BMW and MINI Malaysia 2020 Updated Pricelist With SST Exemption


BMW and MINI Malaysia 2020 Updated Pricelist With SST Exemption

The updated price list pretty much includes all of the cars from BMW and MINI Malaysia's line up.

BMW and MINI Malaysia have released an updated price list for their cars, including the ones that were recently launched like the M135i XDrive, M2 Competition as well as the much-coveted MINI John Cooper Works GP.


Effective up until 31st December 2020, the updated price list reflects the Sales and Services Tax (SST) reduction that was set by the government back in June as well as the ongoing RM33,000.00 cash rebate campaign for the BMW 630i GT, along with the MINI ‘Add Independence’ campaign that features a range of cash rebates and installment support for selected MINI models.    

For those who are looking to purchase a BMW or a MINI, this list down below could be of some help to you for a better indication of their current prices.


BMW Pricelist
Model          Pricing With SST

 Price With SST Exemption

M135i xDrive RM368,800 RM355,646.25 -RM13,153.75
M2 Competition RM631,800 RM608,866.69 -RM22,933.31
320i Sport RM248,800 RM241,794.40 -RM7,005.60
330i M Sport RM293,800 RM286,187.48 -RM7,612.52
M4 Coupe RM772,800 N/A N/A
520i Luxury RM328,800 RM318,468.78 -RM10,331.22
530e M Sport RM338,800 RM333,692.91 -RM5,107.09
530i M Sport RM372,800 RM363,756.37 -RM9,043.63
M5 RM1,010,800.00 N/A N/A
630i GT M Sport RM430,800 RM418,131.09 -RM12,668.91
740Le xDrive RM598,800 RM569,052.87 -RM29,747.13
M850i xDrive Coupe RM598,800 N/A N/A
M8 Coupe RM1,496,800 RM1,452,960.88 -RM43,839.12
840i Gran Coupe M Sport RM968,8000 RM937,411.23 -RM31,388.77
M8 Gran Coupe RM1,496,800 RM1,455,145.25 -RM41,654.75
X1 sDrive18i RM215,800 RM208,368.48 -RM7,431.52
X1 sDrive20i M Sport RM238,800 RM230,410.37 -RM8,389.63
X2 sDrive20i M Sport RM328,800 N/A N/A
X2 M35i RM398,800 N/A N/A
X3 xDrive30i Luxury RM313,800 RM304,234.72 -RM9,565.28
X3 xDrive30i M Sport RM333,800 RM324,163.87 -RM9,636.13
X3 M Competition RM916,800 RM886,551.58 -RM30,248.42
X4 xDrive30i M Sport RM375,800 RM364,062.14 -RM11,737.86
X4 M Competition RM934,800 RM904,276.60 -RM30,523.40
X5 xDrive45e M Sport RM448,800 RM440,745 -RM8,055.00
X6 xDrive40i M Sport RM729,800 RM703,947.39 -RM25,852.61
X7 xDrive40i Pure Excellence RM888,800 RM861,846.72 -RM26,953.28
Z4 sDrive30i M Sport RM484,800 RM469,510.09 -RM15,289.91
i3s  RM278,800 RM268,823.96 -RM9,976.04
i8 Coupe RM1,408,800 N/A N/A
i8 Roadster RM1,508,800 N/A N/A


MINI Pricelist


Pricing With SST Price With SST Exemption Difference
MINI Cooper S 3 Door RM249,888 RM240,777.56 -RM9,110.44
MINI John Cooper Works Hatch RM313,888 RM302,831.50 -RM11,056.50
MINI John Cooper Works GP RM388,888 RM377,470.90 -RM11,417.10
MINI Cooper SE 3 Door RM225,888 RM218,380.78 -RM7,507.22
MINI Cooper S Clubman RM298,888 RM287,725.61 -RM11,162.39
MINI JCW Clubman 306HP RM358,888 RM345,497.82 -RM13,390.18
MINI Countryman Pure 2019 RM228,888 RM221,079.82 -RM7,808.18
MINI Countryman Pure 2020 RM228,888 RM220,741.14 -RM8,146.86
MINI Countryman Sports 2019 RM248,888 RM239,811.15 -RM9,076.85
MINI Countryman Sports 2020 RM248,888 RM239,280.38 -RM9,607.62
MINI Countryman Blackheath RM253,888 RM244,280.38 -RM9,607.62
MINI Countryman PHEV Wired 2019 RM268,888 RM258,870.53 -RM10,017.47
MINI JCW Countryman 306HP RM378,888 RM364,890.83 -RM13,997.17


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