Audi's lunar quattro Goes to the Silver Screen and Space


Audi's lunar quattro Goes to the Silver Screen and Space

Does anyone remember that one time Audi designed a lunar rover? Yes, that's right- the lunar quattro (it's gotta be all lower case), is returning to the limelight because this time it has two separate but equally interesting roles to play. The first is a little more believable: the lunar quattro will feature in the upcoming Alien: Covenant movie and be an integral piece of equipment for the plotline. But beyond this, Audi is also planning to send an actual lunar rover to the actual moon. Fancy that.

In the Alien movie, the lunar quattro is as useful as you would expect when exploring a hostile environment. It also gives a chance for Audi to show off the features of their little lunar rover in a mass-market, entertainment context.

Moon exploration is a pretty old and long-gone topic, but it's always possible for us to set our sights further and look at exploring other planets in other solar systems- much as the crew of the Covenant do. 

But in the real world. Audi has been working hard at turning that concept into a reality. Since its first release in 2015, the lunar quattro has been refined and improved to the point where it weighs just 30 kilograms- which is some truly space grade stuff.

It is also 85% aluminium, as you would expect from a product out of Ingolstadt. Ever ready to promote their high end tech, the lunar quattro comes equipped with... intelligent quattro drive technology, and a powerful yet efficient e-tron motor. Excessive marketing? Perhaps, but it's still a cool little thing. 




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