Extended bidding period for 'FF' series number plates until Friday May 19th


Extended bidding period for 'FF' series number plates until Friday May 19th

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has decided to extend the bidding period for the "FF" series of number plates through the JPJeBid system. The extension adds one additional day, allowing bidders to submit their bids until 10 pm on Friday (May 19).

Transport Minister Anthony Loke acknowledged the public's concerns regarding the unstable JPJeBid system, which was experiencing a high volume of traffic. In response to these complaints, the decision was made to extend the bidding period.

Loke addressed the matter in a Facebook post, stating that the extension was implemented to ensure fairness for all participants. He also mentioned that he had convened a meeting with the ministry's digital advisory committee (JPD) to seek their advice on enhancing the system.

He also emphasised the ministry's commitment to improving the digital infrastructure not only for JPJ but also for other agencies under its jurisdiction.

Last week, the Road Transport Department had introduced a special "FF" vehicle registration series in honour of its 77th anniversary with the Transport Minister announcing that the public can participate in an online bidding process for these unique registration plates through JPJ's e-Bid portal, starting from Sunday, May 14.

Originally, the bidding period was planned to last for five days until 10 pm on May 18.

Loke expressed confidence that the "FF" series will generate significant revenue for the government, citing a previous series that earned over RM10 million for the department. The exact income from the bidding will be disclosed after the bidding period concludes.

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Jim Kem

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