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2015 BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Launched In Malaysia: 220i From RM280k

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2015 BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Launched In Malaysia: 220i From RM280k

You’ve seen the littler 2 Series Active Tourer MPV here already, and now, BMW Group Malaysia has just launched the all-new 2015 BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer – rather quick, isn’t it? Considering Australia and the UK haven’t gotten their prices yet.

Sharing a common architecture with the smaller Active Tourer, the Gran Tourer is taller and longer than its MPV sibling. An MPV itself, the larger 2 GT offers the option of having a third row of seats, allowing for a maximum of seven passengers (driver included) in the cabin, or, without the two extra seats customers simply have the choice of more cargo room.

Here, BMW Group Malaysia has made the third row seating standard equipment, with the point being that if you wanted the cargo space, you can simply fold the seats down and fully flat into the cargo floor. The full price of fully-imported (CBU) 2 Series Gran Tourer 220i in Malaysia starts from RM279,800 (OTR without insurance).

Buyer’s Guide:

On top of the brief we’ve shared with you already, the 2 Series Gran Tourer is, as offered here in Malaysia, a seven-seater BMW. Previously, if you wanted to fit seven people into a BMW, your only choice was in the BMW X5 SUV, which we all know, is priced from nearly twice that of the 2 GT here (from RM574k).

*TEST DRIVE: BMW 2 Series 220i driven in Croatia

To put it simply, here then, is a far more cost effective way to load seven into a BMW, not compromise on the brand’s iconic driving dynamics, and not have to cough up the price of a humble house in the Klang Valley.

If you need more than that to help you make a buying decision, read on.

KEY SPECS: 2015 2 Series Gran Tourer 220i

  • Engine: 2.0-litre BMW TwinPower four-cylinder
  • Transmission: Eight-speed Steptronic torque converter automatic
  • Power: 192hp @ 5,000rpm
  • Torque: 280Nm @ 1,250 to 4,600rpm
  • 0-100km/h: 7.6 seconds
  • Top Speed:221km/h
  • Consumption claimed (combined): 6.2-litres/100km

Performance & Powertrains:

Of the many variants available at the global launch of the all-new 2 Series Gran Tourer, it’s a single 220i that has made it to Malaysia. The 2.0-litre BMW TwinPower turbocharged four-cylinder engine here makes 192hp and 280Nm of torque, and is paired with an eight-speed Steptronic torque converter automatic transmission.

Unlike every other BMW (bar the 2 AT), the 2 GT features a transverse-mounted engine: a step away from the longitudinal-mounted engines common to all RWD vehicles. Being FWD and featuring a transverse-mounted engine meant that BMW had to swap out the familiar eight-speed ZF transmission for a new, Aisin-sourced transmission. The transmission was co-developed by the Japanese brand and the BMW Group for specific use in their vehicles, and also in modern MINIs.

There’s a full Dynamic Stability Control and Dynamic Traction Control system here that on top of keeping drivers safer when surface traction isn’t optimal, it is also there to best prevent any understeer common to front-wheel drive vehicles – that’s something dads might enjoy knowing.

For drivers, BMW’s full range of BMWEfficientDynamics features are present here, including the ECO PRO mode with coasting function, Auto Start-Stop function, Brake Energy Regeneration, electric steering and electrified auxiliary systems.

Exterior Styling:

On the outside, the 2 GT is styled nearly identically to its 2 AT cousin: rounded edges that give it a family-friendly appeal, BMW kidney grille up front, roof rails up top, and the general MPV-dimensions. Even the design line (Luxury Line) that’s offered as standard here, is similar to what you’d get from a 2 AT.

But despite the design similarities, it’s still relatively easy to spot a 2 GT on the road from the 2 AT.

The 2 GT is visibly taller and longer than the 2 AT, but given that their front ends are nearly identical, you’ll have to come around to the back to spot that the 2 GT feature taillights that rake upwards when they reach the centre of the rear cargo door – the 2 AT’s taillight ends swoop downwards.

The rear windshield on the 2 GT also stands more upright, and is again visibly larger than the 2 AT’s arrangement, which tilts inwards more. The Hofmeister kink on the 2 AT is far more pronounced, whereas on the larger 2 GT, the presence of a taller roof is clearly evident.

Additional aerodynamic enhancements include air vent control, air curtains on the front wheels and a roof spoiler integrated into the tailgate.

If you fancy the full LED headlamps, they are optional, by the way.

Dimensions & Cargo Capacities:

As mentioned, the 2 Series Gran Tourer is longer (by 214mm) and taller (53mm) than the 2 AT – we’ll give you the full dimensions shortly, but the growth in size is purely to accommodate the extra cabin space. Even the wheelbase of the 2 GT is longer than the 2 AT’s by 110mm.

Width between the two vehicles is identically set at 1,800mm end to end. For the full dimensions, the 2 GT is 4,556mm long, and 1,608mm tall. The length of the wheelbase stretches 2,780mm.

Inside the vehicle, there’s seating for seven, courtesy of the newfound space and equipped additional third row seats.

If cargo carrying in what you prefer, the sliding second row of seats are of a 40:20:40 split, and can be slid forwards to reveal 805 litres of space from the original 645 litres. At the push of a button, the middle row can be folded flat, for a whopping 1,905 litres of total cargo carrying space.

When not in use, the third row seats can be folded flat into the cargo floor. In use, our test drive review in Croatia recently revealed that there’s even room for my six-foot, overweight self - but more on that later.

Interior Design:

It’s business as usual for the 2 GT if you’re any bit familiar with the interior of the 2 AT. There is of course more headroom created by the additional height of the vehicle, and we’ve already taken you through what the spaciousness is like in the BMW MPV above. Seating in the 2 GT is also similar to the 2 AT, where you’re positioned to be much taller than you’d be in most BMWs.

Ergonomically identical to all that we’ve seen BMW throw at their latest models (6.5-inch free-standing display screen on the dash, iDrive controller on the center console, three-spoke steering wheel with audio control buttons etc.).

There are however a few new storage pockets and compartments that the 2 Series Gran Tourer has added on top of the 2 AT: for example, in the seated in the middle row, if you look under your seat, there’s an elastic band that forms a pocket to store a few magazines – BMW sees this as a neat addition for when the kids need to be occupied by a colouring book etc.

There are two upholstery choices available (Leather Dakota Black and Leather Dakota Oyster), which you may want to choose carefully to match the LED ambient lighting in the cabin.

Features & Equipment:

As standard, the BMW 220i Gran Tourer will be equipped with a 6.5-inch free-standing colour display screen, with a Navigation System and a stereo speaker system with four loudspeakers. Within the infotainment system, you’ll also find various BMW ConnectedDrive Apps.

Other Information:

As announced by BMW Group Malaysia earlier this month, all BMW vehicles registered post June 1, 2015 will benefit from the company’s new Five-Years Unlimited Mileage Warranty with Free Schedule Service Program. The new five-year unlimited mileage warranty is manufacturer backed, and the program includes free scheduled service and maintenance of up to 100,000km.

Colour options for the 2 GT 220i include: Alpine White, Black Sapphire, Mineral Grey, and Glacier Silver while the colours Imperial Blue and Platinum Silver are made exclusively for the Luxury Line, featured as standard.

Take a closer look at the car here:


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