BMW Group Malaysia supports Fly By Night, A Film By Zahir Omar


BMW Group Malaysia supports Fly By Night, A Film By Zahir Omar

BMW Group Malaysia today announced that it is proud to support Zahir Omar, the winner of the inaugural BMW Shorties back in 2007, who has made his directorial debut through his feature film, Fly By Night which will be hitting the screens on 11th April.

Fly By Night is a gritty action thriller following the life of two petty criminals, played by Sunny Pang and Fabian Loo, who run an extortion racket in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

They double as taxi drivers at night, extorting wealthy passengers to fund their criminal dealings. However, greed and ambition get to the best of them as they struggle to evade the suspicions of policeman Kamal, played by Bront Palarae.

Since its release, the Malaysian-made film has garnered widespread international recognition. To date, the film has been screened at the Busan International Film Fest 2018, Santa Barbara Film Fest 2019 and New York Asian Film Fest 2019.

“The BMW Shorties has given me and so many others a stepping stone into the world of filmmaking. It is truly humbling to have their support not just in 2007 but even now as I venture into my first film. Their continuous support towards my projects even after all these years really means a great deal to me,” said Zahir.

The inaugural BMW Shorties was held in 2007 with the theme ‘Mobility’. Amongst 74 short film submissions, Zahir Omar took home the coveted title of the first-ever BMW Shorties Grand Prize Winner with his short film titled ‘K-Hole’.

He also took home awards for People’s Choice and Honourable Mention, along with RM50,000 in production grant.