Best Car Age To Buy A Used Perodua Bezza Advance


Best Car Age To Buy A Used Perodua Bezza Advance

For all of the models that Perodua has produced over its long and illustrious history, it is the Perodua Bezza that represents a truly new era for the Malaysian manufacturer.

It was a double whammy of “firsts” for Perodua: it’s the first model built that is uniquely their own, and their first sedan. 

Carsome Perodua Bezza Side Profile Blue

For context, Perodua has always produced high quality products, but they had difficulty shedding the notion that they were just rebadging Japanese compact cars.

The Bezza represented a true first step forward in designing their own products, and acted as a stepping stone to the third generation Myvi which has also proven to be a standout product appealing even to those usually shopping in higher market segments.

Carsome Perodua Bezza Boot
The Perodua Bezza was built upon the idea that Malaysians need space – more specifically, boot space.

While the Myvi and the Axia had reasonably sized boots, the Bezza went that extra step further with its sedan-sized trunk, bringing with it the ability to carry even more large items.

As Malaysians also have an affinity for sedans over hatchbacks, the Bezza represented an entry-level sedan that could tick those boxes at a competitive price point.

The Bezza was first launched back in 2016, with a facelift coming at the start of 2020.

Through its production lifespan, the number of available variants has grown and shrunk depending on how the market reacts, but one variant that has remained through it all is the top-spec Advance model, which has essentially been repositioned as the AV.

The Bezza is available with either a 1.0-litre engine or a 1.3-litre engine, but manual options are reserved for the lowest-spec 1.0-litre G variant. 

Here’s the breakdown:

Vehicle Variant: Perodua Bezza Advance 2017

There’s no denying that the Bezza is an incredibly popular model for Perodua, but a surprising number of owners opted for the highest specification model.

The justification for this tends to be that while the initial cost and monthly installments are higher, these values are recouped at the end of their period of usage as residual value tends to be quite strong as well - and with most Perodua products, the Bezza is no different when it comes to high residual values.

2017 Perodua Bezza Advance

Year Car Age (Years) Avg Advertised Price (RM) Retained Value Percentage Depreciation Percentage Cumulative Depreciation Sum (RM)
2017 Launch Year 41,200.00 81% 19% 9,600.00
2018 1 40,461.80 80% 20.35% 10,338.20
2019 2 38,393.31 76% 24.42% 12,406.69
2020 3 37,793.95 74% 25.60% 13,006.05
2021 4 37,605.02 74% 25.97% 13,194.98
2022 5 37,621.99 74% 25.94% 13,178.01

Over the last five years we have a significant amount of data regarding the transaction and listing prices of these cars, and this has also allowed us to chart the depreciation over time. In the case of the Perodua Bezza Advance, the model was initially offered at RM 50,800.

As is the case with all cars, the first year of depreciation hit the hardest with a significant 19% drop, or roughly RM 9,600.

Following that however, depreciation has been fairly slow and steady – even with the introduction of an updated facelift model in 2020 that packed more safety features and equipment.

The Perodua Bezza Advance remains at roughly 74% of its initial value from the third year of ownership onwards, making it an incredibly attractive proposition for those looking for their first sedan.

With that in mind, the last year of our data, 2022 - has to be taken with a pinch of salt as the average value here is higher than that of the previous year.

This comes down to the fact that with the global semiconductor shortage and ongoing conflicts around the world, the waiting list for new vehicles has stretched to rather tenuous lengths which in turn has bumped up the prices on the used car market. 

Depreciation 2017 Perodua Bezza Advance
In terms of when would be the best time to purchase your Perodua Bezza Advance, it would have to be the third or fourth year of its life as the residual value seems to stabilise at this point.

In this case, you would be looking at a 2019 or 2020 model –- though it may make more sense to wait for a 2020 model to reach this point as it comes with a significantly more comprehensive amount of safety features and functionality with the A.S.A 2.0 safety system that offers autonomous emergency braking.

Carsome Perodua Bezza Interior
As a whole, Perodua models have that incredible residual value and you aren’t likely to lose a great deal of money over the course of ownership with the exception of what you spend in regular maintenance –- which is also kept affordable.

The Perodua Bezza remains with a conventional automatic transmission, and the engine at its heart is simple and straightforward enough that any competent mechanic can take good care of it.

It’s no surprise then that the Bezza is also the choice of those taking on private hire roles with ride-sharing apps as the larger boot offers great flexibility when transporting passengers –- especially those who may be going to the airport.

Low running costs, great fuel efficiency, and great residual values are all recipes for a winner when it comes to purchasing an entry level model. 

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