BMW Group Malaysia To Pay For Your Car's GST


BMW Group Malaysia To Pay For Your Car's GST

No, they are not, at least not permanently. That was just a cheeky marketing line from BMW. According to an announcement made on BMW Group Malaysia’s Facebook page, buyers who buy a BMW 3-series between now until 30th June will have their car’s GST paid by BMW.

In conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the BMW 3-series, BMW Group Malaysia will cover the GST charges for all BMW 3-series models (apart from the M3 of course).

On top of that, buyers can also choose between a low monthly instalment from RM2,348/month or a low interest rate from 2.34 percent.

As reported yesterday, all BMWs sold after 1-June 2015 will now enjoy five-year unlimited mileage warranty and a free scheduled maintenance program that covers up to 100,000 km.