Reckless Driver Drives Straight Into Nasi Kandar Shop


Reckless Driver Drives Straight Into Nasi Kandar Shop

Video footage of a reckless Perodua Alza driver who plowed into a popular Nasi Kandar eatery in George Town, Penang has surfaced online. The footage appears to be recorded by one of the outlet’s CCTV cameras and provides a clear account of the incident.

The incident occurred last night at popular Nasi Kandar joint, Kassim Mustafa, around 10:07 PM, according to the video’s time stamp.

Before the crash, the recording clearly shows the driver recklessly weaving in and out of traffic as he approaches the restaurant. Moments before impact, the white car ahead of the Alza appears to slow down, forcing the Alza driver to swerve away to avoid a collision. At this point, it seems he may have lost control of his vehicle and rammed directly into the restaurant tables and chairs, before coming to an abrupt stop after hitting a concrete pillar of the restaurant.

The male driver later re-emerges, visibly looking traumatized.

Separately, FreeMalaysiaToday reports that case will be investigated for reckless driving. The 26-year-old driver reportedly swerved into the direction of the restaurant to avoid a pedestrian crossing the road, this is unclear from the CCTV footage, and district police have confirmed that the driver was not drunk at the time.

In the same report, Kassim Mustafa owner Salim Manshoor, reportedly plans to sue the driver for damages to his property and is currently in discussion with his partners on their next move.

Thankfully, there were no reported injuries to the restaurant's patrons and the driver. In addition to tables and chairs, there seems to be a substantial loss of Dalcha curry as well!