Car Sales In Malaysia Recovering, Up To 258,586 Sold YTD


Car Sales In Malaysia Recovering, Up To 258,586 Sold YTD

As the Malaysian Automotive Association has changed their reporting to be every quarter, we’ve had to wait a little longer to get sales data – but it’s finally here.

From manufacturing plant to sales people, the entire automotive industry and supply chain has been working hard to get numbers back up following the massive impact of COVID-19 – and while we may not be able to hit the initial TIV target that MAA had proposed for 2020, we’re certainly recovering and growing stronger.

Let’s go with the big numbers. In July, we saw a massive bump in passenger car sales from 40,944 sold in June to 52,119 – a 27.2% increase. August saw a slight dip with 47,591 units– an 8.7% decrease. What’s surprising is that this exceeds the figures for 2019, which saw 46,189 units sold in July 2019 and 46,802 units sold in August of 2019.

For the time being, we aren’t seeing any actual individual breakdowns of the sales figures – but as mentioned before that will likely be reported in a detailed manner at the end of every quarter. Unfortunately, the second revised TIV target of 470,000 units is still a pretty lofty goal, with three to four months of sales left in the year. Year to date figures stand at 258,586 for passenger car sales, compared to 398,319 units in 2019.

If we are to hit the 2020 TIV of 470,00, we have 211,414 units to sell in September, October, November and December. Broken down further, it means that we will need to achieve close to 53,000 units sold per month. Given the fact that we are still awaiting price confirmation for mass-selling models like the Proton X50, Honda City RS i-MMD, Nissan Almera Turbo and Kia Seltos, you can see why it is a lofty goal.