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AD: Experience A Different Car Every Month With SOCAR Car Sharing


AD: Experience A Different Car Every Month With SOCAR Car Sharing

SOCAR Car Sharing is the new mobility solution that provides a worry-free driving experience, and offers plenty of car models for the commute!

There are no keys to a SOCAR vehicle. The smartphone and SOCAR App functions as the smart key! #TapUnlockDrive

Based on SOCAR usage patterns, an average booking duration is 8 hours a week. SOCAR is offering a Japanese sedan for RM14.90/hour x 32 hours a month = RM476.80 inclusive of fuel. Add RM250 and RM80 respectively for ride-hailing and a rail/bus pass and the monthly cost commitment is only RM806.80. This is RM500 lower than what one needs to commit compared to owning a Japanese sedan car. Details here.

With SOCAR extensive range of models and locations, plus being a multi-flexer, one can adjust the usage pattern for either more car-biased or more public transportation-biased.

Dedicated parking bays for SOCAR vehicles, and easy to locate through the pictorial guide in the App

Leon Foong, SOCAR Malaysia CEO says that booking a SOCAR for four hours for a meeting that is located in Putrajaya only costs RM60, again, inclusive of petrol up to 120 kilometres range. That is a huge saving versus RM120 with taxi or ride-hailing application.

Try the new addition to the fleet, the Volkswagen Passat FREE for two hours!

With SOCAR Malaysia, car sharing in the Klang Valley is not only fully-inclusive, but you get a huge selection of vehicles to enjoy driving!

SOCAR Malaysia has been extensively adding more products plus expanding the car sharing locations. Recently, the company added a BMW 330e for those who want to experience plug-in hybrid driving experience for an extended duration rather than ‘around the block’ test drive at the dealership. The BMW 330e is SOCAR's first premium vehicle in their line-up. 

With the range of vehicles that include Perodua Axia, the Myvi (a hot product), Toyota Vios, Honda HR-V, MINI Cooper as well as Volkswagen Polo, multi-flexers have a wide variety of vehicles to experience, making the trip to work or leisure more enjoyable, both driving alone as well as with friends and colleagues.

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