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Why buy a used Perodua Viva at

Why buy a used Perodua Viva at

The Perodua Viva is a budget-friendly compact city car that was first introduced in 2007 and discontinued in 2014. The Perodua Viva was a well-loved model by Malaysians for its affordability, practicality, and reliability. 

Although the Perodua Viva may not have the technological advancements and luxurious features found in cars today, its compact size and fuel efficiency make it a highly sought after car by many Malaysians to this day. Its features, which focus on practicality and simplicity, make the Perodua Viva an ideal car to be used for daily commuting.

The Perodua Viva comes in various models and specifications which are still for sale today, of which the Perodua Viva 660 EX, 850 EX and 1.0 stands as the most popular models and can be found at Browse for Perodua Viva for sale 2023 here now!



What is the price of a used Perodua Viva?

The Perodua Viva second hand price in Malaysia ranges from approximately as low as RM4,500 and may go up to RM21,000. The Perodua Viva price differs based on various factors such as year, mileage, variant, spec and overall condition of the car. 



Perodua Viva Models and Specifications

The Perodua Viva 660EX was an entry-level model produced by Perodua which was designed to provide customers with an affordable and basic option. The 660EX is equipped with a 660cc three-cylinder engine with a manual transmission. Its exterior consists of material-coloured bumpers, door handles and side mirrors, amber lens for front and side turn signals and 12-inch steel wheels. Its interior includes manual windows, a basic audio system without a CD player with only front speakers and standard grade fabric seats. The 660EX model was the ideal choice for those who were seeking a simple and budget-friendly option. 

Key Specifications:

Engine Output: 660cc EF-VE engine 
Transmission Type: Manual
Power: 47 horsepower


The Perodua Viva 850EX is a step above the 660EX and provides mild advancements from the entry-level model, making it an ideal choice of model for daily commuting. This model is instead fitted with a 850cc three-cylinder engine but maintains the manual transmission. Exterior-wise, the door handles and bumpers are painted to the body colour while the wheels are maintained as 12-inch steel wheels with an addition of a full wheel cap. Its interior has been upgraded to include power windows, an audio system with a CD player and four speakers installed and medium grade fabric seats. Both the 660EX and 850EX have no power steering. 

Key Specifications:

Engine Output: 850cc ED-VE engine
Transmission Type: Manual
Power: 52 horsepower


The Perodua Viva 1.0 provides significant enhancements as compared to the previous models. The Viva 1.0 is equipped with a 1000cc cylinder engine which is ideal for those looking for improved performance while still being economical. The most significant improvement compared to the previous models is that the Perodua Viva 1.0 comes in both automatic and manual transmission and is equipped with power steering. The exterior of this model has also been upgraded with the wheels now 13-inch as compared to the previous 12-inch and the use of clear lens for front and side turn signals. The Perodua Viva 1.0 model has also received additional enhanced features such as under-seat tray, headlamp buzzer warning and a seat height adjuster. The interior is mostly maintained the same as the Viva 850EX. However, special features have been added into the Perodua Viva 1.0 Premium trim which are ABS and dual SRS airbags, electrically retractable side mirrors, a vanity mirror on the sun visor and high grade fabric seats.   

Key Specifications:

Engine Output: 1000cc EJ-VE engine
Transmission Type: Automatic or Manual
Power: 60 horsepower


Perodua subsequently released more Perodua Viva models which maintained the same 1.0 litre engine but were provided with mild enhancement. Below are the Perodua Viva models:

Perodua Viva Elite: Includes alloy wheels, improved interior, central locking and a more sophisticated audio system aimed at refining customers’ driving experience.

Perodua Viva S: Includes sporty design elements such as unique exterior and trim for those seeking for more sporty and stylish appearance.

Perodua Viva Advanced Version: Includes a more advanced audio system and enhanced interior features meant to cater to those seeking for a more refined and feature-rich version of the Viva. 



Perodua Viva Fuel Consumption

The Perodua Viva fuel tank capacity is 36 litres with a range of up to 360 kilometres. The Perodua Viva fuel consumption varies depending on various factors such as engine size, driving conditions, driving habits, and transmission type. The following are the fuel consumption for each of the respective models:

Perodua Viva 660EX: Approximately 18.7 kilometres per litre 

Perodua Viva 850EX: Approximately 17.4 kilometres per litre 

Perodua Viva 1.0 (Manual): Approximately 17.5 kilometres per litre

Perodua Viva 1.0 (Automatic): Approximately 15.1 kilometres per litre



Perihalan dan Spesifikasi Perodua Viva

Perodua Viva merupakan sebuah kereta yang dikeluarkan oleh Perodua sebagai sebuah kereta yang murah tetapi lengkap dengan semua fungsi yang diperlukan. 

Harga Perodua Viva berbeza dari kira-kira serendah RM4,500 sehingga RM21,000 bergantung kepada jenis, tahun, jarak dan keadaan kereta tersebut. 

Terdapat beberapa jenis kereta Viva dan cc kereta viva yang berlainan untuk memenuhi keperluan pelanggan yang berbeza. Antara jenis Perodua Viva adalah Perodua Viva 660EX, 850EX dan 1.0. Terdapat juga jenis S, Elite dan Advanced Version yang merupakan versi produk Viva 1.0 yang telah diubahsuaikan. Berikut adalah spesifikasi untuk setiap jenis Perodua Viva tersebut:

Perodua Viva 660EX

Enjin: 660cc EF-VE enjin
Transmisi: Manual
Kuasa: 47 kuasa kuda


Perodua Viva 850EX

Enjin: 850cc ED-VE enjin
Transmisi: Manual
Kuasa: 52 kuasa kuda


Perodua Viva 1.0

Enjin: 1000cc EJ-VE enjin
Transmisi: Automatik atau Manual
Kuasa: 60 kuasa kuda



Tangki Minyak Viva Berapa Liter? 

Tangki minyak kereta Perodua Viva (minyak viva per KM) ialah sebanyak 36 liter dan boleh jalan sebanyak 360 kilometer. Penggunaan minyak Perodua Viva per kilometer juga berbeza bergantung kepada faktor-faktor seperti saiz enjin, cara pemanduan dan jenis transmisi. Berikut adalah penggunaan minyak kereta Perodua Viva berikut model:


Perodua Viva 660EX: Anggaran 18.7 kilometer seliter 

Perodua Viva 850EX: Anggaran 17.4 kilometer seliter  

Perodua Viva 1.0 (Manual): Anggaran 17.5 kilometer seliter 

Perodua Viva 1.0 (Automatik): Anggaran 15.1 kilometer seliter 



All the used/second-hand Perodua Viva 

Below is the list of used Perodua Viva by year:

Perodua Viva FAQs

The Perodua Viva second hand price in ranges from approximately as low as RM4,500 up to RM21,000 depending on various factors such as year, mileage, variant, spec and overall condition of the car. 

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