Ken Block Dead At 55 In Snowmobile Accident


Ken Block Dead At 55 In Snowmobile Accident

Driving legend, sideways driving icon, pro rally driver, and co-founder of both Hoonigan and DC shoes, Ken Block, has passed away, meeting his end in a snowmobile accident around Woodland, Utah at approximately 2pm local time.

Local police later released a statement confirming his death, saying that Block was scaling a particularly steep slope near the Mill Hollow area when his snowmobile “upended, landing on top of him,” pronouncing him dead at the scene.

Ken Block - Snowmobile

He had set out with a group but was alone at the time of the incident. The Utah state Medical Examiner’s Office have yet to determine the official cause of death.

Block was known to millions for his daredevil driving that combined precision rallying and drifting with an urban automotive obstacle course, labelling it the Gymkhana series which went on to spawn multiple extremely popular follow ups and raking in tens of millions of views online.

Ken Block - Audi S1 Quattro Hoonitron

This news is a tragic start to 2023, for sure.

Block, a native of California, had only recently turned 55 years old this past November 21st. He is survived by his wife Lucy and three children, who had all accompanied him on this trip to to the snowy peaks of the resort town of Park City.

Ken Block - Park City Utah

We'll remember him as surely he would want us to: going fast and very sideways in a car barely visible through a cloud of tyre smoke.

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