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18,373 Innovating With Carlistbid+ and Carlist360

Berita Kereta Innovating With Carlistbid+ and Carlist360 by virtue of being the most prominent automotive marketplace with 65% market penetration with 1,500,000 million monthly visitors introduces the improved Carlistbid+ as well as the consolidation of our consumer end to end services under the Carlist360 umbrella. 

Through Carlistbid+, private sellers who sell their cars through the platform will be able to obtain a higher valuation for their used vehicles with the introduction of our complimentary three months unlimited mileage warranty plan that will come with each vehicle that is placed for bidding on the platform. Dealers who purchase said vehicles are guaranteed that the car purchased is below 10 years old and under 150,000 kilometres. Inspections for all vehicles are undertaken by qualified Carlistbid inspectors.

This is a win for both the private seller and dealer. For the private seller, this initiative will see them able to obtain a higher selling price whilst dealers can bid and buy cars through Carlistbid+ safe in the knowledge that the vehicle has been inspected and will be under warranty for all coverage items in the next three months upon sale of the vehicle. 

According to Foong See Kee, Head of Auction (Carlistbid) “We are excited to be working with an innovative player, Warranty Smart to provide some extra peace of mind for CarlistBid dealers at the time of making their purchase decisions, knowing the vehicle has additional warranty protection”.

Carlist360 on the other hand is a rebranding exercise of what was formerly known as Carlist Essential Services. We’ve grouped our car loan, balance settlement, insurance and road tax, runner services as well as the Extended Warranty programme into Carlist360, encompassing all the services offered under one umbrella term. 

Carlist360 is the product of the active listening we undertook throughout the second half of 2020. The invaluable comments and feedback of our customers helped us build Carlist360 integrating all the relevant services into one easy to subscribe programme. 

Through Carlist360, customers will be able to purchase extended warranty packages for their used or reconditioned cars. An additional 6 months or 15,000 kilometres is provided FREE when customers purchase any 1-year Warranty Smart plan via Carlist/CarlistBid. This programme is valid for cars below 10 years and 150,000 kilometres. The warranty inspection can take place at the home of the customer or panel workshop at no additional cost. Private sellers can find out more or schedule an inspection appointment here:

According to KY Gan, Managing Director of “The extension of services in Carlistbid+ and Carlist360 further strengthens our position in the market as a consumer-centric business. It is a testament of our commitment to improving the experience of both buyers and sellers by innovating the way Malaysians buy, sell and own cars through”. 

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