Jolt some fun into your world with the MINI Cooper SE with unbeatable financing deals!


Jolt some fun into your world with the MINI Cooper SE with unbeatable financing deals!

Owning and driving a MINI, from the iconic 3-door shape to the more practical 5-door to the unusually captivating Clubman to the adventurous Countryman, is a statement in and of itself.

Above all else, the brand stands for enjoyment, premium flair, and trendsetting style, but now with MINI Easy Drive, getting behind the wheel of your very own MINI is easier and more accessible than ever, not to mention offering you more options during the ownership phase.

In addition to all the usual attributes of the MINI 3-door, we’ve already professed our fondness of the fully electric MINI Cooper SE, dubbing it the undisputed champion of fun-to-drive EVs so far.

For such a renowned brand, this higher-tier expectation is ingrained as a standard practice, where additional care, attention, and personalisation are offered to every potential owner. This inclusive approach aims to embrace prospective owners and fulfil their aspirations through accessible packages provided by MINI Financial Services.

At the forefront of the iconic British marque’s focus is their shift toward full electrification. The MINI Electric pioneers this spirit, sending shockwaves through the industry and consumers alike, refusing to sacrifice its unmistakeable character and legendary drive characteristics while fully embracing a zero emissions lifestyle.

With MINI Financial Services, the MINI Cooper SE 3-door can be yours for RM1,699 monthly while the even more stylish and exclusive MINI Cooper SE 3-door Resolute Edition can be had for just RM1,808 monthly. Calculated on 5-year Easy Drive financing (20,000km/year) with 75% MoF on RRP with MSRI, this is a 40% instalment reduction compared to conventional financing!

In addition to attractive monthly instalments, MINI Easy Drive offers customers multiple end-of-term options of easily upgrading to a new model or even returning the car back to MINI - just hand the keys backs to the dealership and walk away. A third option is, of course, settlement or refinancing the optional final payment equivalent to the Guaranteed Future Value of the vehicle.

With GFV, you’re safe in the knowledge of what your MINI will be worth at the end of the financing term, allowing you to even pocket the balance if the car’s market value is greater than the Guaranteed Future Value. Otherwise, should the GFV exceed market value, you could simply hand back the keys and - again - walk away.

Until 30th June, MINI Malaysia are currently offering unbeatable value in financing solutions for both the MINI Cooper SE 3-door as well as a the MINI Cooper 3-door Resolute Edition, so this is your golden opportunity to own the MINI of your dreams.

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