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Rapid KL Begins Operation Of Higher Capacity Double-Decker Buses

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Rapid KL Begins Operation Of Higher Capacity Double-Decker Buses

Rapid KL’s Double-Decker stage buses began operations yesterday, allowing a total capacity of 108 passengers per coach. 

According to Bernama, Mohd Azam Omar, RapidKL’s chief operating officer said there are currently only five double-decker buses in use during this starting phase. They have been deployed to a certain high trafficked route, which is U80 from Shah Alam to the Central Market Hub.

"This is because the route is one of those with high demand and passenger capacity during peak hours," Mohd Azam said in a statement. He added that the routes and bus count will be expanded to other areas by the end of September.

"With these buses, more seats would be available for each trip compared with a regular bus, and we hope passengers can enjoy a more comfortable and safe ride," he said.

These new double-decker buses are equipped with CCTV cameras on both decks, priority seating, information display screens, and supports the ‘universal access’ concept.

These new higher capacity buses are part of Rapid KL’s goal to increase public transportation usage to 40 percent of the population by 2020. They allow more passengers to commute along the bus route at a given time while maintaining or possibly lowering the total number of buses required on the road. 

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Jim Kem

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