Bringing the Analogue and Digital World Together

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Bringing the Analogue and Digital World Together

Just as how the market for watches was shaken up with the introduction of digital watches in the 1980s, similar tremors are being felt as wearable smart devices are steadily gaining popularity. Rather than staying their course, Breitling is building on their technology of bringing together traditional watchmaking techniques and connectivity with the introduction of the B55 Connect.

Built as a follow-up to the Caliber B50, the B55 Connected takes a whole new approach, placing the smartphone in the service of the watch so as to enhance its functionality and conviviality. With a two-way communication between the two instruments owners can use their smartphone to perform certain adjustments such as timezone settings, alarms, display and operating parameters, and night mode, on the B55 Connected. Conversely the B55 Connected can upload the results of various measurements from the chronograph to the smartphone as to store the information or pass it on.

At its heart the B55 Connected keeps with the spirit of authentic instruments for professionals and boasts a wide range of innovative functions for pilots. Functions such as an electronic tachometer, a countdown/countup system enabling a sequence of countdown and “long-duration” timing operations, and an aviation-oriented “chrono flight” device for recording flight times and memorising take-off time, landing time, and date, make the B55 Connected a true aviator’s watch.