Fuel Price Update: 24th to 30th October


Fuel Price Update: 24th to 30th October

The Ministry of Finance Malaysia has announced the updated prices of petrol and diesel fuels starting from the 24th of October to the 30th of October.

The price of RON97 petrol will decrease by 4 sen to RM 1.94 per litre, while the price of RON95 petrol will also decrease by 4 sen to RM 1.64 per litre.

The price of diesel remains the same coming in at RM 1.74 per litre.

In summary, the prices for petrol and diesel are listed below:

  • RON95 – RM 1.64 per litre (down 4 sen)
  • RON97 – RM 1.94 per litre (down 4 sen)
  • Diesel – RM 1.74 per litre (same)



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