Balik Kampung with the DDPAI Z50 - the dashcam to capture every moment!


Balik Kampung with the DDPAI Z50 - the dashcam to capture every moment!

We can’t help nor predict what weird, humorous, or potentially dangerous behaviours other people get up to while on the road, but when things do go a little sideways, having the crucial moment securely, accurately, and vividly recorded can be priceless.

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Traffic Incidents

This is the situation we all tend to think of first when someone argues in favour of ‘getting a dashcam’ - making sure the mishaps, altercations, and violations are not just avoided and lamented upon, but are preserved and possibly actioned upon.

Quite often, our dashcams record on-the-road occurrences that prove our innocence and clear us wrongdoing while giving the authorities a means to conduct a more thorough investigation.

To this end, the ability for such a device to capture footage clearly and consistently of very high quality becomes essential. The DDPAI Z50, for example, uses an advanced image Sony IMX415 sensor and optics to ensure amazingly sharp, convincing footage even in challenging lighting conditions.

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Road Rage

While a lot of dashcam footage found being shared online has some form of entertainment value, the reality is that people can get aggressive while out on the road and take matters into their own hands.

For all the same reasons, having supreme image quality that you can rely on to accurately capture the situation is the most essential attribute of any dashcam and one that the aforementioned Z50 delivers in spades with its video resolution of up to 4K and equally sharp rear-facing camera.

Some aggressive road users will even halt their behaviour and attempt to flee the scene once they realise they are being recorded and that their potentially incriminating behaviour will have negative consequences.

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Insurance Scams

Though these are very worthy of the humour they invite on the internet, it just goes to show the sheer lengths people are willing to go to in order to make a quick buck. Back in the days before dashcams were a common fixture as a car accessory, proving something had occurred on the road was just a matter of one person’s word against someone else’s.

And here, the more outrageous the claim made, the harder it is to disprove outright. In these ‘insurance scam’ types of footage, the perpetrator will attempt to falsely claim that he or she was struck or injured through the negligence or unlawful driving of a road user, often making loud noises and crying out in fake anguish to attract the attention of onlookers as bystander witnesses.

The most common strategy is for the scammer to throw themselves in front of a moving (though slowly) vehicle and feign serious injury as if the driver had forcefully impacted them. With the dashcam factored in, these practices are exposed for the ridiculously pathetic attempts they are.

Some are seen writhing on a stationary car’s bonnet before rolling onto the ground supposedly unconscious.

Faced with this irrefutable footage, the authorities can only favour the defendant.

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The Perfect Balik Kampung Companion!

In addition to capturing other important moments out on the road, the DDPAI Z50 should be on everyone’s shortlist for a high quality auto gadget, especially this festive season when so many of us will be on the road during the Balik Kampung rush.

Not only is it DDPAI’s flagship dashcam product with built-in GPS, integrated G-sensors, support of up SD cards up to 128GB in capacity, Smart Parking Monitoring, supercapacitor technology for an even more reliable power supply, and advanced NightVIS for superior low light performance, the Z50 - like every other model DDPAI offers - is designed to enhance every journey.

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