MBPJ Wants To Clear Its Roads Of Abandoned Junk Cars, Owners To Be Found And Fined

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MBPJ Wants To Clear Its Roads Of Abandoned Junk Cars, Owners To Be Found And Fined

The Petaling Jaya City Council has announced its intention to dispense of all the junk cars that are littering various parts of its jurisdiction. It’s a move that will surely help free up parking spaces and make for an altogether cleaner and healthier urban landscape, especially considering these derelict eyesores could potentially harbor Aedes mosquitos. 

There are several locations that have been identified by the council as hotbeds for abandoned cars, The Malaysian Insider writes. They include PJS1-10, SS2, SS3, SS7, SS9A, SS20, S21, SS22, SS24, BU6, BU11, PJU10, PJU1A, PJU7, PJS1, SD 1, SD 5, SD 9, SD 12, and Sections 6 and 11 Kota Damansara.

During a press conference at the council headquarters yesterday, mayor Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain told the press: “We will take action to sort out the problem of junk cars, most important because these cars can provide breeding grounds for the Aedes mosquito. These cars abandoned in the streets and parking areas are also inconveniencing the people,”

“The 425 complaints that we received last year, which have now risen to 510 complaints, show that people are annoyed by the problem.”

To make room for these abandoned vehicles that will soon be towed away, MBPJ has prepared a rented space in Section 26 in Shah Alam that they say will be able to store them, at least temporarily until the owners claim them or the council obtains the rights to do away with them properly.

Azizi added that these owners who have left their vehicles to rot on the streets can be compounded up to RM250 in addition to shelling out the RM250 for towing charges and RM100 in storage fees. 

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