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New Range Rover Evoque: The Compact SUV You Need Has Finally Arrived

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New Range Rover Evoque: The Compact SUV You Need Has Finally Arrived

Wait no more, the new Range Rover Evoque has just made its debut in Malaysia. 

After nearly a year of its international debut, the new Range Rover Evoque has finally touched down on Malaysian soil.

For RM426,000 (RM475,000 R Dynamic variant), you can now grab a sleeker and more technologically advanced Evoque which includes a new design language, advanced driver assistance technology, ground-breaking off-road technology, and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system.

For those who think that the Evoque looks similar to the old one, we don't blame you, but according to Land Rover, everything except for the door hinges in the new Evoque is well, NEW. It pretty much has borrowed a lot of styling cues from the ultra-sleek Range Rover Velar and now comes with a host of new bits - including those swanky pop-up doors handles from the Velar.

Range Rover Evoque Malaysia

Evoque interior

Among the exciting offerings in the new version is the inclusion of ClearSight technology, such as the ClearSight Rear View Mirror that transforms into an HD video screen when engaged. Should rear visibility be compromised by passengers or bulky items, the driver can flip a switch on the underside of the mirror and a camera feed from the top of the car will display what is behind the vehicle in crisp high definition. The video screen provides a 50-degree field of vision and superior visibility in low light. 

ClearSight rear view mirror

The world-first ‘ClearSight Ground View’ technology is also designed to allow drivers to virtually see through the hood and under the front end of the vehicle by projecting a 180-degree view of the ground onto the vehicle’s upper touchscreen. This is useful when navigating through tight parking spaces, high city curbs or tackling rough terrain. 

ClearSight ground view

The new Evoque is also the first Land Rover model to feature Smart Settings, a system that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to learn a driver’s preferences. The system will then use the driver’s preference to automate comfort and driver-specific media settings throughout the drive.

Using ‘self-learning’ technology, the system also recognises the drivers from their key fob and phones and will thereby set their seat and steering column position on approach, allowing for up to eight profiles to be registered. After a few journeys, the Evoque is able to remember the driver’s preferred temperature settings, media preferences and commonly dialled numbers, depending on the time or day of the week - very cool.

Drivers will also get to immerse themselves in the vehicle’s digital interior experience with the Land Rover InControl® Touch Pro Duo infotainment system that combines two sleek 10-inch high-definition glass touchscreens and a 12.3-inch driver display behind the steering wheel. The result is a beautiful, ‘hidden until lit’ interior filled with state-of-the-art digital interfaces.

Evque infotainment system

Other new interesting features in this new Evoque include the Lane Keep Assist which helps the driver to stay in lane by adding the necessary steering correction and initiating a gentle steering input to return the vehicle to its intended position.

Driver Condition Monitor technology is another added safety feature that is based on the driver’s steering inputs. Should the technology detect jerky, non-linear movements that are typical symptoms of a fatigued driver, it will automatically trigger an audible and visual warning in the instrument cluster.

The new Evoque also comes with a much larger and wider cargo area in the boot which can easily fit prams, bicycles to golf club sets. Luggage space of 591 litres can be further increased to 1,383 litres when the flexible 40:20:40 second-row seats are folded.

Evoque interior space

The New baby Range Rover also features a new 2.0L Petrol Turbocharged Ingenium engine that supplies fast response to throttle demand due to its immediate delivery of boost pressure. The Ingenium engine is paired with a state-of-the-art nine-speed automatic transmission which helps deliver from 200 - 250hp (depending on variant) and 365Nm of torque that the vehicle has.

Building on the original model’s instantly recognisable design, the new Evoque is a sophisticated evolution of the original’s distinctive coupe-like silhouette, typified by its fast roofline and rising belt line that identify the Range Rover family at first glance.

The introduction of new slim LED headlights and tail lights emphasise the vehicle’s new design language while flush door handles add to the smooth, sculpted aesthetic.

There is an offer going on at the moment where early birds can grab a free RM3,000 accessory voucher to help kit out your Evoque.

More to come when we get our hands on one for a test drive. 

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Adam Aubrey

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