotive British brand since the 1920s. After nearly a decade, MG is finally arriving in Malaysian waters. Although no official announcements have been made of which models will be launched, it is expected to arrive with its first three MG EV models - MG4 hatchback, ZS EV SUV and Cyberster roadster. Browse for both used and recon MG cars for sale here now!


What is the price of MG cars?

There is no official MG car price yet as the brand has not been officially launched in Malaysia. Stay tuned for the MG car price in Malaysia based on models. 


MG4 Hatchback

One of the first few models expected to be launched in Malaysia is the MG4 hatchback as it has been spotted on Malaysian roads on several occasions. The MG4, otherwise known as MG Mulan in China, has already been launched in Thailand in two variants - D and X. The MG4 measures at 4,287mm in length, 1,836mm in width and 1,516mm in height. Below is the motor specification of the MG4 in Thailand.

Battery: 51kWh battery pack
Maximum Output: 170 PS
Maximum Torque: 250 Nm
Maximum Range: 425 km 




Another model that is expected to be available in Malaysia is the MG ZS EV. The MG ZS EV was initially scheduled to be launched in Malaysia in 2020 but the deal did not go through. The 2022 facelift version of the MG ZS EV was available in Malaysia via import from dealers in two variants. Below is the motor specification of the imported MG ZS facelift EV in 2022. 

Battery: 51.1kWh battery pack (72.6kWh for long range)
Maximum Output: 177 PS
Maximum Torque: 280 Nm
Maximum Range: 320 km (440 km for long range)



MG Cyberster

The final model speculated to launch in Malaysia is the MG Cyberster roadster, which has also yet to be launched in Thailand. The MG Cyberster is a 2-seater electric roadster which comes with a soft top and electronic scissor doors. The MG Cyberster, however, is currently available in China in three variants - Glamour Edition, Style Edition and Pioneer Edition. Below are the motor specifications for the MG Cyberster in China.

Glamour Edition
64 kWh battery pack 
Maximum Output: 314 PS
Maximum Torque: 475 Nm
Maximum Range: 501 km 

Style Edition
77 kWh battery pack 
Maximum Output:
340 PS
Maximum Torque: 475 Nm
Maximum Range: 580 km

Pioneer Edition
77 kWh battery pack 
Maximum Output: 544 PS
Maximum Torque: 725 Nm
Maximum Range: 520 km




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