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Imported Toyota Harrier 2018 Touched Down In Malaysia

The Toyota Harrier was formally unveiled to the Malaysian market by UMW Toyota in 2018. The updated SUV lineup featured two variants, the Toyota Harrier price for the 2.0T Premium variant is at RM238,000 and the 2.0T Luxury priced at RM259,900, the cost of both Toyota Harrier variants were listed on-the-road without insurance. A comprehensive, unlimited-mileage warranty covering five years is included with these models. 

Under the hood, the Toyota Harrier 2018 is powered by the same new 8AR-FTS 2.0-liter turbo engine as the Lexus NX, which produces 350 Nm of torque between 1,650 and 4,000 rpm and 231 PS between 5,200 and 5,600 rpm. With a six-speed automatic gearbox directing power to the front wheels, the 2018 version Toyota Harrier achieves a 13.0 km/liter fuel consumption rating according to the Japanese JC08 cycle. Performance dampers are added to increase stability and reduce body roll. 

2021 (XU80) Toyota Harrier

The XU60 from 2018 was replaced by the fourth-generation Toyota Harrier (XU80), which made its debut in Malaysia in 2021. In keeping with trends for premium SUVs, the Toyota Harrier 2021 featured a more angular, sportier design with a sloping coupe-like roofline. Toyota's "Dignified Elegance" concept improved overall quality with premium materials on the outside as well as the interior. 

Power and efficiency were enhanced by the Toyota Harrier's advanced dual variable valve timing system, which was powered by a 2-liter Dynamic Force engine. The front wheels were driven by a Toyota Direct-Shift CVT transmission with three modes: Eco, Normal, and Sport. Based on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) GA-K platform, the SUV had a rigid body structure and a lower center of gravity. 


Upgraded Toyota Harrier 2022 with Added Safety Features

After being updated, the Toyota Harrier 2022 2.0L Luxury, which was first unveiled in early 2021, was made available to customers for RM274,000 on-the-road without insurance. This model included improved safety features. 

According to Toyota, the Toyota Harrier 2022 has upgrades designed to meet changing consumer demands. The SUV now included more safety features for an extra RM15k over the Toyota Harrier 2021 2.0L Luxury. 

A new panoramic view monitor and an updated Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) system were two of the major improvements. By serving as a 360-degree field-of-view parking system, the panoramic view monitor brought the Harrier into compliance with industry standards. This feature was accompanied by a new 8" infotainment head unit with a single rotary dial, which replaced the 2021 model's dual rotary dial. 

Even though the updated TSS system looked the same as the previous one, it had improved detection powers. While road edge detection was a feature of the Lane Departure Alert system, the Pre-Collision Brake system could identify pedestrians, bicycles, and oncoming traffic. Upgrades were made to the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, which can now modify the SUV's speed around turns.

Toyota unveiled the cost of Toyota Harrier 2022 Luxury SE, which is an additional RM3,000, for individuals looking for upgrades beyond the minimum. This variation featured interior brown trimmings and an unusual red metallic paint job. The 2022 Toyota Harrier was propelled by Toyota's Dynamic Force 2.0L four-cylinder engine, just like the previous model.


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Toyota Harrier FAQs

To prevent additional downshifting and wheelspin, the TRAC system activates and deactivates the traction control. Hold the button briefly to disable the TRAC system, triggering the illumination of the TRAC OFF indicator. To re-enable the system, press the switch once more. However, to be safe, please contact Toyota's service center for any maintenance needs.

The Toyota Harrier 2023 offers a blend of comfort, cutting-edge features, and dependable performance, this vehicle typically competes favorably in its SUV class. Based on models and personal preferences, specific comparisons may change.

The increased fuel efficiency of the Toyota Harrier makes it more appealing to buyers who care about the environment. This mid-sized SUV is well-presented on the streets and meets the needs of both urban transportation and off-road exploration.

Yes. The Toyota Harrier 2015 gained popularity due to its energy capacity. This 2015 version of Toyota Harrier seamlessly combines both fuel and electric power under one roof with adjustable settings. Its hybrid engine and powertrain, similar to its predecessor, have been significantly improved, featuring a more advanced and premium engine capacity. Check out our list of secondhand 2014 & 2015 Toyota Harrier hybrid here!

The cost of a Toyota Harrier 2020 starts from RM116,000 on Feel free to browse our selection of 2020 Toyota Harrier SUVs here!

The left vent's switch is located on its right side. To switch the AFS on or off, press it. When you turn on the headlights, the AFS indicator illuminates to remind you that AFS is off. However, to be safe, please contact Toyota's service center for any maintenance needs.

The Harrier, available in two variants, is a luxury D-segment SUV from Toyota. Both variants share the same engine displacement, which is 1,987cc.

In Malaysia, the cost of the Toyota Harrier 2023 price ranges from RM 274,000 to RM 277,000.

Toyota Harrier 2023 merupakan SUV 5 seater bersaiz ukuran 4740mm panjang, 1855mm lebar, 1600mm tinggi dan 2690mm bagi jarak roda.

The Toyota Harrier 2023 is a five-seater SUV with the following measurements: 4740 mm for length, 1855 mm for width, 1660 mm for height, and 2690 mm for wheelbase.

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