Honda Malaysia Announces Recall For Fuel Pump Replacement


Honda Malaysia Announces Recall For Fuel Pump Replacement

Honda Malaysia (or the Company) today announced a product recall involving 55,354 units of Honda vehicles to replace its fuel pump as a precautionary measure, in line with the recent Honda global fuel pump recall.

Models affected were produced between 2018 and 2019; listed as follows:

Honda reiterated that 2020 production models are not affected by the recall, and apologizes for any inconvenience caused to its owners.

The global recall involves fuel pumps that are prone to stalling. The faulty fuel pumps have been found to be exposed to production solvent drying for longer periods which causes surface cracking and excessive fuel absorption. These issues can eventually cause parts to become deformed and fail which may lead the car to stall.

In the interest of safety, Honda has announced the recall as a preventive measure to address the possibility of a loss of engine power or vehicle stalling. All affected customers will be informed via notification letters, which will include details of the product recall.

Honda Malaysia urges all affected customers to contact any Honda authorized dealer to make an appointment upon receipt of notification to replace the fuel pump. However, replacements subject to parts availability. The replacement stock will be available in stages.

The replacement of the affected fuel pump is free of charge and all cost related to this replacement activity will be borne by Honda Malaysia. There are no reported incidents of crashes or injuries caused by this issue reported in Malaysia at the time of reporting.

Honda owners can contact their nearest Honda authorized dealer or check out their website for more information.