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Shell Helix and Waze Launch Asia’s First Accident-Prone Spots Alert

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Shell Helix and Waze Launch Asia’s First Accident-Prone Spots Alert

With the upcoming Ramadan and Aidifiltri seasons, many motorists will be making their way back to their hometowns- regardless of ethnicity or religion, because as Malaysians we enjoy taking advantage of any long holiday we’re presented with. Many road users have turned towards Google Maps and Waze in order to make their journeys a little smoother, with alerts for traffic pileups and accidents helping motorists make decisions to detour and the like.


But Shell and Waze seek to go beyond that. From May 16th to July 15th, a special alert from Shell Helix will pop up for Waze users whenever they approach one of 50 accident-prone spots around Peninsular Malaysia. The reminder is to ensure road users stay vigilant, and the spots are chosen based on historical accident data submitted by Waze users themselves.

Seasoned motorists will understand this concept. There are particular places on highways and trunk roads that are notorious for being especially dangerous- places that may not be known to newer road users. The objective of the campaign is to help prevent accidents during this season when there are an especially large number of road users.

The added benefit of preventing accidents is that traffic jams can be reduced as well. How many times have you come upon a slow moving stretch of traffic to find a bottleneck caused by an accident a few minutes earlier? Less accidents means smoother flowing traffic, and that’s something that everyone can appreciate.

Prior to the peak travel period, Shell Helix will also be running special oil change promotions for Waze users and other raod users who catch the Shell Helix Aidilfitri video on YouTube or Facebook. By presenting a unique promo code that appears in the Waze app or the video, motorists will enjoy up to RM 30 off when they bring in their cars for an oil change at participanting Shell Helix branded workshops and Lubebay service outlets.

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