2016 Toyota Vellfire Executive Lounge Makes Malaysian Debut With Grandhill Garage - RM568k


2016 Toyota Vellfire Executive Lounge Makes Malaysian Debut With Grandhill Garage - RM568k

Just as we reported on earlier yesterday with our first look at the new Vellfire Executive Lounge, we were there to witness its official launch at Sunway Pyramid. 

The event itself was organised by Grandhill Garage, the grey importer that’s bringing in this version of the popular Toyota luxury MPV. The one they’re making available for sale is the Executive Lounge model, which comes with a 3.5-litre V6 engine and all the leather, woodgrain, and aluminium trim you’d need to fool yourself into thinking you’re actually in a flying in business class.

In contrast to the added luxury you get inside, at least over the lesser Vellfire variants, the Vellfire Executive Lounge is happy to forego the expected ostentation on the exterior. Indeed, there may be one or two things to distinguish this as the top-of-the-range, but to the average onlooker there’s little giveaway. 

It still announces itself to other motorists as a Vellfire, however. That shape has become so very recognisable given how popular it is on Malaysian roads along with the Alphard, and add to that the near-blinding amount of chrome fitted to the front - you’ll know when it’s coming up behind you.

The 17-inch 10-spoke wheels are smaller than some of the other Vellfire variants, but perhaps that decision was to permit thicker tyres to gain that added notch of occupant comfort. 

Comfort is the watchword for this living room on wheels, those wide electrically reclining middle-row seats are very comfortable indeed, are both heated and ventilated, and has an electrically-extendable ottoman that extends further even when swung fully open.

Clearly, that’s where the chairman will want to sit, perhaps accompanied by his/her second-in-command at his/her side while plotting the next hostile corporate takeover, while the rest of the entourage busy themselves with the finer details of the enterprise in the third-row seats and the remaining front passenger seat. 

What struck us most was the precision-adjustable air conditioning vents for the middle row, a rounded aluminium cylinder that just screams quality and really caps off the whole business class airliner experience. It also comes with 12.1-inch monitor for (in-flight?) movies or business presentations on the go, accompanied by a 1,500-watt JBL GreenEdge sound system with 17-speakers. Additionally, there’s an ambient lighting system with 16 colour options. 

Earliest deliveries for the Toyota Vellfire 3.5 Executive Lounge will start in March 2016 for approximately RM568,000, with early birds who pay upfront now receiving an RM70,000 discount. Other Toyota Vellfire variants will also be brought in by Greenhill Garage, including the 3.5 VL for RM538k and the 2.5 ZG for RM368k. 

You’ll be able to see the new Toyota Vellfire Executive Lounge for yourself as it will remain on display at Sunway Pyramid until the end of this weekend, 22nd November. There’s also a bunch of other cars on display there which you might be into, including a Ferrari 458 Spider, Lamborghini Aventador, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Bentley Continental GT V8, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Performante. Ah yes, and a BMW i3 as well. 

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