5 Spacious Used MPVs for Less than RM79k - For Your Growing Family


5 Spacious Used MPVs for Less than RM79k - For Your Growing Family

We list down five spacious used MPVs for less than RM79k.

A family man will tell you that a happy family is the key to a happy life. A family man will also usually go out of their way to provide the best comfort for their family, which is why sometimes they aim to buy the most spacious MPV available.

We all care about our family and want the best for them, but sometimes a new large MPV is just out of the question because they are expensive. 

Large MPV MalaysiaThis is where you can turn to the used car market for a better deal on large MPVs. With thousands of cars available on, it's just a matter of looking for them which could take some time.

If you don't have the time to browse or don't know where to start, let us help you as we have found five spacious USED MPVs available on 

1) 1st-Gen Honda Elysion - RM50k - RM60k

Honda Elysion Malaysia

If you love the H badge and want the most spacious MPV offering from the Japanese marque, then the Honda Elysion is the car to look at. Never officially sold through Honda Malaysia, the Elysion was imported by USF-Hicom Sdn Bhd and many different parallel importers.

Unfortunately, most of the Elysions available on the market are 1st-Gen cars, but since they are Honda's they still look current and modern, which doesn't make them look out of place even today. 

The Elysions available on are all mostly equipped with a 2.4-litre DOHC direct injection i-VTEC engine, producing 160 PS and 218Nm of torque. Power is sent to the front wheels via a 5-speed automatic.

Technically, the Honda Elysion is slightly longer and wider than the 7th Gen Toyota Camry, but being a Honda, space is always better utilised, as the Minato-based firm is clever in packaging cars. As a result, the Elysion can sit seven comfortably, and it's not bad to drive either.

What we like What we don't like
Different from your regular MPV Dated interior like most old Hondas
Good exterior looks no hire purchase available for vehicles older than 10 years

Check out listings of Honda Elysions on here.

2) Mazda Biante RM59k - RM82k

Mazda Biante Malaysia

Consider this for a second; the Mazda Biante is shorter, at 4,715mm, and slimmer, at 1,770mm, than the current-generation Mazda 6 sedan (at 4,870mm and 1,840mm respectively), but the Biante can carry two more passengers. 

The Biante offers superb practicality courtesy of sliding third-row seats, which allows it to accommodate more luggage without the need to flip/fold the last row. Superb ride quality and cabin refinement are other highlights of the Biante. 

Its 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine develops 149 hp and 190 Nm of torque (mated to a 6-speed automatic), making it a decent highway cruiser and city dweller. However, the Biante loses some marks for not offering cruise control and auto headlamps, which were supplied as standard even on cheaper Mazda models.

One of the reasons it was never that successful when it was launched was that it was in a rather weird spot. On one hand, it offered more seating capacity (8 seats versus 7 seats) than its nearest rival, the Nissan Serena, but the Biante was a considerably older product than the Serena, and it showed, both inside and out. 

At the prices they are going for now on the used car market, they make for interesting prospects, especially when you are looking for a lot of seats in an MPV.

What we like What we don't like
Good interior quality, Weird body proportions
Easy to drive

not enough safety features

Check out listings of Mazda Biantes on here.

3) 2nd-Gen Hyundai Grand Starex - RM51k - RM79k

Hyundai Grand Starex Malaysia

Although not on the tips of everyone's lips when looking for a luxurious MPV, the Hyundai Grand Starex has been one of Malaysia's unsung heroes for families that need an MPV with lots of space and seats.

Now discontinued to make way for the futuristic-looking Hyundai Staria, the Starex easily fits more than 7 passengers, as its three rear passenger rows can help accommodate up to 11/12 passengers. 

Sliding rear rows also means that you can move the seats into various positions depending on your requirements for carrying people or luggage. 

The Grand Starex is powered by a gem, the venerable 2.5-litre turbodiesel engine that develops 170 PS and 320 Nm of torque, so there's ample power to haul heavy loads. Do note however, that while it's powerful, the engine isn't as refined as its competitors, and some owners have noted that since the rear rows of seats cannot be removed or stowed away, carrying larger or longer items can be a challenge.

What we like What we don't like
Humble looks The DRLs on the side mirrors blind other road users
Robust engine the interior is basic

Check out quality listings of the Hyundai Starex on here.

4)1st-Gen Toyota Innova - RM51k - RM79k

Toyota Innova Malaysia

Many people call the Toyota Innova the poor man's Alphard, and as much as that sounds condescending, it's actually a compliment because it can deliver what the Alphard can, but at a cut price.

Despite not having any leather seats, the cabin of the Innova looks like a more affordable version of the Alphard. The multi-info instrument panel, the redesigned dashboard clad in material that looks much more premium than the outgoing model, the steering wheel, which comprised a combination of wood and leather, ambient lighting, impressive audio system, the 8-inch touch screen infotainment system (optional) all felt like it was trying to give people the Alphard experience at a cut price.

It might not be as well-built as a Mazda Biante or look as good as the Nissan Serena S-Hybrid, but when it comes to fulfilling its duties as a people mover, the new Innova absolutely nails it. Plus, with all the bells and whistles like the ambient lighting, infotainment system with full-coloured touch screen, wooden trim running across the dashboard, you would actually be forgiven for thinking that this is actually a mini Alphard.

What we like What we don't like
Great practicality Not the best looker
Robust build backed by a reliable brand No leather seats

Check out quality listings of Toyota Innovas here.

5) Maxus G10 - RM64k - RM70k

Maxus G10 Malaysia

To be honest, we nearly forgot about the Maxus G10, but we're glad we didn't because this MPV from China offers near-passenger car comfort, hand-in-hand with the seating capacity of a football team.

It follows a similar template to the Starex in that it is a large multi-row MPV built on a ladder frame sporting a front-engine rear-wheel-drive configuration, but it offered more refinement when compared to the MPV from Korea.

Standard equipment includes 16-inch alloy wheels, xenon headlamps with LED daytime running lights, LED tail lights, power sunroof, electronic stability control, parking sensors, reverse camera, keyless entry, rain-sensing wipers, cruise control, auto climate control, rear air-con vents, and leather seats.

If you think that's impressive, wait till you read about its powertrain.

The G10 is not powered by a noisy turbodiesel or a thirsty big-capacity petrol V6, but instead, it is equipped with a downsized turbocharged four-cylinder 2.0-litre petrol engine sending outputs of 225 hp and 345 Nm to the rear wheels via ZF's 6HP 6-speed automatic transmission.

What we like What we don't like
Great practicality Interior feels cheap on closer inspection
Affordable price not many on the used car market

Check out listings for Maxus G10s on here.



Average Price

after 6 years

Road Tax

Honda Elysion RM59k RM780
Mazda Biante RM63k RM380
Toyota Innova RM42k RM380
Hyundai Grand Starex RM74k RM840
Maxus G10 RMN/A RM380

Personally,i have always been a big fan of the Toyota Innova as its ladder frame chassis similarly used on the Toyota Hilux and Fortuner means it is one rugged MPV. Yes it might not have the best ride quality of all the MPVs listed up above, but the Innova will probably be the MPV to have the least amount of headaches and maintennace. 

However, i am curious about the Maxus G10 as it presents good value for money for what you are getting. Its 2.0-litre engine is sourced from Volkswagen, and their relationship of assembling general motors and Volkswagen vehicles in China should mean that their cars are well put together. For the price they are going for now, you get a lot of modern features as well as plenty of room for your family. 

Used Car Warranty with Warranty Smart

Warranty Smart Malaysia

One of the downsides of buying a used car is that they are often not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Warranty Smart is an optional protection for any used car purchased under 10 years old.

Coverage starts from RM848 a year. Read more about Warranty Smart here.

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