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Nissan Starts Their Heritage Parts Division With the Skyline R32

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Nissan Starts Their Heritage Parts Division With the Skyline R32

While we reported on Nissan setting up NISMO as a separate business unit yesterday, what we hadn't noticed is that they are also starting up a Heritage Parts Program under this new NISMO banner. It is normal for manufacturers to produce spare parts for their products for up to 10 years from the end of manufacturing date, but occasionally you will find some manufacturers and suppliers going on for much longer than that- especially for cars like the Toyota Corolla and the like.

Nissan is also getting into this business, but they're starting with the Skyline R32 GT-R. That's great for fans and owners alike, because it helps to keep the parts market prices low and competitive, and ensures a steady supply for owners who may get into bangs and scrapes during their escapades. It's not so much engine and mechanical components that are in short supply as there are plenty of those that can be found aftermarket, but rather body panels and trim pieces that command a much higher price. 

What else can we expect Nissan to start reviving parts production for? Don't hope too hard for older cars like the Hakosuka to see fresh parts being made; in these cases there are both licensing issues and the problem of these cars becoming so rare and protected that volumes may not justify the production. But do expect to see more modern Nissan models to have new parts produced, from things like the R34 

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