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‘Honda E’ Trademark For Upcoming Electrified Products

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‘Honda E’ Trademark For Upcoming Electrified Products

In a scoop by, Honda was seen filing trademark applications in both Switzerland and the European Union (EU) for the name ‘Honda E’.

Honda is set to unveil their new compact EV at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, and the new car could bear the ‘Honda E’ name.

There is also speculation the name ‘Honda E’ could be an umbrella name for a sub-brand of electrified Honda models, similar to the path taken by BMW and Mercedes-Benz with the BMW i and Mercedes-Benz EQ, respectively.

The name was said to be filed under a trademark classification reserved for automobiles, specifically “apparatus for locomotion by land, air, or water; and parts and fittings of the aforesaid goods,” as such, usage the ‘Honda E’ can cast a wide net over anything automotive related.

Honda is set to unveil the new compact EV on March 5th, the opening day of the Geneva Motor Show 2019.  

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