How To Get Rid Of Water Spots On A Car Without Spending Any Money!


How To Get Rid Of Water Spots On A Car Without Spending Any Money!

Who knew a simple household item could be the cure for those pesky water spots on cars.

In all my years of being a car enthusiast and vehicle owner, I have realised that there are two things that get me winded up when it comes to car care. One of them is when those naughty neighbourhood cats sit on my car, creating scratch marks, and the other is those pesky water spots that just seem to leave a stain on the vehicle.

Cat on a car

While the feline problem is something that can't be fixed humanely, the water spots on cars can be rectified through the use of some household products and elbow grease.

Water spots are caused when there's a high concentration of magnesium and calcium minerals in the water. The minerals build up over time on the car's surfaces and leave a mark. They do not wash off easily, and a simple car wash will not make them go away. 

Water spots on cars

To avoid having water spots on your car, you should wash and dry your car every time it has been through rain. But then again, who has time to wash and dry their car every time it rains? So what do you do if your car starts to be littered with water spots?

According to the much-loved manufacturer of automotive car care products, Turtle Wax, there is a simple way of getting rid of these water spots just by using something that goes well with fish and chips. If you think it is salt, then think again cause it'll damage your car. Yes, vinegar is your friend in this instance and can really help you get rid of those annoying water spots.


  • Step 1 - Wash the vehicle with a rated car wash cleaning liquid to remove any loose dirt and towel dry.
  • Step 2 - For water spot removal, fill a bucket with one pint of white distilled vinegar and one pint of distilled or soft water.
  • Step 3 - Apply the solution to the affected area using a sponge on one section at a time, keeping the finish wet for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Step 4 - Rinse the area with water where the solution was applied and towel dry.

Water spot on carWater spots on a car

Vinegar on the water spotApplying vinegar to the water spot area

Water spot gone with the help of vinegarPresto, water spots gone!

While I didn't get the chance to try it out on the entire car, I did manage to test it out on a section of the vehicle. The results were quite sublime. As you can see from the picture, the water spots have completely disappeared and the area looks as good as new. 

Who knew something as simple as vinegar could help get rid of this pesky problem. Next time if you have fish and chips, save some vinegar for the car. 


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