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Proton: Top Tether Omission Miscommunicated To ASEAN NCAP

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Proton: Top Tether Omission Miscommunicated To ASEAN NCAP

Following last week’s announcement by ASEAN NCAP that a Malaysian made car is under investigation for a safety violation, specifically regarding the discrepancy in the fitment of a top tether between the models sold to consumer and the model tested by ASEAN NCAP, Proton has now admitted that the omission had been miscommunicated to ASEAN NCAP.

“Upon consultation with ASEAN NCAP on 16 October 2015, Proton Holdings Berhad regret for the miscommunication with ASEAN NCAP on the "top tether" matter that was mistakenly omitted from the current running Saga model that was crash tested in 2013.

“The Company would like to reiterate that we are committed in enhancing safety and all our models are equipped with active and passive safety features.”

Proton added that the top tether is not required by (Malaysian) regulations and that the Proton Saga complies with all existing regulations in the country.

“Although we had complied with safety regulations and other required conditions in the country, we had overlooked in updating ASEAN NCAP on the omission of the top tether from the current Saga models,” said Proton.

As a countermeasure, Proton said, “At this juncture PROTON is offering its customers a free installation of the top tether as an option for current Proton Saga owners. Customers are advised to call our Customer Care Hotline 1 800 888398 or email for any enquiries and assistance to schedule such an appointment at their nearest service outlet.” 

The company however, did not specificy if Saga models manufactured from which year onwards are eligible for the free fitment. Presumably, this offer applies only to Saga models made after 2013, when the revised Saga was tested by ASEAN NCAP. 

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