Audi Malaysia introduces new assurance package (2 years free + 3 years paid)


Audi Malaysia introduces new assurance package (2 years free + 3 years paid)

Audi Malaysia has just announced the Audi Assurance Package (AAP) to its customers, aiming to provide better after sales experience and customer satisfaction. It was announced along with new on-the-road prices for the entire range of Audi models.

Starting from 1st January 2023, customers purchasing a new Audi will be able to opt-in for a package that extends the standard 2 year manufacturer warranty by 3 years, together with 3 years of free maintenance. To clarify, customers upon opting in for the AAP will enjoy a total of 5 years manufacturer warranty, 3 years maintenance and 5 years roadside assistance. Prices for this package range from RM8,000 to RM24,000, depending on the model. Audi owners can choose to take advantage of this offer either prior to or at the time of purchase. 

Audi Malaysia Assurance Package

The package, offered by PHS Automotive Malaysia (PHSAM), is designed to give customers peace of mind when purchasing a new Audi. PHSAM,Malaysia’s official Audi distributor, is dedicated to providing superior Audi ownership experience and furthering the growth of the Audi brand in the country.

Erik Winter, Managing Director PHSAM, stated that exceptional ownership experience begins with the purchase. The AAP will provide more value and flexibility to owners.

“Beyond this, our Audi Centres are also ready to support owners with improved aftersales offerings and the right package to suit their lifestyle demands, and to ensure their vehicles remain protected for the journeys they are making. This initiative adds to our series of customer care programmes to make Audi the choice of those seeking drive experiences that are a class above the rest,” he added.

More information on the assurance package can be found on Audi Malaysia’s website.