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The Build Log: A track-ready Toyota GR Yaris that’s driven over 40,000km a year!

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The Build Log: A track-ready Toyota GR Yaris that’s driven over 40,000km a year!

Some people treat their track-prepared cars and their daily drivers very differently, but for Timothy, those cars are one and the same. And according to him, his beloved GR Yaris takes on both roles incredibly well.

Join the fastest cars in Malaysia at the CarTell Track Attack Volume II happening on May 27th 2023 at the Sepang International Circuit. Featuring 2 sessions for 8 hours of on-track action big gifts for the fastest cars of the day. Register now!

Back to GR Yaris, Timothy's ownership experience has also been one of consistent smiles and shocking reliability, a pattern that began even before he took delivery of his Toyota AWD super-hatch. Even as early as him merely hearing about the car, he knew he’d must have one.

Clearly, that combination of chassis and underpinnings developed with WRC competition in mind, compact dimensions, potent but lightweight turbocharged 3-cylinder engine, and an advanced GR-Four 4-wheel drive system made this car something truly special.

Unsurprisingly, the demand from Malaysian car enthusiasts was overwhelming when it was launched here in December 2020. This sentiment was echoed globally, but Toyota remained adamant that production would not exceed 25,000 units globally.

While some are too happy to keep their examples as pristine as possible, Timothy insists the car should be driven, driven fast, and driven often. Instead, his other prized possession, a Lotus Elise, is kept safely in Langkawi for the occasions he finds himself there ready to enjoy some laid back island cruising.

Besides the few modifications such as aftermarket wheels and a set of better tyres to match, he’s kept his GR Yaris untouched, saying that the pursuit of further ‘improvement’ would only serve to ruin the tuning and balance so perfectly set by the engineers.

For him, the car delivers plenty of thrills and driver involvement even when driving on normal roads with its 1.6-litre G16E-GTS providing plenty of pulling power and refinement. Power and torque are always at the ready with 261PS at 6,500rpm and 360Nm from 3,000rpm to 4,600rpm, but it’s the car’s 6-speed manual gearbox in particular that’s so engaging to use.

He’s not kidding when claiming the GR Yaris is his daily driver either as he can be seen on many days belting up and down the KL-Seremban Highway to and from work. He’s even got the title of highest mileage car within the GR Yaris community, clocking up more than 40,000km driven in a single year!

Passing by the exit to the Sepang International Circuit almost on a daily basis makes taking a detour every now and again impossible to resist, and Timothy has had many occasions where his GR Yaris gets willingly spanked on track.

It’s all in good safe fun, of course, which he maintains should be the point of any track day with friends. Regardless, his chosen car plays this dual role perfectly, and afterward the car simply exits the track and heads home like the daily driver street car it is, never skipping a beat.

In fact, that’s exactly what Tim and his car will be doing at the upcoming CarTell Track Attack Volume II.

Happening this weekend on May 27th as the centrepiece of CarTell Speedfest, our Track Attack pits together the fastest cars in Malaysia with big gifts and prizes going to the one that tops the charts.

If you think your car has got the right stuff to set a blazing time or if you just want to test your mettle around a world class circuit, register to participate today!

That said, because Speedfest is an all-day event with many other exciting activities, prizes to be won, and the Velocity Motor Show bringing the best of the car customisation and aftermarket scene, you are more than welcome to join us, hang out, and just have a good time with family and friends. Once the track lights up with action and the engines start roaring, you'll definitely not want to miss the excitement. All are welcome to spectate!

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