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VIDEO: Another Road Bully Caught On Camera, Whilst Abusing Emergency Lane


VIDEO: Another Road Bully Caught On Camera, Whilst Abusing Emergency Lane

We’re not quite sure what preceded the events captured on camera here, but hey, it looks like another road bully has been caught on camera – in a double whammy, for abusing the emergency lane at the same time.

A rather aggressive driver is seen rolling up in the emergency lane beside a car, taunting the recorders of this footage, who respond in Bahasa Malaysia with some panic and a little bit of profanity thrown in.

We've got no clue as to what provoked the driver of the Proton Saga to turn confrontational and act out that way, but he is obviously outraged, and is one of the many emergency lane abusers captured on camera here. If or not something else happened beforehand that would put the owner of the footage at fault is another point to ponder, but regardless, there's no need for either party to act out this way.

What should you do if you were confronted by a road bully?

Stay calm, don’t retaliate. If you have a dashcam or camera-equipped mobile phone, do your best to record the proceedings either on video or photo, discreetly and safely – no need for you yourself to illegally/ dangerously handle a mobile phone while driving, nor do we recommend shoving a camera in a bully’s face, provoking them further.

Keeping calm is the key, and your priority should be to get out of the situation, and get yourself to safety. Your secondary objective should be to record the incident for the authorities to possibly take action.

Don’t be afraid to report them to the authorities at:

*Some profanity is used in this video, viewer discretion is advised


Pengalaman pengguna jalan raya berhadapan dengan pemandu yang tak bertanggungjawab dan memandu secara merbahaya. Berhati-hati ketika memandu dan jangan teragak agak untuk membuat laporan mengenai pembuli jalan raya seperti ini

Posted by Friends of BN - Barisan Nasional on Monday, 20 July 2015


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