JPJ announces record-breaking RM5.07 billion in revenue for 2023


JPJ announces record-breaking RM5.07 billion in revenue for 2023

It’s fitting that the Road Transport Department (JPJ) announced it had concluded its most prosperous year to date in 2023 shortly after CNY 2024, surpassing RM5 billion (RM5.07b) in total annual revenue for the first time.

The announcement, made by Transport Minister Anthony Loke, stated this revenue collection had exceeded the previous year's total of RM 4.9 billion and confirming their projections made earlier last year by its Director-General, Datuk Zailani Hashim.

With an increase in vehicle registration in 2023 by 13.6% over the year previous, the resulting revenue generated also experienced a notable spike, rising from RM501.5 million in 2022 to RM569.6 million in last year.

This surge notably included tenders for special series numbers such as 'FF' and 'M-M', introduced in May and August 2023, respectively. An increase in summonses issued was also a factor.

The introduction of the 'GOLD' series on February 1, 2024, resulted in JPJ collecting RM 17.24 million in revenue. Notably, the highest bid for a registration number in JPJ's history was RM 1.5 million, secured by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar for GOLD 1.

Minister Loke extended congratulations to the 6,810 other successful bidders of the 'GOLD' series registrations. Another large contributor to JPJ revenue is (and will remain) annualised road tax, which the minister estimated to be north of RM2 billion a year.

Loke emphasised that JPJ's increased annual revenue will be directed towards the Department's social programs, including the JPJ Driving License and Safety Helmet program, FLYsiswa air flight ticket subsidies, and SOCSO contributions for taxi drivers.

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